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Fluffy Springs Saga
Chapter 15

Monday, September 06

The little white filly was alone now. She knew where she needed to go. Towards where the bright sky ball went when it got dark. And where the dark time sky ball went when it got bright. She just needed to walk. So she did.

The city was pretty familiar to her now. She had walked around it many times, but she started to notice that there were little pockets here and there that her mother had walked around, and so had she, following Sprucie's lead. She recognized that by going straight, it was a much shorter trip than going all the way around. Maybe her mother had been looking for nummies? But they'd never found any nummies on what she knew to be detours now.

It had grown dark, but she knew which direction to head already. And one such place was beckoning to her now.

She looked up. Her walking along the black rock had brought her to a brightly lit place. There were lots of metal monsters coming off the black rock and waiting. It made her nervous and she didn't want to walk towards Fluffy Springs with so many metal monsters coming and going. The fluffies she'd seen try to run from being nummed by metal monsters never smelled pretty and they never moved again, as obviously being a half centimeter tall prevented a fluffy from walking far. She sat under a bush to think, enticed by the wafting smell of nummies. Her stomach growled. Right. They'd gone to get nummies that morning and now it was the dark time. She plucked a few leaves off the bush she was under but they weren't very tasty.

Carefully looking around, she tried to formulate a plan. There was a big fluffy up in the sky and he was almost as bright as the bright time sky ball. The fluffy was holding aloft two pieces of bread with a little crying foal between them. She recognized the bread as something her mother ate from time to time. Usually after an enf trade. It still disgusted her. But why was the little baby crying? Humans were strange.

She then noticed that the bush she was under was just one in a long line of bushes going around the back end of the brightly lit human house. Maybe she could walk along it and see something at the back.

Once she got to the back she found the way prevented by a block wall but was happy to see that the bushes continued in the direction she wanted to go. Another brightly lit box was there and some humans in the metal monster were talking to it. White looked down, and saw some small fluffy bones and wadded up yellow fluff. Revulsed, she skipped over to the next bush to listen as another metal monster took the first one's place.

"Welcome to Fluffy Burger, how can I help you tonight? I recommend the Foal Bits for that excellent late night snack." came a bored voice from the bright box. The bright box had lots of nummies on it, but white knew they were just pictures of nummies.

"My god, Gerald, why would you come eat at one of these places?" came a lady's voice.

"Sweetheart, it's late. The kids are hungry and we've still got a long ways to drive. And besides, it's not really that bad." was the man's reply who was behind the metal monster's big circle inside.

"Hiya. I'd like a Fluff Burger Deluxe, fries and an iced tea. Then I need two orders of Fluffy Bits and two kid's root beers. What do you want, Lisa?"

"I don't want a burger patty made from fluffy meat! That's absolutely horrid!"

The voice from the box spoke up, sounding only half awake. "Ma'am, our burger patties are 100% grade A beef. There's no fluffy meat in them."

"Really?" came a shocked voice, "then why is it called Fluffy Burger?"

A disembodied reply, "It's just marketing ma'am. You know, people think fluffies are cute and all. What did you say abou..." and the voice drifted away from the mic.

"Oh." said the other occupant. "I suppose that's okay then. I'll have the same thing as you then Gerald."

The box voice came back. "Right so you see, I guess I..." and was cut off by the man.

"Okay! She'll have the same thing as I am, a Fluff Burger Deluxe, fries, and ... is ice tea okay? ... and an iced tea."

The box sounded like someone nodding, "Okay, but I just wanted to corr..."

"Daddy! Don't forget I wanted an order of fries too!"

"Sorry! And another order of fries please. Can you read that back to me? We're in a bit of a hurry to get down to her mother's place."

"Uh.... okay, let's see. I've got two Fluff Burger Deluxe, two.. sorry, three orders of fries, two ice teas, two Fluffy Bits, and two kids root beers. But, I wanted to tell you that..."

"Great! Thanks!" And then the metal monster moved forward, leaving an empty space filled with just the talkie box and the white filly.

"... actually, the special sauce on the Deluxe is pretty much just ground up fluffy with some spices. And then the Fluffy Bits are deep fried fluffy foal legs, just the bones are so soft you don't notice them. Hello? Hello? Shit. Ah fuck me. Fuck 'em. Jonesy! Spit in that bastard's Deluxe for me. I'm taking my fucking break."

The box went silent and the white filly crept around in the bushes, soon reaching the end. There was a smaller street now which she felt safe crossing it, but her hoof kicked something. It was a paper sack! She'd seen her mother find nummies in these before and she was hungry. It was so lucky!

