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Kerry’s Story; Part Nineteen

By differential_Sloth


‘Wat am dis?’ There’s a small pile of it outside the den; it’s white, with some leafies and twigs in it. Plus, it looks like it’s turning into water. You reach out with a hoofie and ‘Eee!’ pull it right back; it’s cold!!

‘Dat am cowd fwuff!’ Flower runs up beside you. ‘Tuffy say dat mean cowd-times am hewe nao!’ Before you can talk, Runny comes up the other side of you.

‘Dat am wight! Cowd fwuff mean-’

‘Kewwy knu Wunnie,’ you stop him. ‘Id mean cowd-times am hewe.’ They told you last dark-time when they got back from the poopie place, and when you woke up a little while ago.

‘Nu gu in dah cowd fwuff,’ your Special-friend says.

‘*Sigh* Kewwy knu Speciaw-fwend! Am jus wookin!’

‘Otay. Fwuffy nu mean make Speciaw-fwend maddies.’ He turns to Runny and Flower. ‘Wets get bwight-time nummies.’ They walk off and leave you to look at the cold fluff. It’s really strange and… Wait a minute, you’ve seen this stuff before! It fell in Daddeh’s yard when the cold-times were on, but he didn’t call it cold fluff. What was the name he gave it? It was, s-snow? Snow! Yeah, that’s it! Now you’ve remembered, you don’t want to look at the pile anymore.

You turn and walk toward the nummie dens to catch up with your Special-friend and babbies. On the way you see Big Red come back from watching the safe place in the dark time. ‘Hewwo Big Wed,’ you say. All he does is mumble; looks like the job made him really sleepy. You hope they won’t make him do it a lot, or-

‘Dah Smawty wan say sumtin!’

Couldn't he wait until bright time nummies were done? Well, better get there. You walk to the talkie place; your Special-friend, Runny and Flower meet up with you, but Big Red’s probably asleep. Should you go get him? Hmm, maybe they already told him what they’re-

‘Hewd Wisten tu Smawty!’ The Smarty waits for the herd to be quite. It doesn't take long. ‘Dewe am cowd fwuff in safe pwace. Dat mean cowd times am hewe!’ A lot of fluffies nod, some have saddies or scardies on their faces; a few have both. ‘Hewd am gun be safe, but nee fowwow cowd time wuwes!’ the Smarty yells.

‘Nu take tuu many nummies fwom dah nummie dens! Nu weave dah safe pwace awone!’ He looks around the herd. ‘If see fwuffies yu nu knu when yu am in fowest, nu teww dem anyting boud hewd! If yu see dem cwose tu safe pwace, yu teww Smawty an tuffies!’ The Smarty pauses. ‘Wat am wast wuwe?’ he asks the herd.

‘Du wat Smawty say when Smawty say!’

The Smarty nods. ‘Hewd can hav bwight times nummies nao. Den, tuffies say wat du.’


You lead Runny and a couple of your friends through the forest. There’s not as much cold fluff on the ground out here, because it’s up in the trees. That’s dangerous; if you’re not careful it can fall on you and… Well, you don’t like to think about what can happen then. Anyway, there’s more important things to worry about; for the next few bright-times, all the nummie finders and lookie fluffies are on one last search for nummies. Then, no one leaves the safe place unless you have to.


‘Yes Wunnie?’

‘Wat nummies am-

‘Gwound nummies.’ Your green pointy friends says. ‘We wook fow dose, den go back.’


You know when your babbies are upset, but you can’t talk to Runny when there’s a job to do. ‘Ovah hewe!’ You lead your little group to a patch of ground near some bushies and dig. It takes a bit of work, but you find what you’re looking for; ‘Gwound nummies!’

‘Day wook smaww.’ Runny says.

‘Day am stiww nummies.’ Your pointy friend picks some out of the hole and puts them on his back. All of you do the same, then move on to another spot; it has some more ground nummies, but they’re not any bigger. You guess all the big ones are gone.

‘Am dis nuff?’ Runny asks.

‘Daddeh tink so,’ you say. ‘Wat fwends tink?’

‘Uh-huh.’ Your dark orange friend says.

‘Wud be nice if find mowe,’ your pointy friend says, ‘bud bettah get dem back tu safe pwace.’ He looks up at the trees. ‘Fwuffy tink mowe cowd fwuff am cumin.’

‘Otay, wets gu.’ You lead Runny and your friends through the forest. You pick your way around a clump of bushies-

‘Hewwo.’ You stop and turn your head; not far away are a couple of fluffies. One of them has dirty grey fluff with a brown mane, and the other is all dark yellow. The herd has a lot of fluffies, but you don’t know either of these two. The Grey one steps forward. ‘Hewwo,’ he says again. ‘Am fwuffies otay?’

‘Yes.’ Your body feels stiff. You concentrate hard to keep your scardies in check. You’re not so brave, but you have to look like you are. At least you’re not alone.

‘Fwuffies hav wotsa nummies,’ the yellow fluffy says.

‘Uh-huh,’ Your pointy friend says. ‘Fwuffies find dem.’

‘Id am wotsa nummies fow onwy two an two fwuffies,’ the grey one says.

‘Cause am cowd times dummeh,’ your pointy friend says. ‘Nee hav wotsa nummies.’

If the grey fluffy is mad your friend called him a dummy, he doesn’t show it. ‘Fwuffies suwe nu am fwom hewd? Yu wook wike nummie findahs.’

‘Nu,’ you say. ‘Nu hav hewd. Am jus fwuffies.’

‘Wat bud speciaw-fwend?’ The yellow one looks at Runny, which makes some maddies flash through you. ‘Yu hav babbeh dewe, dat mean-’

‘He nu am Fwuffy’s babbeh,’ you say, ‘He am Bwudda’s babbeh. Bwudda an his speciaw-fwend get fowewa sweepies wong time gu. Onwy cud sabe dis babbeh.’ You hope Runny goes along with it.

The two fluffies look at you for a bit; do they believe you? Part of what you said was real, maybe it’ll hide the parts which aren’t real. ‘Dat am saddies,’ the grey one says.

‘Yes. Fwuffies nee gu nao.’ You tell them

‘Can fwuffies giv sum nummies?’ The yellow one says.

‘Nu,’ your orange friend says. ‘Yu find oda nummies.’

‘Pwease nu be meanies!’ The grey one says, but there aren’t enough saddies or scardies in his voice. ‘Fwuffies have speciaw fwends at-’

‘Den yu nee gu find nummies!’ You yell. ‘Nu stay hewe an make tawkies!’

‘Fine!’ the grey one yells. ‘Wets gu,’ he says to his friend, ‘Weave dese dummeh meanies awone.’ They walk into the forest; you and your friends go the other way.

The four of you walk for a while, then Runny asks ‘Daddeh, dis nu am-’

‘Shh!’ You say to shut him up.

‘Wai Daddeh-’

‘SHH!’ You lean close to his hear place. ‘Knu nu if does fwuffies am fowwowin. Jus du wat Daddeh say.’

‘*gulp* Otay Daddeh...’

You walk through the forest in a windy path for a long time. You use your hear places really hard to find anything that isn’t you or your friends, anything that might be following you. Every so often you look at Runny; he’s doing what you told him, but he looks scared. So are you; you’re not a brave fluffy, never have been. You wish Big Red was here; maybe the Bestest toughie will let him come out with you next bright-time.

