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Johnny opened his birthday present and was amazed at the gift he was given. An authentic Major Chip Hazard!

"Thank you so much mom and dad!"

He opened the box and activated the figure. It motioned a military salute.

"Major Chip Hazard reporting for duty sir!"

"Woah, just like in the ads!"

"Any Gorgonites nearby?"

They didn't have any Gorgonites, but there might be something that could work...

They went outside, the Major could walk on his own, being a robotic action figure and all. Johnny walked into an alley, full of trash and broken boxes.

"Be new daddeh?" A yellow fluffy approached.

"That's a Gorgonite" Pointed the boy.

Chip analyzed the target. This version was propperly programmed to not attack humans or animals. Not human. Not animal. Valid target.

"Prepare to die, Gorgonite scum!" He pointed his plastic rifle and made shooting sounds, nothing happened. Actual Gorgonite toys would pretend to be injured from the "shooting", but the fluffy found it funny.

"That gun won't do, you'll have to use another weapon."

Chip discarded the gun and looked around for a substitue. He found a piece of broken glass he fashioned into a shiv. Then he charged the smiling fluffy.

"Wan pway?" Were its last words, Chip slashed its throat. The shitrat tried to scream, but only managed to gurgle blood. "That's for Nick Nitro!"

"There's more of them over there" The boy pointed towards an overturned box. Inside Chip found 5 foals, their eyes still closed. The shiv broke down when he slashed the fluffy, so he had to improvise another weapon. A discarded razor blade was good enough. He motioned to cut the throat of one foal, but Johnny stopped him.

"Wait, intel says these Gorgonites might have stolen datapods hidden in their stomachs."

Chip gutted the foal and looked into its bloody innards. "Nothing in this one, will keep looking." He gutted all the foals alive, leaving them to a slow agonizing death.

They moved to find more Gorgonites. "Look, there's one!" Johnny said. Chip analiyzed it.

"Negative, that's a rat, rattus rattus. Harmless, but you shouldn't touch it."

"Buuh, fine, there's probably more fluffies here."

A short while later. "Dis am smawty wand! Gib sketties ow git owwies!"

"It's the enemy leader! And it is threatening us!"

"We will never surrender to you, vile creatures!"

"Don't kill it right away, it might know other enemy locations. We have to interrogate it."

Chip rushed it and severed one of its legs to prevent it form escaping.

"SCREEEEEEE!!! why gib owines? am bestes fwuffy."

"Tell me the location of the Gorgonite hideout.

"Smawtie nu kno"

"Look at me you mutant trash, I want answers, if I don't get answers from you, I'm taking the rest of your legs. Now, where are you keeping the rest of my unit captive?" When asked this, Gorgonites are programmed to give directions of toy stores carring Commando Elite figures.

"Nu kno, pwease wet smawtie go."

"A leg it is then." With the not very sharp anymore blade, Chip severed another of the smartie's legs.

"SCREEEEEE!! Nu huwt smawtie anymowe."

"Where did the Gorgonite ship crash?"


"I'm the one making the questions here." He severed another leg.

"SCREEEEE! nu kno wat am gowgonite."

"Liar!, now, tell me, where are you hiding the datapods?"

"Pwease, nu take wastes wegggie."

"You should have answered." Chip finished the pillowing of the smarty.

"Huu huu huu, nu wan be dummeh nu weggie fwuffy. Wan die, wan die."

"Come on Chip, this one didn't know anything, we must find their true leader."

They exited the alley into a street. There they encountered a pink unicorn wearing a pink collar.

"Seen muh mummah?" It asked. Chip prepared to charge against it.

"Wait, Chip, don't hurt this one, it's, err... a double agent that works for us."

A girl came running. "There you are Strawberry, don't run like that, it could be dangerous. Oh, hi Johnny, happy birthday!"

"Hi Molly, look, I got a Chip Hazard for my birthday!"

"Woah, looks really cool, we can play tea party with it and Starberry together."

And just like that, Major Chip Hazard went to play fucking tea party.
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CwinicawDepwession: WOW has it been a while since I've thought of that movie. Good shit
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PencilWingie: I laughed.
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grenadier_katt: god now i want to see a stormtrooper squad fire on some fluffies
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megatek: @grenadier_katt: i just had a flash of a herd of fluffies breaking into starwars land at diseny. at least theyd make for entertaining womprat stand-ins
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Reality_Bites: If the humans in the Fluffyverse are as scummy to A.I. as they are to Fluffies, the Gorgonites might overwrite their programming and fight back against the Commando Elite, and then, the humans themselves. And what better facilitator of bioweapons against humans, than fluffies? Especially since Gorgonites, as robots, are immune to disease?
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