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Kerry’s Story; Part Twenty Two

By differential_Sloth


The news the cold times were almost over was exactly what the herd needed to hear; everyone finally looked happy again! Still, they weren’t over yet. The dark time after your Special friend told you the cold times were nearly over, another cold fluff monster attacked the safe place; it was one of the biggest and scariest, but it would be the last one too.

The monster dropped new cold fluff in the safe place, but in a couple of bright times it started to turn into water. It was slow, and one bright time didn’t do much to the cold fluff. After a lot of them though, the piles got smaller. It took a while, but some little piles went away for good! The more cold fluff which went away, the happier everyone got! All the water caused new problems though; it made the paths muddy, and it got really hard to keep your hoofies and leggies clean.

No one worried about it though, no one except you anyway. The herd focused on the cold times nearly being over; it meant more nummies, less time spent in their dens, and most importantly more babbies. Young fluffies like Runny and Flower were excited to have babbies for the first time, and you couldn’t wait to have more with your Special friend. It made you really happy to think about taking care of them, together this time.

The warm times will be so much fun!


‘Dah Smawty wan say sumtin!’

At least he waited for first bright time nummies to over this time. You and your family assemble with the rest of the heard near the Smarty’s rock, except for Big Red; he goes to stand with the toughies near the rock. Not long after the last fluffy arrives, the Smarty climbs up and looks out at the herd.

‘Hewd Wisten tu Smawty! Dah cowd times am awmost ovah!!’ A few younger fluffies cheer. ‘Nu tawkies when Smawty am tawkies dummehs!!’ They stop. ‘Dah cowd times am awmost ovah, bud hewd nu can hav babbehs fow wittwe bit wongah!’ There’s a few cries from the herd, again from the younger fluffies; the older ones like your Special friend nod.

‘Hey!!’ Big Red yells. ‘Smawty jus say nu tawkies when he am! Shud up dummehs!!’ It feels odd to hear him talk like that. But, it’s all part of his job.

‘Smawty knu wotsa fwuffies wan hav babbehs, bud hewd nee wait!’ He says. ‘Nee wait fow dah bewwy nummies tu cum back; soon mummahs nee wotsa gud nummies! Hewd undewstan?’

‘Yes smarty,’ you say along with the rest of the herd.

‘Gud.’ The Smarty gets off his rock and everyone goes their separate ways. You look back to see if Big Red will join up with you, but he walks off with the other toughies. Oh well.

‘Daddeh? Daddeh how wong tiww Bewwy nummies cum back?’ Flower asks your Special friend.

‘Daddeh nu knu Fwowah.’

‘Bud Daddeh-’

‘Fwowah, Daddeh nu knu!’ He tells her. ‘Bewwy nummies cum back when day wan. Nu knu when dat is.’

Flower huffs; ‘Wan dem cum back nao! Fwowah wan-’

‘Daddeh knu Fwowah,’ your Special friend cuts her off. ‘Bud Fwowah nee wait! Pwomise Daddeh yu nu twy hav babbehs befow smawty say can.’

‘*Sigh* Yes Daddeh.’

‘Pwomise, Fwowah!’

‘Fwowah pwomise Daddeh!’

‘Gud.’ Your special friend says. For a while you’re all quiet. Then, your Special friend asks ‘Du Wunnie wan hewp Daddeh find nummies?’

‘Huh? Dah Smawty say-’

‘He say bewwy nummies nu am back,’ your Special friend says. ‘Bud can find oda nummies. Ow, find nyu bewwy bushies an fwutie nummie twees.’

‘Oh, otay,’ Runny says. Then, he gets a sad look on his face. ‘N-nu Daddeh.’

‘Huh? Wai? Wunnie awways gu hewp Daddeh find nummies.’

Runny takes a while to speak. ‘Wunnie nu wan be nummie findah nu mowe; wan be wookie fwuffy. Cause dah cowd times am ovah, dah wookie fwuffies can show Wunnie how be one nao, an, an...’

‘Dat am otay Wunnie,’ Your Special friend says. ‘Nu nee be nummie findah if nu wan.’ He does a good job of hiding his saddies, but not quiet good enough. You’re all quiet again, and it feels worse this time. You try to think of something to say, but your thinkie place is no help.


You turn and see your grey friend from the safe bay place; ‘Hewwo fwend! Wat am wong?’

‘Nuting am wong,’ she says. ‘Bud fwuffy wan knu if Kewwy can hewp fix safe babbeh pwace.’

Oh right! Now the cold times are over, it can be fixed properly! ‘Otay fwend.’ You turn to Flower, but before you can even speak-

‘Fwowah hewp tuu! Wan hewp fix safe babbeh pwace!!’

‘Otay den, dis way.’ The three of you set off for the safe baby place. You look over your shoulder, but your Special friend and Runny have gone different ways. It gives you some heart hurties; he never said so, but you’re sure your Special friend wanted to teach Runny how to be a nummie finder. Still, if Runny want’s to be a lookie fluffy you shouldn't stop him; it’s more important for him to be happy.

There’s a lot of other fluffies at the safe baby place when you arrive. The three of your crawl in through the tunnel; it looks familiar, but you can still see the hurties and owwies the safe baby place got from the big branchie, and the monster attacks in the cold times. There’s a lot of fluffies working to fix them though!