‘Fwuffy tink id am safe now,’ your pointy friend says in little wordies. ‘Wat fwends tink?’

‘Fwuffy tink so,’ your orange friend says.

Your pointy friend looks at you; ‘Wat fwuffy tink?’

Part of you wants to walk for a bit longer; you don’t want to lead bad fluffies to the safe place, even with all toughies the herd has and how scary they are. But, if you stay out here too long more bad fluffies might find you. Plus, there are still the nummies; the herd needs them. You nod. ‘Otay, back tu safe pwace nao.’

Your pointy friend turns and leads you all back in the direction of the safe place. Since you took such a long curly walk through the forest, it’s a while before you get close to the safe place. When you do, the first fluffies you see are toughies.

‘Whewe yu fwuffies gu?’ One of them asks. ‘Yu gu way fow wong time.’

‘Sowwie nice Tuffy,’ your orange friend says, ‘dewe wewe oda fwuffies.’ He says in little wordies.

The toughie’s face changes, and he nods. ‘Take nummies tu nummie den. Den yu teww Tuffy boud oda fwuffies.’

Your friend nods, and you walk the rest of the way to the safe pace. You drop off the nummies you’ve found and grab some for next bright-time nummies. ‘Cum on Wunnie, wets gu back tu den.’ He nods. Back at the den the two of you sit down to have your nummies. ‘Am Wunnie otay?’ You ask him after a bit.

Runny nods. ‘Yes Daddeh.’

‘Nu am scawdies of does fwuffies?’

He’s quite for a bit. ‘Was scawdies in fowest, bud nao am back in safe pwace wif toughies. So nu am scawdies nu mowe.’

You nod. ‘Dat am gud. Am Wunnie scawdies boud oda tings?’

Runny’s quite for a while. ‘Daddeh, du hewd hav nuff nummies fow cowd times?’

You hate this question, because there’s never a good answer for it. ‘*Sigh* Daddeh nu knu Wunnie.’

‘W-wat? How Daddeh nu knu?’

‘Cause Daddeh nu knu-’

‘How Daddeh nu knu?! Wat if hewd wun oud-

‘Wunnie!’ You wait until he’s quite. ‘Wunnie, Daddeh nu knu if hewd hav nuff nummies cause Daddeh nu knu how many nummies hewd nee fow cowd-times!’ You tell him. ‘Nu fwuffy nu dat, not eben dah Smawty.’

‘Bud, bud wai nu fwuffies knu?’

‘Cause sum tings am tuu big fow fwuffies tu knu.’ You tell him. ‘Whewe du Sky-ball gu sweepies? Wai bweezie munstahs hate fwuffies? Wai am sum hoomins nice an odas wan giv fwuffies wowstest huwties?’ You look at him for a bit. ‘Fwuffies nu can knu sum tings. Fwuffies can onwy get as many nummies as can.’

Runny looks at you, at the sky, then at the ground. His thinkie place must hurt, like yours did when you used to try and figure out big things. ‘Huuuu wai ewyting nee be su big an scawies?’

‘Id am otay Wunnie,’ you get up and give him some huggies. ‘Daddeh knu id am scawies. Bud, hewd had nuff nummies fow wast cowd times.’

‘*Sniff* S-so Daddeh nu tink hewd wun oud of nummies?’

‘Nu Wunnie, Daddeh nu tink dat happen.’ It could, but you don’t think it will; you and the other nummie finders worked really, really hard! The nummie piles are bigger than most fluffies, and you’ve got lots of them! ‘Bud if nummies du run oud, can num dah bushies an gwassies.’ You tell Runny.


You nod. ‘Yes Wunnie. Bud Daddeh newa hav du dat befowe.’

Some of Runny’s saddies go away; ‘*Sniff* Otay Daddeh. Am Daddeh an Wunnie gun gu find mowe nummies?’

‘Yes Wunnie, bud we gu oda way su nu see does oda-’

*Strong gust of wind*

The breeze takes you by surprise and you nearly yelp.

‘Eee!’ Runny jumps. ‘Cowdies!’ Yes, it was cold.

You look up at the sky; ‘*Gulp*’ Those sky-fluffies mean one thing, and it’s not good. ‘Fowwow Daddeh Wunnie!’ You get up and dive into the den.

‘Huh? Wai Daddeh-’

You turn around. ‘Huwwy!!’

Runny gets up and follows you back into the den; not long after, Flower and Kerry run in. It makes some scardies go away; at least they’re safe. You all run to the nestie and huddle together, which wakes up Big red. 'Huh? Wat am happen-’

‘Bweezie munstah!’ Flower screams, ‘In dah bwight-time! Bweezie munstah!!’

‘Nu Fwowah,’ you say. ‘Dis nu am jus bweezie munstah.’ You realise it was the wrong thing to say at the same time she grabs hold of you and starts to cry.

‘Wat speciaw fwend sayin?’ Kerry asks over Flower and the noise outside.

‘Dis am diffawent Bweezie munstah!’ You yell back. ‘Dis one bwing wotsa cowd fwuff, wike dah ones dat bwing wotsa sky wawa!’ Kerry gets big scardies on her face, but you tell by the nod she understands what you mean. As the cold fluff breezie monster outside gets louder, you and your family cuddle up close and wait for it to go away.


It felt like the breezie monster was around for much longer than it actually was, which is pretty normal. When you’re sure it’s gone, you get out of the fluff pile with Big Red and go see what’s happened. The first thing you notice is the cold fluff which got into the den. It’s not enough to be a problem, but you’ll have to do a few things to make the den safer; there’ll be more cold fluff breezie monsters, a lot more.

Big Red follows you up the tunnel. When you get outside he gasps. There wasn’t a lot of cold fluff before, hardly any; now there's a lot of it. You look up at the sky; there’s still lots of sky-fluffies. If they go away and let the sky ball through, it’ll make some of the cold fluff go way. But until then-

‘Am dis wat cowd times am wike?’

You turn to Big Red; he stares at the cold fluff, and you wonder how he feels. Maybe he’s mad he can’t give the cold-fluff sorry hoofies and make it go away. ‘Yes Big Wed,’ you tell him. ‘Cum on,’ You turn around, ‘Famiwy nee wait in nestie fow dis tu gu way.’


After the first cold fluff breezie monster came, there were a few bright-times without another. There were sky-fluffies, but no monsters. At lot of the cold fluff went away, and a little part of you thought the herd might not have to deal with more of it. Then, a few bright-times ago a bunch of cold fluff breezie monsters attacked all at once! They stayed all dark-time and didn’t let anyone get any sleep. You and Daddeh had to push cold fluff back out of the den all dark-time.

The next bright-time, there was cold fluff all over the safe place! The whole herd had to stomp and dig paths through it so everyone could get to the nummie dens and the poopie place. It was hard and cold work, and all anyone wanted to do after was sleep. But of course, there were jobs to be done, especially yours. You and the other toughies have watched the safe place and forest extra hard since Daddeh and the other nummie finders saw those strange fluffies in the forest.

You hope the cold fluff breezie monsters got them already.


It’s colder, and each bright-time feels a little colder than the last one.

Your fluff helps but you feel the cold more in the dark-time, especially when you’re outside to watch the safe place; apparently, it’ll get colder. That gives you a few scardies, but the herd’s made it through other cold times, so it should be fine. Anyway, you can’t worry about it too much; you’ve got to focus on your toughie job. This bright-time, the Bestest toughie’s taken you and his baby into the forest a little bit away from the safe place. The three of you walk through the forest around the safe place. The bestest toughie says it’s one of the best ways keep monsters and bad fluffies away. It’s pretty smart when you use you think about it.

