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Part 1 of 3

"Alright, darling, let Alexander go. It's time for his dinner."

You're Alexander, a handsome light-blue fluffy living with your human-mummah, Sarah.

"Aww. OK, Grandma. Can I play with him again after?"

"Well, we can see, but I'm afraid he usually likes to have a nap after he eats. Don't you, Xander?" You coo and squint in joy as Sarah scratches your chin.

You have the best life of any fluffy ever, and today is one of the best DAYS ever too, since Sarah has her little human babbeh over! Days like this you get to play together with little mummah (she always giggles when you call her that), and she'll comb your fluff, give you kissies and huggies and sometimes nap with you when you both get too exhausted.

"I see Polly gave you a nice makeover? Your fluff is looking very puffy now!" Sarah says, slowly shuffling down to the kitchen with you.

"Yes Sawah, wittwe mummah make Aweksanda pwittiest fwuffy!" You bend down and admire your own chest-fluff.

Once you reach the kitchen, Sarah pours your kibble, shakes on some of the supplement that keeps your coat sleek and pretty, then drizzles on some of her special water- it's water that she has to keep the kibble moist, but she adds some secret ingredients from the cupboard to make it taste extra yummy. Honey and jinja are two you think she said.

Once you've eaten your fill, you head back to the living room. Little mummah greets you with delight, but as much as you'd like to continue playing, you're worn out as usual. She falls asleep on the sofa with you in her arms.


"Come on, Xander, let's get you up and ready for the park!"

You're always sad the day after little mummah comes and goes, but the park always makes you feel better. Sarah straps you into your tight red harness and takes you under one arm as you exit the house and make your way.

"Wook, Sawah! Duckies!" The first part of the journey takes you past some rivers in an enclosed forest area.

"Those are actually coots, dear. And that one with the red beak, that's a moorhen."

The birds swim alongside the two of you for a while, giving you plenty time to stare at them and giggle. Eventually, the woodlands give way to an expanse of flat green ground- you've reached the park!


An orange-and-yellow mare runs up to you. You immediately stretch out your front leggies for huggies.

"Hewwo Coco! Awexanda haf bestes' day eba! Wittow mummah com' an' pway wif Awexanda an' singies an' make fwuff nice an' pwetty!"

"Coco haf bestest day too! Mummah wiwww wet Coco haf babbehs if be good fwuffy!"

You grin politely, then frown. "Huuhuuu, Awexanda nu haf wumps... can neva haf babbehs..."

Coco leans in and nuzzles you. "Coco mummah bwing baww! Wet pway!"

Your eyes light up as you forget your last thought completely. "Wuv pway baww wif Coco!"

Coco leads you to where she left the ball on the grass and gives it a light push. Giggling, you join in, running side-by-side, taking turns pushing the multicolour ball.

You play for ages and ages, and you've nearly worn yourself out by the time a lady walks up to the two of you. You recognise her as Coco's mummah.

"Mummah bwing home nao?" Coco asks.

"Sure. Alexander, is it? You need to come with me too."

"B-bu'... Sawah..."

"Sarah can't bring you home right now, I'm afraid."

You look around; sure enough, Sarah isn't anywhere to be seen. A commotion has broken out in the distance.


You're around lots of odd people in little mummah's house, for the last forever. She's there with her mummah. They're both crying. There are some other people you don't recognise- are they making them cry?

"Dummehs make wittwe mummah cwy! Meanie dummehs nu be meanie ta wittwe mummah!"

Little mummah turns around to you briefly, but rejoins the conversation, tearful. You know the look she gave you. You shouldn't bother them any more.

"...to manifest this long after discharge..."

"...rare hospital-acquired infection..."

"...show any signs of..."

"...disseminated through much of her..."

You can't make out any details of what they're saying, but maybe they AREN'T being meanies to little mummah and making her cry.

You're mostly ignored for the rest of the day. You're fed some kibble (not nice kibble, the way Sarah prepares it) and taken outside twice to make good poopies; you ask if you can play with little mummah but her mummah simply says she's "not up for it right now". You don't complain about being put to bed in the nasty, small pet carrier which is nowhere near as comfortable as your bed at Sarah's housie. Something is clearly wrong.

