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WiredandGaming: "Happy Pillowfluff" Experiment

Pillowfluff variety 'enfie toys' have been used in breeding and meat production setups to control the sexual needs of high-testosterone stallions. These mares tend to be highly depressed and many employees have an issue dealing with them. This experiment uses food and drug to try and ensure happiness of these mares.

Each mare gets a source of primary nutrition(either kibble or pasta) and a 'test food'('Daydream Shimmer'*, 'Homunculivan Water' brand alcohol and regular pasta)
*- 'Daydream Shimmer' is the name given to a potent mix of 420-J, LSD and a handful of stuff from this guy I met at an EDM festival calling himself 'dado'. Not intended for human consumption.

1. Gagglefck
Nutrition: Kibble
Additive: Pasta
The aides named this one. I had to censor it for the report. She's often visibly sad, expecially compared to the others. She's in some ways the control.

2. 'Dinkles'
Nutrition: Kibble
Additive: GOOD SHIT
I think I like her the best, though I'm not sure why. In her more lucid moments she occasionally muses on the loss of her limbs but seems to be enjoying her chemically-induced stupor.

3. 'Jingledink'
Nutrition: Kibble
Additive: PURE BOOZE
I never thought an animal with NO LIMBS could fall over but somehow 'Jingledink' has managed it. A lot. She's enjoying herself at least.

4. 'FUCK'
Nutrition: Spaghetti
Additive: 'Daydream Shimmer'
I asked an aide for a name for this one and he just screamed "FUCK!". So uh, there we go. She's doing well, between her favorite food and her chemical haze, but the bad trips are a bit of a concern.

5. 'I never'
Nutrition: Spaghetti
Additive: Booze
This name is funny I have to admit. She seems to be the best out of all of them. Her moments of sadness are few and far between, between gorging herself on foods she likes and giggling at everything, especially if it's not funny.

6. [Deceased]
I'm not sure how this happened. I'll do an autopsy. Maybe. Or give it to SCP-04...

Fuck, should delete that. Meh who gives a damn...

Conclusion: What else? Food and booze naturally provide endorphins. Use of drugs can suffice in a pinch.

-Dr. Morrigan 'This is the Worst Experiment I've ever Been Asked to Do' Balor

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DragonSam98: Be sure to make out an additional headstone for me. RIP: Died from laughing.

This is great! good job!
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