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You are bestest Smartie.

You have the bestest herd in the whole world.

You have a bestest special friend and two more special friends who, while not the bestest have given you lots of special huggies.

You have as many toughies as you have hooves and then another one, your toughies have won lots of fights against all the other Smarties and their dummy herds.

You have a bestest baby who is a bright red unicorn just like you, even down to the white mane and tail.

You have so many fluffies. stallions and mares, lots of soon mummas and all the foals that come with them. More than even you can count and you are the smartest Smartie in the world.

They follow you and do whatever you want when ever you want them to.

You do not however, have any nummies.

It has been many forevers since you left the town you were born in. You had to leave. The humans were so close to catching you and your whole herd and giving you forever sleepies.
You had the best land with lots of nests, warm, out of the weather and so cosy.The humans came with barkie toothy monsters and made you run away.
They got a few of your herd but not any of the important ones so you weren't sad about it.

You were sad about leaving your land and all the nummies you had though.

You trudge through the Forest nearby to the black rock your herd followed out of town. Sometimes scary loud monsters come roaring down the black rock trying to eat you but you are smart and hide so they never catch you.

There isn't much food here.

Some leaves that make you have tummy hurties.

Some grassies that give you poopie hurties.

Some berries that gave some of your herd forever sleepies.

You had stockpiled some of the leaves, just enough for you, your special friends and a few foals.
The grassies didn't grown much any more and every day there were fewer green shoots to be seen coming up through the hard ground every day.
Your herd could eat all the berries they wanted. You wouldnt. You were smart.

You were chewing on some hurtie leaves when one of of your walkie foals from your bestest special friends shouted out;

"Over dewe, look smawtie fwen look!"

Surprised you look up. You hadn't heard any fluffy so happy since before the barkie toothie monsters came.

"Wewe? Wat am bebeh chirping about?"

Then, before the excited little foal could reply, you saw it.

A housie

Not a big house like some of the forever tall shiny ones back in town but a small one, just two floors and an out building all surrounded by a wooden picket fence that was far too tall for any fluffy to climb.
You didn't need to climb though. Your forevers in the Forrest has made you thin and lean. You can slip right through between the slats of the fence, barely touching the sides.

Now you were excited. Housies mean humans and humans mean nummies.

"Tuffies come tu smawtie. Am going to housie for get nummies for hewd."

You shout as you begin to waddle towards the fence.

"West of hewd, stay hewe, wait for smawtie and toughies to get nummies"

The herd starts cheering as you pass, flanked by your toughies. Bright times are on the horizon.

Eventually after maybe, half a forever you make it to the front door and tell your toughest toughie to knock it down so you can get the nummies.
Try as he might though your toughie can only innefectually tap at the door with his cracked marshmallow hooves.

Before long you hear the thunder of human hooves approaching the door. The human was obviously scared of the fearsome banging and was coming to give you a new house and lots of nummies.

Puffing your self up with the satisfaction of a job well done, you shout as the door opens.

"Gib housie and nummies to smawtie hewd. Need nummies to gwow up big and stwong, dis Smartie wand now!"

"Fuck me, it's a fluffy."

The human says, obviously terrified of you.

"What are you lot of shits doing out here?"


You scream, proud that you had remembered about sketties just in time. How could you have forgotten about sketties, it had been so long.

"Well fuck me, lippy shit aren't you. All right wait right there and I will fetch you enough food to last you a lifetime, well... Your lifetime anyway.

With that the dummeh human slammed the door in your face.

You had done it!
All by your self you had defeated the human and made him give you all the nummies you needed for your herd.

A few seconds later the door opened again.
The human wasn't holding any nummies but a weird metal thing, like a short bent stick but black as your second bestest baby.

"Now before I give you your food, I need to know, are there any more of your...friends about here in the woods?"

The human asked


"Ah good. Just as I thought. Well then. This here is magical and it turns things into foo...no, nummies.

He gestured to the stick he held in his hand.

"You, the abomination knocking on my door, do you have a name?"

"Name am cowwin, wub namsie"

You are getting angry that the dummy human is talking to your toughies and not you but you wait. You want to see this magical food making stick in action.

"Well now gentlemen, I will now proceed to turn collin here into nummies"

With that he pointed the stick at collin.


Your ears went dummy. They screamed at you like all the foals in you herd crying at once.
You clamped your hoovsies over your ears but it didn't help. You looked up at the human and saw he was trying to say something. You could see his dummy mouth moving.
Eventually your ears stopped screaming at you and you could hear what the human was saying.

"...And all over the bloody porch too! You do one favour for some bloody stray dayglow cunts and end up with shit all over the porch, fuck this is going to take fucking ages to clean you dick..."

This went on for a while before you realise what the human is talking about. Looking behind you, you realise you and all of your toughies had released a stream of scared poopies all over the cold hard floor when you heard the bang. Of course yours was just ordinary projectile shit because you are The Smartie and could not ever be scared.

"Wewe am nummies den?"

You timidly ask as you have not seen any piles of food magically appear.

"Here, no here, look you bloody idiot. Fucking...collin! That it, collin. Collin is now nummies."

"Dummeh human, cowwin am fwuffie. Fwuffie am no nummies."

"Ah that's where you are wrong shit for brains, collin here was a fluffy, not any more, I shot him in the face with my magical wand and now he is nummies!"

"Smawtie no understand..."

Then you take another look at collin. He alone didn't make scardie poopes when the rest of you did (obviously not you) and he hasn't moved a muscle since the hurtie noise.
Collins head looked a bit funny. You couldn't tell from the back but it looked a bit like the time your favourite ball got stuck on a nail and all the air came out.

"Christ you things are thick, look"

The human tapped collin with his toe and collin fell like a stone. Pink and grey goo puddling around his head

"Cowwin am...foweber sweepies? Nooooooo Toughies! Gib human worst hurties!!"

With that your toughies ran forward and the closest one dealt a mighty blow to the humans leggy. The human however did not fall, screaming in pain. He sighed.

"Ungrateful shits, didn't even say thankyou. Ah well"

And he pointed the stick at another toughie.


The toughie collapsed and boo-boo juice came pouring from his back.

Your ears had gone dummy again but you shouted anyway.

"Wun tuffies wun fwom monsta Homan!!"

You don't know if they heard you but they definitely saw you turn and run. And you are damn sure that they would not stay and fight after seing their glorious leader flee.


A small puff of dust ahead of you sprayed into the air.


You feel a sharp pain in the middle of your back right below your neck then...oh no, your leggies have gone dummy.

You are in mid gallop and the ground rises up to give you owwies in your face.
Your dummy leggies won't move, you can't run.

"dummeh weggies why yu no work for smawtie, need to wun way"

Now you have stopped running you can hear your toughies hooves pounding after you.
As they pass you try to tell them to stop and help you but they keep running.
One even stomps on your leg as he passes but you don't even feel it.


You see one toughies head burst open at the back and another has his leggies cut out from under him.

You think the last one is getting away but then he slows, stops, stands then slowly falls over sideways.

All is quiet.

You see the ground falling away but don't feel the hand holding you, higher and higher untill you are swung around to face the human who is holding you by the scruff of your neck.

"All right then dick head, you mentioned a herd?".

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Fluff-be-gone: My first attempt at a story here. I have more lined up but want some writing feedback. Legibility, language, formatting? Don't be gentle
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CwinicawDepwession: Good shit, don’t got much by way of criticism but I hope you post more soon
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Anonymous1: I like it! Manages to make fun of fluffies while still maintaining one as a main character. Keep posting!
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