The Bestest toughie walks in front, while you and your friend walk behind and a bit to either side of him. It’s hard to keep your see places on both of them, especially when you have to step around trees and bushies, and watch the forest at the same time! But you keep at it; the Bestest toughie thinks you’re good enough to go with him, so you won’t make him think he was wrong!

So far, you’ve gone around the safe place three and two times. Or, is it three and three? For all you know it’s three and three and one! Everything in the forest looks like everything else, so it’s hard to tell when you’ve been all the way around to where you started. In fact, you can’t even remember where you started. Maybe you shouldn’t try to count. Better to focus on-


You freeze in place, and try to figure out what the Bestest toughie’s seen or heard.

‘Cum hewe.’

Quietly as you can, you walk over to the Bestest toughie. When you and his baby are close, he says ‘Yu heaw dat?’

You use your hear places really really hard, and close your see places.




You nod. The Bestest toughie lifts a hoofie; ‘Big Wed hide in does bushies. Babbeh, yu gu dewe.’ His baby nods, and you walk to where you were told. You’ve got tingles in your leggies, your nummie place has gone dry, and your chest feels so tight! Ok ok, stay calm. Remember what the games were like, and do what the Bestest toughie says.

Big Red can du dis!


You stand still, and focus on the noises out in the forest.



There’s something walking through the forest alright, maybe more than one. The good news is it’s not loud enough to be a human. It’s not a kitty monster either, you wouldn’t hear it if it was. That leaves a few things; barkie monsters, bad fluffies, or maybe a-

‘Peep peep!’


‘Nu wowwie babbehs.’

The voices are small, but they’re there. It’s good news in a way; if this is what you think it is, it’ll be easy to solve with three toughies. You hide behind a tree, slowly so you don’t make much noise. You poke your head out a little, and wait.

‘Whewe am nummies Speciaw-fwend? Twacy nee make miwkies fow babbehs!’

‘Pwease nu be scawdies Speciaw-fwend, Fwuffy find nummies an safe pwace fow famiwy soon!’

Not here they won’t. After a bit, you see bits of colour through the trees and bushies. The voices get louder, especially the chirps and peeps. For a moment you feel really mad. Dummies You say in your thinkie place. A little bit more, and the colours get clearer; now you can make out two fluffies. They’re coming this way, almost right at you. Not yet, wait until they’re right up close.

‘Cheep cheep cheep!’

‘Chiirp!! Cheep cheep!! Peeeep!!’

‘Huuuhuhuuu,’ the mare cries. ‘Mummah so sowwies babbehs! Sowwies nu can fix tummeh huwties!’

‘Id am otay Speciaw-fwend! Jus a wittwe bit-’

You step out from behind the tree and walk in front of them. They stop in their tracks, and get a look on their faces like there’s a monster in front of them. In a way, there is. ‘Who am yu?’ You ask. The fluffies don’t talk, but the babies on the mare’s back peep and chirp loudly. ‘Who am yu dummehs? Wat yu doin hewe?!’

‘Pwease nu be maddies nice big fwuffy!’ The stallion says, hear places hidden. ‘Fwuffy an Speciaw-fwend jus twyin find safe pwace an nummies fow babbehs!’

You stay quiet and look at the two fluffies; you’re good at learning about fluffies by looking at them, maybe better than anyone else. First you look at the mare; she’s got dirty fluff, looks like she hasn’t had nummies for a while, and she’s made a lot of sad water. You look closer and, yep, the way the fluff is bunched up around her neck means she has a collar on; housie fluffy.

On the mare’s back nestled in her fluff, there are three and two babbies. They give each other huggies to make their tummy hurties go away. They’ve gone without milkies for a long time. Next you look at the stallion; he’s young, not much older than your baby or Big Red. He was probably kicked out his herd, or ran away cause he didn’t want to follow their rules. If they weren't a bunch of dummies, it was probably rules abut having babbies in the cold times.

‘*Gulp* Pw-pwease nice big fwuffy...’

You look back at the mare; she cowers, but keeps talking.

‘Twacy nee find nummies! Nu can make miwkies fow babbehs, an day hav wowstest tummeh-’

‘Bestest tuffy knu dummeh,’ you say. ‘Bestest tuffy can heaw dem.’

‘Den, den yu hewp Twacy an Speciaw-fwend?’ She asks.

‘Nu.’ You say. ‘Dis am hewd’s wand. Gu way.’

‘Hewd? Dewe am hewd hewe?!’ The stallion says.

‘Yes dummeh, an dis hewd’s wand! Su gu-’

‘Pwease wet fwuffy an Speciaw-fwend be in hewd!!’ The stallion yells. ‘Pwease!! Speciaw-fwend nee nummies fow make-’

‘Nu dummeh. Yu gu way nao.’

‘Nu!! Pwease hewp!!’ The mare called Tracy cries. ‘Twacy an Speciaw-fwend nu can find nummies oud hewe!! Babbehs nee miwkies!! Nu wan dem hav tu tummeh huwties nu-’

‘Den wai you hav dem, dummeh?’ You feel maddies push their way back in. ‘Wai yu hav babbehs when id was cowd times!?’

‘Dat… Dat nu am Fwuffies’ fa-’

‘Am tuu dummeh!!’ You yell at the stallion. ‘Yu giv hew speciaw huggies an tummeh babbehs when cowd times cumin! Dat make yu big dummeh!!’

‘Speciaw-fwend nu am dummeh,’ Tracy yells. ‘Twacy ask Speciaw-fwend tu giv babbehs cause-’

‘Den dat make yu biggah dummeh!! Biggest dummeh!!!’ You scream. You pause to calm yourself down. ‘Hewd nu wan dummehs wike yu. Gu way.’

‘NU!!!’ The stallion yells. ‘FWUFFY NU WET YU MAKE FWUFFY AN SPECIAW-FWEND GU WAY!!’ Even though he sounds mad you can see the sad water in his see places, and his scardies. Still, he puffs up his cheeks. ‘F-FWUFFY CAN BEAT YU DUMMEH!!’

It actually makes you smile; you could give two and one of him forever sleepies easy. You lean down a bit; ‘Dummeh tink can beat Bestest tuffy?’


You smile again, and point behind him; ‘Dummeh tink can beat Bestest tuffy, an dem?’

Slowly, the stallion turns around; he didn’t notice your baby and Big Red walk up behind him. They stand there with their cheeks puffed out, ready to fight. The stallion looks back at you, but before he can talk, you say ‘Big Wed, if dis dummeh twy giv Bestest tuffy huwties,’ you look at Tracy, ‘giv dat dummeh mawe sowwie hoofies.’ Big Red flinches a little, but nods and-

‘NUUUUU!!!’ The stallion jumps at you. ‘NU HUWT SPECIAW FWEND!!! NU *GAHUK!*’

He doesn't know when not to have babbies, so it’s no surprise he can’t fight; you move around and kick him hard in the side without even trying.

‘Screee!!’ You look up and see Big Red hit Tracy in the face. He goes to do it again, but you tell him to stop and hold down the stallion. He comes over and pins the dummy to the ground, while your baby watches the mare. You look at the stallion.

