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9402553482: This is one of my older images. What do you think of the prices? Too low, too high? Is 500 bucks for a golden alicorn fluffy worth it?

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Disintegral: This is pretty much what I had in mind for most fluffy prices. I've often said that I figure an average adult fluffy costs about as much as a large cup of coffee, and this fits perfectly.

I figure that some breeders would charge way higher for unique, rare fluffies though. Maybe even thousands.

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Waaaghlord: That looks quite "ok" for most headcannons, though fluffies could even be more expensive ... and also even cheaper...

... Silvermoon could be too cheap though, it is an alicorn as unicorn or pegasus, the price would be more ok...

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MAVVET_CO: I believe an alicorn should cost much more, as in orders of magnitude more. I mean a healthy pomeranian puppy with a pedigree usually costs around 900 dollars, and they're easier to breed reliably than an alicorn

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9402553482: @MAVVET_CO, @Waaaghlord[/url], @Disintegral[/url]: Yeah, I guess it depends on how uncommon alicorns really are. Are they a separate breed, or a rare genetic defect?
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coltclassic: @9402553482: Depends, one headcanon I vaguely remember is that alicorns were planned but hadn't been implemented yet when they were being born, that they were a freak accident from the mixing of pegasus and unicorn genes during the initial development phase, which is why most fluffies cannot recognise alicorns as one of their own and treat them as monsters. Most headcanons have alicorns being extremely rare from random breeding, but certain non-alicorn fluffies may have lineage from an alicorn thus more likely to have them if paired with a similar fluffy or an alicorn, and alicorns have a good chance of having at least one alicorn a litter. Wild alicorns are extremely rare due to the high chance the mother would kill it after inspecting after birth, poor health from being assigned as the 'poopie munsta babbeh', and encounters with any other fluffies where their response is 'kill' instead of 'flee'. About the only chance of getting an alicorn that is healthy and mentally sound enough to be a pet would be a breeder who has alicorn-tolerant mares or supervises birthings to remove them from the litter for raising either by hand-feeding or milkbag.

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WiredandGaming: @9402553482: I HC'd them as being some sort of recessive gene combination which can be inherited or arise as the result of a random mutation(but probably has somewhat-low heritability).

So if your two non-alicorns produce an alicorn they could be heterozygotes or it could just be a random mutation.

Course this is what happens when you try to apply some sort of biological science to something that can't exist.
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