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>Be homeless
>Live on bench in a park
>City pays to have fluffies turned in
>Have amazing idea
>Pick up some extra money from begging
>Go to Salvation army and buy multicolored suit
>Look like a real crazy now
>Go into a restaurants back alley and look for fluffies
>Find a herd in a dumpster
>Smarty sees me standing there
>Immediately tries to threaten me
>”Dummeh hoomin, gib sketties o get wowstest huwties!”
>Give a chortle like Santa Claus and reply, “Oh, but I'm here to bring your herd to Skettiland! The most magical place!”
>Dumbass and entire 25 fluff herd take the bait
>Start swaggering towards the fluffy center.
>Smarty is somewhat skeptical but leads on the herd
>A few stragglers hearing the call of sketties join the group and soon enough you have at least fifty trailing.
>Get to the sliding doors and knock to get an employee's attention
>Sees the massive crowd you have behind you and immediately comes out with retaining gate
>Capture about forty of them
>Get receipt written for about five dollars
>Spend it on a lottery ticket
>Get rich
>Donate plenty of cash to exterminator groups around area
>Live good life because of a gullible shitrat
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IGotIdeas: Not if only that trick on the commies

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Ferrotter: Classic Fluffy Pony. Nice.

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PeanutButterJellenheimer: Quality.
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