‘Yu twy huwt Bestest tuffy when say was gun giv yuw dummeh speciaw-fwend huwties if yu du?’ You spit on him. ‘Biggest dummeh ewa.’ You walk over to Tracy; she holds her hoofies over her face, but managed to keep the babies on her back. ‘Dummeh mawe wisten tu bestest tuffy nao.’ She looks at you, see places full of sad water. ‘If yu nu gu way nao, Bestest tuffy giv yuw speciaw-fwend an yuw babbehs fowewa sweepies.’

‘Nuuuu!!’ She cries. ‘Nu giv-’

‘Den weave dummeh, NAO!!!’ Tracy gets up and runs back into the forest; somehow she keeps the babies on her back. You nod at Big Red to let the stallion up, and he stumbles after her. You wait a while after they leave to make sure they don’t come back. When you’re happy they’ve gone away, you look at your baby and Big Red. ‘Dat was gud. Yu wewe gud tuffies.’

‘Tank yu Daddeh.’

‘Tank yu, Bestest tuffy.’

You nod. ‘Id am awmost nex bwight-time nummies; Babbeh an Big Wed can gu back tu safe pwace. Bestest tuffy find yu.’ They nod and head back to the safe place. As they go you smile a little; when you’re done with them, the herd will be safe from everything except for humans.


The Bestest toughie found you after next bright-time nummies, and said you’d keep an eye on the safe place for the rest of the bright-time. It’s not as fun as patrolling the forest; the truth is it’s very boring. All you do is walk around the safe place, and make sure everyone follows the rules. You don’t let the Bestest toughie know you’re bored though; it wouldn’t look good at all. Besides, it’s still important.

The three of you walk from one of the nummie dens, down past the safe baby place and some of the dens. Along the way you say hi to your friends, and Mummah when she goes past. You get to one end of the safe place close to the longer water, then walk back the way you came.

‘Big Wed,’

‘Yes Bestest tuffy?’

‘Yu hav saddies dat Bestest tuffy teww does dummehs tu go way?’

Damn, you thought you did a better job of hiding them!!

‘Yu can teww Bestest tuffy; nu get maddies.’

Well, in that case… ‘*ulp* Yes Bestest tuffy.’

‘Am id cause day had wittwe babbehs?’

You nod.

‘Wai yu tink Bestest tuffy teww dem tu gu way?’ He asks.

‘Cause day wewe dummehs,’ you say. ‘Hewd nu nee-’

‘Dewe am oda ting,’ he says. You use your thinkie place really hard until you think you’ve got it.

‘Cause, cause den we hav giv dem nummies?’

The Bestest toughie nods. ‘Maybe hewd hav nuff nummies fow dem. Bud wat boud oda fwuffies dat wan be in hewd? Wat happen if wet wotsa fwuffies be in hewd?’

‘Hewd wun oud of nummies.’ You say.

The Bestest toughie nods. ‘Hewd nee wook aftah hewd in cowd times, not aww oda fwuffies.’

‘Yes Bestest tuffy,’ You say. ‘Big Wed undewst-’


You whip your head around to the noise, and see some fluffies run in the direction. ‘Quick!’ The Bestest toughie leads you and his baby toward the scream; he pushes slower fluffies out of the way. You get to where the scream came from and find some fluffies crowded around a tree; there’s a big pile of cold fluff that doesn't look like it was there before, and-


You drive into the pile of cold fluff and bat it away with your leggies; the Bestest toughie’s baby joins in, and not long after you uncover the little fluffy’s head.

‘*GASP*!’ He takes a really really big breath. ‘HEWP! C-COWDIES!!!’

You dig away more cold fluff and push the fluffy out of the pile; he rolls down the side and a bunch of fluffies crowd around him.

‘Take him back tu his nestie!’ The Bestest toughie yells. ‘Pud him in fwuff piwe an nu wet him weave!!’

‘Yes Bestest tuffy!’ A mare says. ‘Cum on wittwe fwuffy.’ She and the other fluffies help the little fluffy up and take him to his den, wherever it is. You get out of the pile and shake off the cold fluff. There’s a few wet spots on your fluff, but they’re not big.

‘Dat was gud,’ the Bestest toughie says to both of you. ‘Dat am wat tuffies nee du.’

‘Wat happen? Wai cowd fwuff twy num dat fwuffy?’

‘Id cum fwom dah twee,’ The bestest toughie looks up. ‘Sum times id hide in twees, den twy num fwuffies; nee be caweful. Cum on,’ he walks turns around, ‘dewe am mowe tings tu du.’


‘*Haff, haff, haff*’

‘Am Kewwy fwend otay?’

You shake your head; ‘Nu...’

Your chest has bad hurties, and so do your leggies; they’re cold too. This bright-time you agreed to help some of the digger fluffies clear cold fluff from the paths after a cold fluffy breezie monster dropped more on the safe place. You thought it would be a nice easy job; the cold fluff isn’t hard like dirt, so it’s easier to kick and push away. It was at the start, but the more you worked the harder it got. Then you got tired, and your leggies got coldies and hurties.

‘Kewwy can gu back tu nestie,’ one of the digger fluffies says. ‘Fwuffy teww tuffies yu du gud job.’

‘Tank yu nice fwuffy.’ You turn and walk back to your den. It’s gotten colder, so the cold fluff stays for longer and makes bigger piles; it means the paths from the dens to the important places have to be cleared more often. Sometimes you worry if the cold fluff keeps coming, there’ll be too much to clear from the paths. Then it’ll get into the dens!

Your Special-friend says he’s never seen it get that bad though, and he has been through cold times out here before. It makes you feel a bit better. The older fluffies say the same thing; it gets harder, but the herd’s always managed to keep the safe place clear enough to get by. The old fluffies have other interesting stories about the cold times; the one which surprised you the most is some think the cold times are safer.

‘Dah cowd-times keep hewd safe fwom bad hoomins an munstahs,’ an old stallion told you. ‘Hoomins nu wike bein in dah fowest when id am cowd, an wots of munstahs wike gu sweepies. So, day nu twy giv hewd huwties.’ It makes sense. Still, it would be nice if it was warm with no cold fluff at the same time. It would also be nice if you had blankies, and if the forest had skettie plants like the ones in your slee-’

‘Hewp! Hewp!!’

Shivers run down your back; you turn and run to where the yell came from, over a could of cold fluff piles until you find a path.

‘Pwease!! Pwease be wakies Mummah-Daddeh!!’

You run down the path-until you find where the den where the yells come from. You run down the tunnel into the big space and find-

‘Nu be fowewa sweepies Mummah-Daddeh!! Pwease, PWEASE BE WAKIES GAIN!!!’

-a small fluffy, not much bigger than Flower and Runny hugging an old fluff as hard as he can. The fluffy looks at you; he has really bad scardies and saddies on his face. ‘Hewp!! Hewp fwuffy!! Mummah-Daddeh nee huggies!!’

You run over to give the old fluffy huggies, but pull back; he’s cold.

‘NUU! NU STAHP!’ The little fluffy screams. ‘MUMMAH-DADDEH NEE HUGGIES!’ He hugs the old fluffy as hard as can. ‘BE WAKIES! PWEASE!!!’

‘Wat happen?’

