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Fluffy Springs Saga
Chapter 17

Wednesday, September 08

The white biotoy spent the night before under some really thick bushes along the path she was going. The houses had become smaller and farther apart now and there were lots of grasses to num. The white filly continued heading west following the long black rock. It was very repetitive really. And now, the houses had stopped as she walked near the road heading towards Fluffy Springs. The metal monsters were more often than what she was used to, so she had decided to walk a little ways away from it, but still close enough to see it.

A low fence paralleled the road but it was barely a fence. Four wires, with little owie things on them every so often. It was easy to go under and around when she needed to. There were lots of bushes every so often and were tasty. White couldn't think of another time where she was able to eat all the grasses she could nor so many yummy other bushes and plants than she had now. If only she had known earlier about the abundance not far from where she was! But, that was the past, and her fate lay ahead. At least she would meet it with a full tummy.

Every so often, she would hear something so she would dash into vegetation enveloping the fence line. There were lots of places to hide. She was very happy for that. The sky was so big outside of the city that she felt very exposed. She would wait in her little hiding place until the only sounds she heard were the metal monsters, the wind, and her own heartbeat. Then she would continue along her journey.

One bush along the road was very good! There were little black balls hanging from it. They were super nummie! She spent a full hour eating all she could of the delicious berries. It felt so wonderful to be out and happy. Then the guilt would set in. So many little foals didn't have the chance she had now. It would take all the energy out of her until she'd had her cry and was over it. Then it was back towards the west.

Town was so many forevers ago when she heard a barky monster. She didn't pay much attention to it. There were barky monsters all over the city. But it sounded like it was getting so close. And closer. Then suddenly, it was just there atop a small hill! She ran into the biggest bush she could see at the time and huddled as small as she could.

The barky monster was soon followed by more. White was so scared! They were sniffing along the ground and were getting closer. What could she do?! Barky monsters weren't that scary in town as they were always behind walls and fences. But these were so close! And no humans had them on ropes!

She could hear them getting closer and closer, growling. She tried holding in all her fluids knowing that should she release she would be found for sure! Her heart started racing as they got even closer. The bush she was under was low to the ground and kept her hid for the most part. But they came closer still!

She saw the muzzle of one dog push underneath the limbs! It had found her! What was she going to do!? It wasn't fair! She'd made it so far already and to go forever sleepies because of a barky monster?! It wasn't...

A sudden rush went by her! A monster with long ears and a fluffy-not-fluffy-fluffy tail ran past her which made the barky monster jump back! Then she heard all the barky monsters barking and running.

SCREEEE! she heard, not daring to poke her head out to look. She knew that death was near. She'd seen and heard too much of it.

The familiar sound of flesh being torn and the cries of the small animal stabbed her right in the feels. She felt the dead eyes of her brown sibling staring at her in the hidey hole. Her heart pounded in her chest knowing she was next!

Cracking bone. How she hated the sound of cracking bone! Tears welled up in her eyes and dropped down below to the plant. She dared not cry out. The barky monsters would hear her.

A little fight broke out between the barky monsters. A yelp, and a growl, and then more sounds of muscle and sinew stretched and separated. She put her hooves over her ears but it did little to drown anything out. And so she sat, listening as the dogs ate the hoppy monster that was in her hidey hole without her knowing it. After so many forevers, the bright sky ball went to sleep, and she didn't hear the barky monsters any more. By pale moonlight, she crawled out from the bush, opposite the direction she had heard the rabbit being torn apart and devoured, and set off towards her destination once again.

Friday, September 10

The days passed. Tennat City became smaller and smaller as she looked behind her. Everything she ever knew was that direction. But there was nothing left for her there. The promise of the future kept her going, over small hills and around little obstacles. More than once she had to hide as a large metal monster stirred up all kinds of things. They would scurry about and frighten her so. The bright sky ball beat down on her and made her hot. Little streams came and went but her thirst would always return faster than she found anything to drink. The bushes were starting to thin out too. She didn't find any more of the little black ball bushes.

She was very sad about that. It was one of the tastiest things she'd ever had. The grasses had turned brown too and weren't very useful for anything other than keeping away the tummie owies. Without any water they were very hard to eat.

She was going through a very bad stretch with no water when she heard a little trickling sound. Down by the black rock she saw a big metal tube with some iron bars across it. From it trickled a little stream of water, hitting the small rocks below then was absorbed into the ground almost immediately. It was so very close to the metal monsters but her thirst was very great.

