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Your name is Hyunyoung. It was your second day working at the massive underground complex that the other employees called the facility. From what you’ve heard and seen, this facility was meant to contain what the rest of the staff called ‘abnormalities’. The food supply was also running low, causing people to get sick. Eventually, decisions between Angela and the Sefirot led to a common household biotoy with several wild megaherds being abducted and raised in paddocks in Lobotomy Corporation for food. Food that was for both the employees and the abnormalities.

Fluffies. By Hasbio.

A questionable choice according to some people, but hey. It was the Welfare Team’s idea, not yours. If you don’t like it, complain to the Welfare Team’s Sephirah about it. He won’t change it because the employees need food. You’re one of the employees assigned to distribute food to abnormalities all across the facility. Thousands of them. Of corse, with this high number, multiple employees were needed for the job. You were one of those employees. While you mostly sent cooked fluffy dishes to employees on break, you sent live fluffies to abnormalities for food. Today was a rather simple day. During your shift, you sent fluffies to three different abnormalities, which Lobotomy Corporation named Queen Bee, Spider Bud, and Punishing Bird. Now you were requested by the manager to bring a large, grayish-purple smartie, its head coming up to your knees, to an abnormality named Shy Look Today.

You had to take an elevator to reach her chamber, which was in the Information Team Department. When you entered her room, you almost gagged at the sight. The abnormality was a skinless young woman wearing brown robes standing behind a mounted 'net' of skin, with two poles at the side supporting it. The cover of skin was wide, with blood around the borders and five faces of different expressions, from happiness to anger. You said hello, opened the kennel and let the smartie out and fled the room. After the door shut, you heard the smartie say something. You, being curious, you put your ear against the door and listened in. The next thing you heard was a bit of a confrontation between the smartie and Shy Look Today that went something along these lines:

“Dummeh humin! Yu in sowwy box!”

“Uh... excuse me, but... what is a ‘sorry box’?”

“Smawtie nu teww dummeh humin anyting! Yu in sowwy box fow weason!”

“W-Well, I did use a couple of people to make the net. So I can... Express myself.”

“Smawtie nu cawe what dummeh humin hav tu say! Giwve sowwy poopies!”

Then, you heard what was obviously the fluffy crapping on one of Shy Look Today’s feet and stomping on one of her toes, causing her to gasp in surprise. A stunned silence fell over the containment chamber for a few seconds before the abnormality spoke. And she. Sounded. Furious.

“Y-You... Just touched me. YOU TOUCHED ME! DON’T TOUCH MEEEEE!

You don’t exactly like to think about what happened next very much, but the other employees state that becoming traumatized is expected and accepted in the line of work at Lobotomy Corporation. And what you heard next did indeed traumatize you. You heard something being slammed against the floor and wall, Shy Look Today screaming and yelling something along the lines of “YOU BASTARD! STOP STARING!” and the smartie introduced to her screaming in pain and fear, repeating things along the lines of “WOWSTEST HUWTIES!” “STOWP HUWTING SMAWTIE!” and “DUMMEH HUMIN! WEAVE SMAWTIE AWONE!” over and over again. Eventually, you heard something in the containment room smash, followed by a distraught scream from Shy Look Today and the smartie’s agonized screaming.


-and said screams getting cut off by the sound of what you assumed was its neck or spine breaking. The sounds you heard next made you want to vomit. You heard the fluffy’s body cavity being slowly ripped open, its ribcage being snapped and pushed aside, and its organs being pulled and either crushed or ripped apart. Several minutes of these sounds later, you heard the dead fluffy being kicked away and Sky Look Today crying to herself. When she calmed down, you could hear her walk up to the door and knock on it, saying “Hey... I’m sorry if I upset you if you heard that... Good lord, it messed the net up.”

Since then, you wonder why you even signed up to this job.
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Lightvsdark777: Changed a couple of things, including turning the toughie into a smartie and adding more dialogue.

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guodzilla: Another SCP crossover!
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Lightvsdark777: @guodzilla: It’s not SCP, but it’s actually sort of close.
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Anonymous1: This reminds me of an aussie show with a mummy king