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PeanutButterJellenheimer: One good Avacado boi

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PeanutButterJellenheimer: Also pawn I'm making him a comic backstory, wanted to tell you since he's technically yours.
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Anonymous1: I want to abuse it terribly so you've done something right I just had a jigsaw moment: Stay a while and listen!
An all metal wheel leggies on an induction cook top 'track' lined with pillow foals and Avacado has to choose between
burny hurties or melting/squishing through 2 rows of squealing crying foals to reach safety.
God damn it Fluffybooru why do I love thee so
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9402553482: Adorable! I wonder what happened to his hind legs.

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PeanutButterJellenheimer: gr1m, 9402, he has a full story, with both how he lost his legs, and how he dies. If you'll remember, he was one of my old adoptables, now owned by pawn. He'll have a full comic story soon.

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Pawn: @PeanutButterJellenheimer: Dude, thats awesome that your making a comic with them. Im rooting for you, you can get it done!
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9402553482: @PeanutButterJellenheimer: That's cool. Can't wait to see it, then!

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Waaaghlord: ... probably walks funny...

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PeanutButterJellenheimer: @Waaaghlord: well, rolls. He pushes himself along with his front legs.
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