You turn around and see a couple of toughies run into the den, along with an old mare. ‘Speciaw-fwend?’ She pushes past the toughies and you; ‘Speciaw-fwend? Speciaw-fwend wat am-’


‘Move!’ One of the toughies pushes the old mare aside. ‘Hewwo? Hewwo!’ He prods the old stallion’s face. ‘Can Fwuffy heaw Tuffy?’ He puts his face close to the old fluffy. The toughie stays still for a while, and then you see his face change. He looks at the old mare; ‘Tuffy am sowwies; yuw Speciaw-fwend am fowewa sweepies.’

‘NUUUUUHUHUHUHUUUU!!!!’ The little fluffy screams. ‘PWEEEEASEEEE!!!’

You can’t see the old mare’s face, but you can tell she has the worstest saddies by the way she nods. ‘*Sob* T-tank yu, nice Tuffy...’ She leans down and hugs the old stallion. ‘Gud... *Sob* g-gudbai, Speciaw-fwend. *Sniff* F-fwuffy aw-awway wub yu-huhuhuuu.’ She gets up, and walks over to the little fluffy and gives him huggies.

‘Tuffies!’ The other tuffies walk over and grab the old stallion with their nummies places, then drag him out of the den.

‘NUU!! NUUUUUUU!!!’ The little fluffy screams. ‘NU TAKE MUMMAH-DADDEH!! SCREEEEEE!!!’ He struggles to get away from the old mare, and it doesn't look like she’s strong enough to hold him. She looks over at you, and you run over to help her hold the little fluffy. ‘SCREEEEEE!!! MUMMAH-DADDEH!! NUUUUU!!!’


You look up and see the bestest toughie; he pushes one of the others out of the way and helps drag the old fluffy out of the den. With his help, it doesn't take long to get him out.


The little fluffy struggles for a while longer then gives up and cries into your fluff, while you and the old mare give hug him as hard as you can. A toughie comes back in. ‘Am fwuffy gun be otay?’ One asks the old mare. She nods, but doesn't talk.

The toughie nods as well, then leaves. Now it’s you, the mare and the little fluffy; you don’t know if you should stay or leave, but the mare looks at you and says ‘Pwease nu weave!’ You nod, and stay with her. The little fluffy cries for a long time, so long he goes back to cheeps and peeps. Not long after, he falls asleep. You help the old mare take the little fluffy to their nestie and curl up with them for a while.

‘Fwuffy knu Speciaw-fwend fow so wong, nu can wememba when see him fiwst,’ she tells you. ‘Was wike he awways dewe. *Sniff* huuu.’

You give her more huggies. ‘Wai wittwe fwuffy su saddies?’

The old mare looks at the little fluffy; he twitches and wriggles a bit. What sort of sleepie pictures is he having? ‘When hewd cum hewe fwom owd safe pwace, babbeh an hew speciaw-fwend get wost,’ she tells you. ‘Wookie fwuffies twy find dem, bud *sob* day nu cud.

‘Nex bwight-time, a nummie findah cum back fwom fowest wif babbeh’s babbeh. He say he find babbeh an hew speciaw-fwend bud... Bud *sob* munstahs get dem huuhuhuu!’ You give her huggies until she stops crying.

‘*Sniff* Fwuffy an Speciaw-fwend wook aftah babbeh’s wastest babbeh. He wose his mummah an daddeh, an his bwuddas an sissies. Nao he wose his Mummah-Daddeh tuu; dat wai he am saddies.’

You want to make sad water with her; this might be the saddest story you’ve ever heard. You lean over and give the little fluffy huggies too, careful not to wake him.

‘Tank yu,’ the old mare says. ‘Tank yu fow stayin wiff Fwuffy an babbeh’s babbeh.’

‘Dat am otay.’ You say.

‘Kewwy can gu nao if wan; Fwuffy be otay.’

Part of you doesn’t want to leave them alone, not after all they’ve been through. But it’s late in the bright-time; it might even be the soon-dark-time. You’ve should get back to your family. Slowly you get up. Before you walk away, you ask ‘Du Fwuffy wan Kewwy tu get dawk time nummies fow yu?’

‘Kewwy nu nee du dat.’

You turn around and see the Smarty, then take a step back without meaning to. The Smarty doesn’t seen to notice though. He walks over to the old mare and puts some nummies in front of her. ‘Smawty am sowwies bud yuw speciaw-fwend, he was gud fwuffy fow hewd.’ The Smarty stops for a second, and you see some saddies on his face. ‘Was, gud fwend tu Smawty.’

The old mare smiles a little. ‘Tank yu nice Smawty.’

He nods. ‘If yu nee hewp, teww Smawty.’ He turns and leaves the den; you wait for a bit, then go. You hopped he’d be gone when you got out, but instead he’s right outside. ‘Smawty nu am maddies at yu,’ he says quickly. ‘Smawty wan say tank yu.’

‘Fow wat?’

‘Fow hewpin dat fwuffy. Day wewe gud tu Smawty when...’ He looks away. ‘When was wittwe.’

‘Dat am otay.’ you say. The Smarty nods, then walks away. You go to the nummie dens, grab some nummies and head back to your den.

‘Fwuffy heaw dat Speciaw-fwend hewp dat owd fwuffy when hew speciaw-fwend gu fowewa sweepies.’ Your Special-friend says a little later in the dark time.

‘Uh-huh.’ You say, ‘Hew babbeh’s babbeh had wowstest saddies ewa.’

Your special friend nods. ‘Fwuffy knu. Dat wittwe fwuffy wose aww his famiwy.’ He’s quite for a bit. ‘Fwuffy was one dat find him.’

‘Weawy?’ You give him huggies and say how brave he is, but then you see the scardies go over his face. You remember what the old mare said about the monsters. ‘Was id scawies?’

He nods. ‘Weawy’

You give him more huggies, and he hugs you back.


‘Yu toughies can gu hav nummies nao,’ the Bestest toughie says to the toughies near the tree.

‘Tank yu Bestest tuffy.’ They get up and walk away; you, the Bestest toughie and his baby take their place.

‘Wat du nao?’ You ask.

‘Tuffies stay hewe an wait.’

‘Fow wat?’

‘Anyting dat wan huwt hewd.’

‘Otay.’ You find a spot without much cold fluff, then sit down and watch the forest. Of all the toughie jobs, this is the one you hate the most; it’s important sure, but it’s so boring. You have to watch really close so you don’t miss anything, but after a while you get bored and sleepies. Your thinkie place starts to talk about other stuff, which makes the problem worse! At least when you’re with more than one toughie you can talk to each other, which helps.

‘Du fwend see anyting?’ You ask with little wordies.

‘Nu.’ He says.

‘Gud.’ A bit later you ask ‘Fwend tink dewe sumtin in dat bushie?’

‘Wat bushie?’

‘Dah one ovah-’

‘Shh!’ The Bestest toughie shuts both of you up. ‘Nu make tuu many tawkies.’

You nod so he knows you understand, and you’re sorry, without more wordies. Back to the forest. You pass your see places over everything you can. A few times you have to tell yourself to slow down-


A little shiver runs up your back. The noise was small and far off, but you’ve heard it enough to know its not one the forest makes.


That was a hoofie on cold fluff; nothing else makes that sound! You do everything you can to point your hear places at where it came from. The herd doesn’t send out nummie finders now, so the sound can only mean one thing!


That was closer. You get up on your hoofies and stare into the forest; your body has tight shivery feels, and your nummie places is dry.

‘Yu see dat?’ The Bestest toughie says in little wordies. ‘Dewe was fwuffy neaw dat big bushie.’

