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A Slovendri’s Fluffy Picnic

Live in paradise. Food everywhere. You love ham more than other food. The big hams though. You eat big hams first. Friends eat bacon, butterscotch, and cheese first. You feel... indifferent to friends. That not matter now. You looking for big ham. You think there’s one big ham left. Nothing else matter but big ham. Other foods fall to floor as you look. You no care.

Find lastest big ham. Is happiest moment of life. Pick up lastest big ham. Eat lastest big ham. Slowly. You want to savor lastest big ham. Because there will be no more big hams left after this one. You take long time to eat lastest big ham. Lick lastest big ham juice off hands and fingers. Lastest big ham was bestest meal you’ve ever had. Now there is no more big hams left. You now sad. But there is more food. You happy again because of reminder.

Look for chicken. Knock over shelf. Cereal falls all over floor. And one tiny box. Pick up tiny box. Look like kiddie cereal box, but tiny. Cute thing on sides. Open box. Hear squeal. See something in box. Take thing out of box. Thing in box look like thing shown on box, but with things on back, thing on head, and red color. Big enough to hold with two hands. One of its legs bent in weird direction. Eyeballs wide and staring at you. Thing spews something on hand. Look like chocolate. Put thing in mouth. Tastes like lastest big ham, but off. Eat anyway. Spewstuff tastes like dark chocolate. Tiny thing moves inside you. Feels weird. Look at shelf. More tiny boxes. More things.

Grab another box. Tear open. Teal thing falls on floor. Makes screaming sound. Make ears hurt. Friend comes over. Friend picks up teal thing. Say you found it first. Friend eats thing anyway. Aw man. Friend takes tiny box and eats it. Doesn’t bother to take thing out of box. Friend thinks food tastes better still in box. How rude. Friend leaves. You take another box. Carefully open box. Eye out for food thieves. Take thing out of box. Brown color. Like chestnut. Squeeze. Sprays more stuff. Eat thing. Tastes like cinnamon. Each one has a different flavor it seems. You like.

Grab another box. Open box. Take out thing. Eat thing. Repeat. Again and again. You eat probably thirty things. Things are moving around. Trying to get out. Making weird squeaking sounds. Makes you feel very uncomfortable. But you think things will stop moving eventually. You eat things other than things from other shelves. Eventually, things do stop moving and making noise. Things probably dissolved. You don’t care. You keep eating.


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Lightvsdark777: If you don’t know what a Slovendri is: http://strangers.atrocityland.com/module_primer/s_slovendri.html
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PencilWingie: Weird.
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ElCuCuyfeo: You writing style makes me want to vomit glass
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Lightvsdark777: @ElCuCuyfeo: Hey. This is the only story I used this writing style for.