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9402553482: Added some more sprites to a total of 7 emotions. I’m planning to add different hairstyles as well. I’ll also try movement sprites, but it’ll be a lot harder since they all have really stubby legs.

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Disintegral: "Scared" and "sad" are always fun emotions to see on fluffies, especially if they show them in a really childlike way.

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Waaaghlord: hmm... scared looks more like excited to me...

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AIDS: @Waaaghlord: "Fwuffy no-nos haf stwangest scawedy-hawdies!"


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Disintegral: @Waaaghlord: "SCREEEEE! Nu wan' no-no stick in poopie pwace ... Buh fwuffy kinda wike it..."

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9402553482: @Waaaghlord: Whoops. That was NOT my intentions.
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Fiberglass: Needs "in pain," "dejected," "starving," "dead"

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gr1m_1: @Disintegral:
..kinda wike it..

"Hay fwens wat am happen on dis thwead-"
"Aw poopsies"
Also needs "nee miwkies" "wan die" "nu am mare" and "forever sleepies"
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Fiberglass: @Fiberglass: And "drowning"
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