You try to find the bushie he meant, but stop after a bit; you’ve got to focus! The thing all those games were meant to get you ready for is about to happen.

‘Get weady.’

The little whiles seem to grow into whole bright-times! You feel hot and cold, empty and tight, all at the same! All you can hear is your heart; its crawled up to your hear places. Just as well, cause the forest is quite. But not for long.




From behind trees and bushies come fluffies; three and three and… A lot! A lot of bad fluffies, coming right for you!!!

‘Wait.’ You glance at the Bestest toughie; he looks right at the fluffies, and he’s bent down a little. ‘Get weady.’

You dig your hoofies into the ground, grit your teethies and pick out which bad fluffy you’ll fight first. It’s like the games, but it’s for real and there’s only the three of you against all these bad fluffies!


The bad fluffies run toward you and the safe place as fast as their leggies will take them! Everything gets slow and tingly; all you want is to run at them! Even if it’s a dummy thing to do, at least it’s something!!


The Bestest toughie leaps at one of the bad fluffies! It seems to happen way slower than it should; he jumps so high it looks like he could jump right over you, puts his front hoofies together and aims at a bad fluffy up ahead of the others. The bad fluffy looks up at the Bestest toughie, flying through the air right at him! You can’t help but watch as the Bestest toughie lands on the bad fluffy’s back behind his head.

‘SCREEEE!!’ The Bestest toughie pushes the bad fluffy to the ground; his leggies go out from under him and you hear a really loud snap sound. After he lands, the Bestest toughie falls forward and rolls! You’re sure he’s made some kind of mistake but he rolls onto his hoofies, leaps back up and smashes into another bad fluffy!! You’ve never seen anything like it!!! How’d he learn to do-


You snap your head back around; there’s a bad fluffy in front of you, so close you can see his teethies! No time to think, you put your head down and run at him!! He smashes into you and pushes you back, but he screams and tumbles over at the same time. You jump back a bit, then back at the bad fluffy and land on one of his leggies.


‘SCREEEEE!!!’ He tries to curl into a ball. You rear up to stomp him again, but as you bring your hoofies down, ‘GAHH!’ another fluffy knocks you to the ground!!

GET UP!! GET UP!!!! Your thinkie place screams at you; you scramble and jump to get back on your hoofies and turn to face the fluffy who crashed into you. His colours and face are familiar, you’ve seen him before!! But there’s no time to worry about that. ‘WAHHH!!!’ You charge at him, but he’s ready for it and rears up!! At the last moment, you jump up into his chest!!


You knock him over!!! The fluffy falls on his back and you land on his chest; at the last moment you put your hoofies together. They press down hard into the fluffy's chest, and you hear and feel some snaps and cracks sounds; the fluffy makes a strange breathing sound.


You rear up to stomp his chest again but you get tackled by another fluffy, and he knows how to fight!! He wraps his leggies around you and lands on top; he’s got you pinned to the ground!!! You kick and thrash about about to break his grip; you’ve got to up!! If he keeps you here, he’ll be able to give you bad hurties and-

‘SCREEEE!!’ HE BIT YOU!! ‘EEEE!’ You thrash even harder to get away, or at least pull out whatever part of you he has in his nummie place! You kick out with your leggies again and again; if you could just get him in the special lumps!!!

‘Pah! Hewp!! Giv dis dummeh fowewa sweepies!!’

Out of the corner of your see place, you see another bad fluffy run over. Sharp cold feels and hurties go all over you; you have to get up! Get up!!! If he gets to you it’ll be all-


The Bestest toughie’s baby crashes into the bad fluffy and knocks him to the ground! Then another toughie jumps in and together they stomp the bad fluffy!! You scramble to your hoofies and help until he doesn't move anymore. When it’s done, you look around for another bad fluffy to fight, and get a real surprise. The other toughies have arrived, and there are more of them than there are bad fluffies; two or even three toughies for each one! Soon it’s all over.

‘WUN!’ A grey fluffy runs for the forest with the Bestest toughie right behind him. You never knew he could move so fast!! They run past some bushies; you hear a crash and ‘SCREEEEEEEEEEEewk...’ The scream stops so fast it’s scary. A few moments later the Bestest toughie comes back. ‘*Haff haff* Who hav bad huwties? *Haff*’

With the fight over, all the tingles, sharp hurties and other strange feels go away. You feel some hurties in your leggies, head, and the spot where the bad fluffy bit you; nothing too bad. ‘Nu Bestest tuffy!’ You say, along with a few others. He nods, then walks over to one of the bad fluffies.

‘*Wweeezzzz gasp weezzzzz* He’s got bad hurties, and he can barely move. The Bestest toughie rears up and stomps on the fluffy's neck. *Crsnap*

You flinch, then again when the Bestest toughie does it to the next bad fluffy with hurties. After a few more he gets to the fluffy who’s chest you stomped on; the stallion from a few bright-times ago who tried to get into the herd with his special friend. The Bestest toughie looks at him for a little bit, gets a really mad look on his face and stomps the fluffy’s head a few times.

‘Bestest tuffy!!’ The Smarty walks past a couple of toughies.

The Bestest toughie turns to face him. ‘Bad fwuffies am fowewa sweepies Smawty.’

‘Gud,’ the Smarty looks at the forever sleepies bad fluffies. ‘How dah nyu tuffies du?’ He means you!

‘Day wewe gud Smawty,’ the Bestest toughie glances at you. ‘Aww of dem.’

The Smarty nods. ‘Gud, bud dis nu am ovah.’ He looks at the Bestest toughie. ‘Go find wewe dese dummehs cum fwom! If yu find mowe,’ the Smarty’s see places narrow, ‘giv dem fowewa sweepies.’

‘Yes Smarty.’

The Smarty nods and walks off. Your thinkie place goes fast; toughies going out to find where the bad fluffies came from and fight any you find, even give them forever sleepies? It’s scary, and exciting!! Strange tingles go all over your body; you feel scared, but at the same time you want to go!! More than anything in the-

‘Big Wed,’

You shake your head and snap out of it. ‘Yes Bestest tuffy!!’ He’ll ask you to come with him and the other toughies to fight the bad fluffies, you know it!!!

‘Big Wed go wif babbeh an get nummies. Yu stay in safe pwace.’

W-what? ‘Huh? Wat bes-’

‘Yu stay in safe pwace,’ the Bestest toughie says. ‘Yu hav dummeh heaw pwace?’

‘B-bud, bud wai Big Wed nu goin wif-’

‘Yu am stiww wittwe,’ the Bestest toughie says. ‘Big Wed am gud tuffy, bud am tuu wittwe fow dis.’ He must know you want you yell, cause he gets a mad look on his face. ‘Gud tuffies du wat Bestest tuffy say!’ After a few moments, he goes back to normal. ‘Big Wed can go one bwight time, when am biggah. Nao go.’

‘Yes, Bestest tuffy.’ You turn and walk away from the Bestest toughie and the other toughies, fast so they don’t see the sad water come out.

‘Wait fow fwuffy!’ The Bestest toughie’s baby follows. Behind you, the Bestest toughie picks out who he’ll take.

‘Yu an yu an yu. Nex bestest tuffy, go find dah wookie fwuffies; Bestest tuffy nee two!’



‘Wat am wong fwend?’ The Bestest toughie’s baby asks.

‘Big Wed waned go wif tuffies...’