She tore open the bag, and little bent legs fell out and onto the ground. She could see the little hooves at the ends, and if she had eaten something, she would have thrown up right there. She started to tear up at the sight of so many little leggies. She kicked the bag as hard as she could and it bounced off of the bush's stem that she was under. Papers flew about, and a couple of plastic things and then a clear container of something she could actually eat! She had seen it once before. It was a clear box and inside were all kinds of nummies. Green nummies and red juicy nummies and little pieces of orange nummies! It had split open after flying out and opened up tantalizingly. Looking down at the bag, she again saw the fluffy that was up in the sky, and then looked again at the debris that had also come out. She saw two halves of the bread, and then recognized the nummie between the buns as a half-eaten foal. It was stiff, covered with little brown bumps, and several bites had been taken out of it. She nuzzled it, but it smelled like the rest of the smells that were coming from the bright human place. It was too much.

She ran, snagging the clear container in her teeth, and didn't stop running until she couldn't see the sky fluffy any more. She sat down behind some black sacks and cried for the foal pieces she now knew came from the sky fluffy house. Her tears stopped after a little bit.

The white filly ate her salad.

Refueled, she got her bearings once again, and set out. It was easy walking after a few black rock places. Lots of grassy places came together and she nibbled as she went to keep topping her tummy up. The human house she was walking along was very tall. She strained to see the top. She liked the little sky ball that was painted near the alley where she'd last seen her mother. There were a couple of other things she'd seen up on buildings and recognized during her travels with her mother. But this one was a first.

It looked like a red nummie, with four bites taken out of it. Maybe it was a square nummie to start with, then four foals had each taken a corner? She'd never been this way before in the city, having wandered around instead of a straight westerly direction. As she kept walking, the hard flat rock that was at lots of human houses started getting closer, until she was at a bush with nothing but flat rock in front of her. She was hesitant to walk across, because there were lots of people coming in and out.

Suddenly, a loud metal monster came! So loud! It had flashing red eyes! She held her bowels together as hard as she could. She didn't want to make any scaredy poopies here. Not now! The glass doors opened as a man in white not-fluff came out and was waving both of his hands above his head at the metal monster. Two humans in blue got out and walked to the back of the metal monster while the white not-fluff man caught up to them.

"Guys, we're packed in there tonight! Please tell me it's someone we can triage out here because that's what we're going to have to do."

One of the guys, with lots of fluff laughed. "I think he can be seen out here but his ass is going to get cold."

The white not-fluff human took the thin board with lots of paper on it and hit his head several times.

"Aw, sixteen dicks, not another one."

The other man, much skinnier than the first, laughed loudly. "Yup! Gotcha another fluffy cave explorer!" and with that, yanked the gurney out of the ambulance.

SCREEEEE! exclaimed a fluffy and "Oh fucking god, help me!" rose from the face down man who's posterior was up in the air. The head of the fluffy foal pointed skyward from his poopie place.

"That's the third fluff packer this week! And Monday's not even over yet!" said the doctor, clipboard whipping around wildly as he gestured.

HEWP! WET BABBEH GO! NO WAN GO WIF BWUDDAH AN' SISSIE! HEWP! screamed the little entombed foal.

The man in white sighed. "Shit... wait here guys. Please, please! Let it be a domestic foal. I don't want to run a fucking culture on it. Shit shit shit. I'll go get the tongs. Heaven knows the cafeteria don't want them back after yesterday." He turned and walked back into the big housie.


The two men still at the big metal monster started poking the little foal's muzzle, then moving their fingers rapidly over the poor baby's lips.


The fatter man chuckled, "What's da matta? Don't like a little brown eye huggie?"


The guys broke out in raucous laughter, and white took the opportunity to make a run for it. She got halfway when the human housie doors opened, and she was ashamed that she made scaredy poopies right there in the light! She ran as hard as she could to get away from the pile, so never saw the doctor coming back out purposefully, who didn’t see the slick shit puddle, and so landed right on his back, the tongs tumbling end over end before smacking him right between the eyes.

However, she did hear the two men in blue not-fluff screaming with laughter in unison with the little rectal foal's screeching! It made her run faster than she ever had before.


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CwinicawDepwession: Neat to see a bit more about the world, I sure as fuck would never eat at a Fluff Burger.
- Reply
FosterFluffy: The idea of eating little fried legs from something that begged for its life with the little voice of a child is pretty disturbing. Very hard to imagine a something like that would fly with regular folks.
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Anonymous1: @FosterFluffy: The element of suffering makes the meat better. That's why veal tastes so good.
- Reply
Anonymous2: Wow, that ending was a big boner kill. I really wanted to see more of the Cave Explorer Foal, at least hear his final scream of help before joining his brother and sister in the cave, silenced in darkness forever. Maybe a side fic that gives us those exclusively juicy details about the little Foal and his siblings meeting their end in the cave explorer game? Just a thought :). Other than that, really well done!
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FosterFluffy: @Anonymous: Pretty sure the vast majority of people wouldn't eat veal if the cows could talk to them. Not making a vegan argument here, just saying the obvious. In a more realistic world than this fandom, eating something that can look you in the eye and beg for mercy with human language wouldn't be very popular or even socially acceptable.
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That's why veal tastes so good.

Debatable. The calf's youth and lack of exercise is what makes the veal tender & tasty. "The element of suffering" is not a condiment, except maybe in your mind.