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Pawn: This almost reminds me of big fluffgus.
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FluffyFluff: Hey guys! I just want to give an update on my contest. It has officially reached its end date, and Backstubb is the winner of my contest. He can get an image created by me with ANYTHING he wants in it. And I mean ANYTHING.

The second place winner is Micron, who gets a special fan image in their art style.

The third place winner is FoxHoarder, who gets featured in the top three image I am working on.

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Waaaghlord: ... looks more like a puddle of fluffy with an intact head...
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Anonynani: Fluffy touches self and stairs right at you.

You don't even see it.
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Fluffocaust: that smug smarty smirk... where's my golf clubs?
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