Your friend nods. ‘Fwuffy knu. Bud Daddeh knu wat am doin.’ He has some more of his nummies. ‘Am stiww wookin after Fwuffy an Big Wed; he nu can du dat when wookin fow bad fwuffies.’

You guess he’s right. Still… ‘Big Wed wan be biggah nao.’

Your friend nods. Then asks, ‘Wat famiwy tink boud yu bein in fight?’

‘*Groan*’ Not so great. Runny was excited to hear what happened, but Daddeh and Flower got scared bad fluffies tried to attack the safe place. And Mummah, well…

‘Big Wed hav huwties!? Show mummah!! Mummah giv huggies!!!!’

She held you tight and tried to give you all the huggies in the world at once! No matter how much you told her you were fine, she wouldn't listen!! It took forever to make her calm down, and even longer to make her let you out of the den.

‘*Sigh* Nu am gun teww Mummah nex time.’ After you finish telling you friend everything, you notice something’s wrong. ‘Fwend? Wat am mattah?’

He looks at the ground with a strange look on his face; they’re like, maddies and saddies rolled into one. ‘Big Wed shud be happies hav Mummah dat wub yu dat much.’ When your friend speaks, it sounds like his face looks; mad and sad at the same time.

‘Fwend? W-wat am wong?’

He stares at the ground for a while, then looks up. ‘Tink Daddeh am back.’ He gets up and walks to the edge of the safe place; you follow. Soon enough, you find the Bestest toughie and the group he took to find the rest of the bad fluffies. ‘Hewwo Daddeh.’

‘Hewwo babbeh.’ The Bestest toughie and his baby hug each other, and you stand there for a while. The other toughies and lookie fluffies walk past, probably for nummies or to see their families. There’s something strange about them though. The looks on their faces are… You can’t tell what it is, but it’s like they’ve seen something, scary? What could scare them?

Your friend lets go of his Daddeh. ‘Fwuffy am happies Daddeh am otay.’

The Bestest toughie smiles. ‘Daddeh am happies babbeh nu hav huwties tuu.’

‘Uh, Bestest tuffy?’

They both look at you; for a moment you wonder if you’ve made them mad. ‘Yes? The Bestest toughie asks.

‘Uh, Big Wed jus *cough* jus wan knu wat happen when yu find dah oda bad fwuffies.’

‘Toughies deaw wif dem.’

‘Bud, wat did-’

‘Tuffies deaw wif dem!’ The Bestest toughie says again. He’s quiet for a while. ‘Big Wed gu back tu Famiwy nao,’ he says. ‘Id am awmost dawk-time.’

He’s right. ‘Otay. Tank yu Bestest tuffy.’

He nods. ‘Big Wed du gud ting dis Bwight-time. Bestest tuffy an babbeh see yu fow nex one.’

You turn and walk back to the den, but look back as you go. The Bestest toughie and his baby aren’t looking at you; you hope you didn’t make either of them mad. You also hope Mummah won’t be as scardies as she was earlier.


You and the toughies wait by a tree. Up ahead the two lookie fluffies, the best in the herd, search the forest. After a few moments they come back. ‘Dah bad fwuffies cum fwom dis way,’ one says, and turns back around. ‘Fowwow fwuffies.’ You follow behind the lookie fluffies in a line, as quiet as you can. They lead you past tress and bushies, over a dried up long water and some rocks. Every so often, they stop and look for the path the bad fluffies took; it never takes them long to find it.

The lookie fluffies follow the path through some bushies and lead you through; when you get to the other side, they stop. ‘Wat am wong?’ You ask.

‘Bestest tuffy heaw dat?’ One of them says.

You use your hear places hard; they’re small, but somewhere ahead you hear yells. ‘Am dat wewe fwuffies goin?’ The lookie fluffy asks.

‘Yes.’ You look over you back at the rest of the toughies. ‘Fowwow Bestest tuffy.’ You trot through the forest toward the noise, as quiet as you can manage. The yells and screams get louder the closer you get, then get really bad. Some sound like the screams a… No, focus! You’ll worry about what you’ll find when you find it!

You trot past trees and bushies, the rest of the toughies behind you. The lookie fluffies will be near the back; they know how to take care of themselves, but you don’t want them in the fight. Ahead, you see a spot with a few less trees hidden by some bushies; that’s where you need to go. You trot faster toward it, and the other toughies spread out on either side of you. The yells and screams are much louder, but you ignore them and focus on the job you’re here to do!

At least, until you get through the bushies.

You and the other toughies push through to a little clear patch. Even after all you’ve seen and done when you were on your own and with the herd, what you find stops you cold.

‘Enf enf enf enf enf enf enf!!’


‘Enf enf enf! Babbeh make nu-nu stick feew sooo guuuud!!’


‘Enf enf enf enf! Dummeh mawe’s speciaw pwace giv fwuffy bestest enfie feews!!! Enf enf enf ENF!!’


‘Guud feeewwss!!!’


‘Fwuffy wan nudda enfie babbeh!’ A fluffy gets up and walks toward a baby on the ground.

‘Peep peep peep peep!!!’


‘Gu way dummeh!’ Another fluffy blocks the one walking over to the baby. ‘Dat babbeh am fwuffy’s enfie babb-’ He stops talking when he sees you and the other toughies. The other fluffies look up from, what they’re doing; for a moment it’s quiet, except for the screams.


Maddies EXPLODE through you and the other toughies!! You charge the bad fluffies!!

‘Screeee!!’ The fluffies turn to run; you pick out the closest one, jump and land on his back. ‘SCREEE!!! HEWP!!!’ He cries as you both crash to the ground. You stand up and stomp him over and over!! ‘SCREEEE!! NU HUWT FWUFFY!! The bad fluffy manages to roll over and exposes his neck; you’re so mad, you can’t help but lean down and bite it!! ‘REEEE!!!! REEEEEEEE!!!’ The fluffy struggles and trashes about, but you have him pinned. You bite down hard and shake your head from side to side, let go and bite harder when you feel your grip go loose. You don’t stop, not even when you taste boo-boo juice.






You shake your head back and forth as hard as you can! The taste of boo-boo juice is all through your nummie place, but you barely notice. There’s a strange wet rip sound, and your head lifts away from the bad fluffy. You spit out whatever’s in your nummie place, rear up and stomp the bad fluffy's head, over and over until you hear a crack and your hoofies go all the way to the ground. You look up to find another bad fluffy to fight, but every one of them has a toughie or two on top of them. They scream even louder than the babbies they gave special huggies to.

There’s boo-boo juice, fluff, special lumps and no-no sticks all over the ground. Some of your maddies go away, enough for you to realise there’s no point giving another of the other bad fluffies hurties. It’s not long before their screams stop and all you can hear are the yells of your toughies, and the mare’s screams.

‘Stahp! STAHP!!’ Your yell brings an end to it. The toughies stand up; every one of them has boo-boo juice on them, and they’re breathing hard. Some walk toward the edge of the clearing, and a few make sickie water. As for you, you walk around the bad fluffies’ safe place; there’s not much here, some nesties and a poopie place a little ways off. No nummie dens, which explains why they tried to get to the herd’s nummies.


You look at the mare, the one from a few bright-times ago called Tracy. She looks bad; her fluff is even dirtier than when you saw her last, she has lots of hurties, and there’s boo-boo juice around her special place. Tracy crawls over to one of her babbies, what’s left of the poor thing, and tries to hug it better.