You repeat the uncomfortable routine of sleeping, pooping and eating for many bright-times at the housie. You miss being at Sarah's more each day. More than anything, you miss Sarah.

"When see Sawah again?" You ask the same question every day, even though you always get the same answer.

"I don't know."

Things have calmed down a little, mainly because little mummah and big mummah aren't around anywhere near as much. You're kept mostly in one smalll room, and some plastic is laid down in one corner to make poopies while they're away.

Some days you cry from the loneliness.

The cycle repeats until one day when big mummah stashes your carrier into her metal-munsta and moves you both far away. It's uncomfortable, and you're anxious, but you're also a little hopeful. Is big mummah taking you back to Sarah?

Big mummah stops you somewhere unfamiliar. You pass through some doors. You can barely glimpse the world around you through the confines of the carrier, but ahead of you you can see- fluffies! Probably more than you've ever seen!

"Hi, uh, Megan, I called up yesterday? This is Alexander."

"Oh, great. Sorry to hear, again, about, you know. If you could sign right here-"

The two speak back-and-forth for a while, but you can't understand anything they're talking about. You wait patiently- Sarah would have given you a treat for waiting this patiently for this long- until the carrier jolts up. You're moved somewhere else, and the door opens up into a small confine.

"In you go, little guy."

You half-step-half-fall into the box. It's warm, and bright, but barely bigger than the carrier. There's a bowl of kibble and a bowl of water and three coloured blockies, but precious little else. As the man closes the front door, you see even more fluffies opposite you in cages just like yours, stacked row after row and on top of each other.

"Wha' happen? Nu wike!"

Big mummah approaches. "Look, I'm really sorry, but this... this is where you're going to be living for now." Your eyes widen in disbelief. "These people are going to try and find you a new owner."

"Bu'- wha bout' Sawah? Am Sawah's fwuffiest fwuffy! Nee' Sawah, nee' wittow mummah!"

"I'm sorry... Sarah's gone. She's not coming back."


Day upon miserable day passes in the shelter. You mull over big mummah's last words to you. Sarah? Gone? It can't be! Sarah loves you! Why would she leave her hansum little fluffy?

Living in the shelter is like a bad sleepy-picture. Your cage is so, so small, and the only time you get to leave is one play-time every day, when all the fluffies fight over a few mangled stuffed toys, deflated balls and boring blockies. You had more toys to play with all for yourself when Sarah had you.

Back in the cage, there's barely any way to pass time. Three blockies only entertain you so far, and other than that, you can only talk to the humans that come by looking for a new fluffy to take in.

"Good news, Alexander. We've found you a new daddy."

You burst to life. "Awexanda haf nyu daddeh?" This could be good! You didn't feel like anything could compare to Sarah, but being in the shelter for so long, you're sure this is bound to be miles better.

The man lifts you out. "That's right. There's just one thing we have to do before he takes you home, though."

You're carried to a room around the back. You're both anxious and excited- Sarah had you from since before you can remember, but maybe you can love new daddy just as much...?

"Wha do?"

The man props you on a table. The room you're in scares you- it's white all over, stacked with things you don't know what, with a funny smell.

The man doesn't answer your question. You feel a nasty prick in your nape.

"WAAAAAUUUHHHHH!!!" You jolt your head around- the man just gave you hurties!

"Sorry about that, fluffy."

Before you can ask why, you feel yourself slowly start to drift to sleep.

You wake up. You don't know how much time has passed. Minutes, days... it feels somehow like both at the same time.

You try to extend your legs and stand up. Nothing happens.
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CwinicawDepwession: Lookin forward to seein' this happy little guy's wonderful, fun-filled, and assuredly not at all existentially nightmarish adventures!
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LimeLight: Jesus christ I hate this shit.
Thanks for making me angry fam.

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FluffyPuncher: pillow fluffs are happy fluffs.
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Anonymous1: Reminds me too much of the way stupid assholes treat pets in real life.

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RQ: Now that's some SAAAAD box :(
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Anonymous2: Pillow fluffs are happy fluffs!
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b3R93e3J39: 'Tis better to have loved and lost /
Than never to have loved at all.