Slowly, she made her way down the little valley that went with the road and approached the trickle. A lick, then another told her that it was okay to drink. The sun was high on her back and she hung her head letting the water flow onto her muzzle to cool it off. Then the sun disappeared a little and it started growing very dark! Scared to think what was happening to the sky ball, she darted into the scary pipe in front of her. A loud whump sounded behind her!

She barely had enough room to turn around to look at what was behind her. It was a large flappy monster! It was snapping at her through the grate!

White took steps backwards but only enough to get away from the sharp beak of the monster!

HUU HUU HUU! GO 'WAY MUNSTAH! she cried. It only eyed her and pulled at the bars holding it back from a meal.

Her heart was pounding! Her legs were shaking! But, if she lay down, the water would get onto her, and she knew that getting water on her was bad for fluffies! The flappy monster beat at the grate with its wings, screeching!

WHY SO WOUD!? GO 'WAY she pleaded. It looked at her with one eye, then another, turning its head trying to figure a way to the prey. Then it took a drink of the water. It stared at her a little more, hopping a bit away from the culvert grate.

White just stood there letting the water pass over her hooves and towards the monster. Her heart was still pounding. Behind her was all blackness and in front was certain death. It became a matter of wills.

Hers was stronger. She heard the flappy monster flap and fly away. But white didn't care. She decided it was just waiting for her to come out then it would grab her. It would go up so high in the air and then it would take her legs away. Without leggies, how could she walk to Fluffy Springs?

The water ran between her legs and splashed around her hooves. She waited. A drink or two slated her thirst. Her tummy was getting tummie owies again. It made little noises, complaining that the nummies had stopped coming. But still she waited.

The bright time ball slowly was turning things red outside. But she didn't dare go out. It was only when everything was dark and she could hear the little chirpy monsters singing that she even got close to the end of the pipe. She carefully put her head out and looked around, certain that the claws and beak were just beyond her sight.

But she saw nothing. Small flashes of light went by as the metal monsters above used their see places to light up the night. But she waited.

She waited a forever number of heartbeats. Then with her tummie owies so hurting, ran out, grabbed some brown nummies, then darted back into the refuge. She ate them, washing them down with some water from the floor, then dashed out for another mouthful. Once her tummy was full, she waited more. Listening for anything that would sound like the flappy monster. But she never heard anything.

She walked back out of the pipe. The little sky balls shone above and there were so many of them! She'd seen them before but didn't know there were this many! Nothing moved in the sky except for a few clouds blown by the winds above. She waddled up to the fence line, ready to scurry underneath at the first sign of danger, but the world threw nothing at her.

White made a good distance away from the little dark refuge she had spent most of the afternoon in before she finally was very sleepy. At the next big bush, she crawled underneath as far as she could, then harkening back to her days in the corner, trying to be a small as possible lest her mother get angry, she made a fluff pile of one, and slept.


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Anonymous1: Just wanted to say that I am really enjoying this and you have done great work. I can honestly say you write better than almost all of my classmates in college could in my creative writing classes. If it was not for the absurdity (or what people would consider an absurdity) of a "fluffy" you have the beginings of a book as great as "The Incredible Journey". I love your story and all the rich detail and emotionally charged moments. Keep up the great work. I excitedly anticipate each and every new page.
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CwinicawDepwession: Good shit, as always my primary complaint is that there isn't more of this for me to binge read yet
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PencilWingie: @Anonymous: Well, 20+ years of writing descriptive work notes to yourself and then two years of dedicated polish on the story itself never hurt.
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Anonymous2: @PencilWingie Lol. Yep that timeframe sounds about standard for any good writer. 3 years into my short story and I still cant stand my first two pages lol. Cant say enough about how I have enjoyed your story so far. Still kinda wish sprucie got mangled on the page, but the broken mind and HAWT HUWRTIES makes up for it.
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FosterFluffy: "a fluff pile of one" is always a surprisingly sad sentence to read

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nails_gif_owwies: Finally caught up and i got to say, this is one of the best things to hit this place, especially now as the updates aren't as plentiful as they used to be.
As much as i enjoy the standard trope of annoying fluffies getting their shit fucked up, you've presented a real long form winner.

I'd hope we find out what happened to Sprucie as well as Kellie's family, this is your completed story and your progression so far has been interesting.

And well, thanks for completing the story before beginning to share. I also never liked how many creators herr told stuff by the seat of their pants then just dried up and disappeared leaving unresolved tales.

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PeanutButterJellenheimer: These guys are better at compliments than me, but your story is heckin' awesome!