You walk over to her; on the way you pass another of her babies. You try not to look too close, but you still see all the boo-boo juice and, other stuff, by it’s back leggies. It still moves and tries to make scardie peeps, but it’s hurties and owwies are too bad. As you walk past a toughie comes over, and you hear a hoofie slam into the ground.

You walk up to Tracy and stand over her. After a few moments she looks up at you, see places full of sad water and her face covered in dirt and boo-boo juice.

WAAAHHHHUHUHUHUUU!! SCREEEEEE!!!!!’ Tracey screams and cries so loud you flinch. She curls up in a ball, her baby clutched to her chest. You look at her for a moment; part of you understands, if you’d let her and her special-friend into the herd, none of this would have happened. The other thing that would have stopped this is if she hadn’t been such a big dummy!!

You rear up and stomp Tracy’s neck. *CRSNNAP* The screams and crying stop, and she goes still. You step off her and walk away, when you hear the last baby again. ‘Peep peep peep! Peeeep!!’ You walk over to it; the poor little thing wriggles around on his back, he’s still too little to get back on his hoofies. Oh wait, she, not that is matters now. You look at the little filly for a bit, then lean down and pick her up. ‘Spee! Eeep! Peep peep peep!’

‘Shhhh.’ You hug her into your chest fluff. ‘Id am otay wittwe babbeh, ewyting am ovah nao.’

‘Peep peep! Peep.’

‘Shhh. Nu make scawdies peeps babbeh.’ You say gently.

‘Peep peep. Cheep.’ You feel the little baby wriggle into your fluff, to get as close to you as she can. It must feel good to be somewhere soft and warm and safe again. ‘Cheep cheep. Chirp.’ She goes quite, and you feel it give you little baby huggies. A little bit later, it sounds and feels like she’s gone to sleep. You feel some saddies; poor baby, it’s not her fault.

It’s not her fault her mummah was a dummy who ran away from her human housie. It’s not her fault her daddeh was a dummy who put her in her mummah when there wasn’t enough nummies. It’s not her fault those dummies came to these bad fluffies for help. It’s not her fault they decided her mummah couldn’t stay here without giving them something. She’s only a little baby, she didn’t ask for any of this. None of you did.

You give the filly some huggies. ‘Bestest tuffy am sowwie wittwe babbeh. Yu am gud babbeh.’ You hear a little chirp come from your chest. Carefully, you lean down and put the little baby on the ground as gently as you can.

‘Chirp? Cheep cheep?!’ She starts to cheep and wriggle around. ‘Cheep?! Peep pe-’


You smash your hoofie down on her head as hard as you can, so hard it gives your leggie hurties. That’s okay though, you had to get it right. You close your see place, then turn and walk toward the other toughies. Most of them are by some bushies a little bit away. They use piles of cold fluff to clean the boo-boo juice off, which you’ll have to do too. Some toughies give each other huggies. One of them cries; ‘*Sob* W-wai? Wai du dat tu wittwe babbehs huhuuu!’

‘Id am otay fwend,’ the toughie he’s hugging says. ‘Bad fwuffies am fowewa sweepies nao.’

Toughies aren’t meant to cry, but you’ll let it go this time. You might cry too if it wasn’t for all you’ve seen and done. You find a clean patch of cold fluff and clean the boo-boo juice off. It’s really cold, but you kind of like it; it takes your thinkie place off of what happened. After a while you step away from the cold fluff. ‘Du bestest tuffy stiww hav boo-boo juice in fwuff?’ You ask a toughie.

Nu Bestest tuffy,’ he says. ‘Id am gone.’

‘Gud.’ You turn to the rest. ‘Tuffies!!’ You yells to get their attention, but you can’t yell the next part. ‘Wets back tu safe pwace nao.’ They nod, and fall in behind you and the lookie fluffies.

It’ll be a long walk back.


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Anonymous1: I loved the little moment where they became cognizant of their own limited capacity for knowledge. Your writing is outstanding.
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Anonymous2: The invading fluffy that Big Red thought he knew, was it one of the family members that blamed Runny for the death of their foal?

- Reply
Neriman: This was a nice read, thank you.

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Neriman: @Anonymous: No, it was Tracy's special friend. Bet he guided that sausage-fest herd into Big Red's herd as revenge.

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AnonymousFluffery: This srory is really good of course. I'm having trouble with all the fluffies just being named fluffy though.
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Anonymous3: Love this story. Really like how you’re working with action scenes.

It also highlights how text works vs visual storytelling. When I put fluffy on fluffy fighting in Star Truck, people in the comments were all: but how can they even hurt each other, they’re fluffies, and so weak and fragile! Here you have bestest toughie breaking spines and snapping necks in an orgy of one shot kills (which I also enjoyed), and nothing but crickets in the comments. I think a lot of people don’t really visualize what they read, in their own minds, but when someone visualizes it for them they get a different kind of access to the goings on.

Or something.

Please keep it up.
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Fluffus: That was me.
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CwinicawDepwession: Good shit again my dood, I really liked the bit with the old fluffs and their grandbabbeh from back when we first met the herd. Can't wait for more!
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Nuuu: Thanks for the read.
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Anonymous4: >Toughies aren’t meant to cry, but you’ll let it go this time.
*sniff* No they're not - huu.

You're a really good writer man!
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Stealthderp: Good work man. Good work.
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Anonymous5: Gripping storytelling. Thank you for this.
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Anonymous6(5): @Neriman: it wasn’t revenge. They found the bad herd, the bad herd demanded some reason to let them join, and the only thing they had was the location of Kelly’s herd.

But then the bad herd’s taffies left to mount their offensive and the rapists took this opportunity to remain behind and fuck the babies to death.
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Anonymous7(5): Or Kerry, whatever the name is.

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SneakingTail: @Anonymous: It might also be a factor of how people read comics vs text. With text, you can take the time to process it and decide if it makes sense with what you've been showed (or, for some people, not fully process the information that doesn't make sense to you).

With pictures, your brain already knows what happened and it'll cause a much faster knee-jerk reaction.

(Really hope to see more of the Star-Struck characters at some point btw)
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GewawtofWivia: Man I look forward to reading these as they come out. This story is genuinely one of the best works of fan fiction I've ever read.

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differential_Sloth: Thanks everyone, I'm glad you all like it.
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NottooFluf2: 10/10
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Anonymous8: Good shit, my dude.

My only criticism is when you shift characters, sometimes it's not clear which character you're switching to until halfway through the paragraph or whatever, not sure if that's intentional or not. I mean, I can figure it out after a bit from context, for what it's worth.

Your imagery skill is spot on though, I feel like someone could very easily draw this little world you built.
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AmOnwyWittweBabbeh: God, you're one of my favorite writers on the entire Booru. Keep up the amazing content, my dude.
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Anonymous9: holy shit! This story is so dam well writed and good that i want to be one tuffy too and give bad fwuffies huwties alongside big wed and the bestest tuffy!! Well done

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There’s boo-boo juice, fluff, special lumps and no-no sticks all over the ground.

That was some party!
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FosterFluffy: This part of the story just made me realize how lucky Kerry really was. She did everything she could to ruin her chances of living a safe life with a human owner and still managed to be accepted in a heard that is decently run in the only time of the year where they would be willing to take in a stranger with foals.

At first I really liked Kerry's Story because it has a bit of everything. But now I love it for being a very character driven tale where actions have consequences and death doesn't just happen for gratuitous shits and giggles.

Possibly the best ongoing content in the Booru right now.