‘Dis way fwends,’ your grey friend leads you and Flower to a corner of the safe baby place. ‘Fwuffies am gun fix one of dah wittwe babbeh dens.’


‘Yay!’ Flower cheers. ‘Gun make pwetty pwace fow wittwe babbehs!’ She trots happily beside you over to one of the little baby dens. The three of you crawl inside and get to work. It’s hard, especially for Flower. But she’s so happy to do something which involves babbies, it doesn’t seem to bother her at all.


By the time you’ve finished work on the little baby den, it’s time for next bright time nummies. Good thing too; you really need some nummies after so much work! You leave the safe baby place with Flower and go to one of the nummie dens. When you have your nummies, Flower turns to go another way; ‘Fwowah am gun hav nex bwight time nummies wif Soon speciaw fwend.’

‘Otay Fwowah,’ You leave and walk back to the den. On the way, you think about the two of them. You’re not worried about them breaking the no babbies rule. Flower really wants to have them, but you and your Special friend taught her how to be a good fluffy, and she’s never done anything bad before. Neither has her soon special friend, as far as you know anyway.

When you get close to the den, you hear talking;

‘-how du fwuffies du gud ting fow hewd?’

‘Dewe wotsa gud tings Wunnie.’ Your Special friend says. ‘When Daddeh find Mummah, was twyin tu find twash can.’

‘Wat am twash can?’ Big Red asks.

‘Am big ting hoomins put nummies day nu wan in.’

‘*Gasp* Wunnie and Big Wed shud-’

‘Nu!’ Your Special friend yells. ‘Nu gu find twash can!!’

‘Bud wai?’

‘Twash cans am in hoomin pwaces, an Daddeh nu wan yu go tu hoomin pwaces!’

‘Bud Wunnie can take Big Wed, an-’

‘Nu Wunnie! Hoomins am tuu big an scawies to fight, eben fow Big Wed! And day hav scawy fowewa sweepies sowwie sticks!’

‘*GASP*’ Big Red and Runny go quiet, and a little bit later your Special friend talks again. ‘Fwuffies jus nee stay way fwom hoomins.’

‘Otay Daddeh.’

‘Big Wed Undewstan.’

‘Gud.’ Your Speical friend sounds happy, and so are you; the last thing you want is your babbies, even Big Red, to go anywhere near humans. It’s too dangerous.

‘Weww, if nu can go find twash can, wat can Wunnie an Bwudda du?’

‘Wots of tings,’ your Special friend says. ‘Tuffies get tu hav babbehs when day fight bad fwuffies ow munstahs,’

That worries you. He can’t help it if they come here, but you don’t want Big Red to go out and look for monsters and bad fluffies to fight.

‘Wat boud wookie fwuffies Daddeh?’ Runny asks.

‘Weww, day can du gud ting by findin munstahs ow oda hewds dat cumin tu safe pwace, or findin wotsa nummies. Nummie findahs can du dat tuu!’

‘Otay Daddeh,’ Runny says with a few small maddies. The den goes quiet, so it’s probably a good time for you to go in.

‘Mummah am back,’ you walk down the tunnel to the den. When you get inside, your Special friend comes over and gives you huggies.

‘Hewwo speciaw fwend!’ He says. ‘How am safe babbeh pwace nao? Whewe Fwowah gu?’

‘Safe babbeh pwace am gud Speciaw fwend,’ you tell him, ‘an Fwowah am wif hew soon speciaw fwend.’

‘Otay,’ he says. ‘Fwuffy tewwin Big Wed an Wunnie how tu du gud ting fow hewd so day can hav babbehs.’

‘Dat am gud speciaw fwend,’ you pretend you didn’t hear.

‘Dats wight,’ Runny says, ‘Daddeh teww Wunnie an Big Wed wotsa stuff!’

Big Red nods; ‘He say tu stay way fwom hoomin pwaces, an nu twy find twash can.’

‘Dat nu am faiw Speciaw fwend,’ you say, ‘Dat how yu find speciaw fwend!’

‘Fwuffy knu, bud am tuu scawies!’ He says. ‘Wunnie an Big Wed nu shud-’

‘Hehe, Kewwy knu,’ you nuzzle him a little.

‘O-oh, otay speciaw fwend.'

You smile and nuzzle him a bit more, then look at Big Red and Runny. ‘Wat du Wunnie an-’

‘Big Wed!’ The Bestest toughie calls from outside.

‘Yes bestest tuffy!’

‘Yu nee cum wif Bestest toughie an Babbeh nao,’

‘Otay. Sowwie Mummah,’ he gives you some huggies.

‘Dat am otay Big Wed,’ you tell him. You hug him back, and he walks out of the den. With Big Red gone, you turn to Runny and ask what good thing he plans to do.


The Bestest toughie takes you and his baby out into the forest, which makes you happy; with the cold fluff gone and cold times almost over, you can leave the safe place more and not do the boring watch the forest job as much. The Bestest toughie leads and you and his baby follow a little bit behind on either side, like always. At the start he was meant to teach you and his baby how to be proper toughies. But, you’ve never split up like the other new toughies have.

There are times when you do jobs on your own, but for the most part the three of you stick together. It makes a lot of sense, since you and your friend are both as big as the Bestest toughie. It’s good for the herd if you’re a team, the biggest and strongest toughies all together. Sometimes you wonder how many other toughies the three of you could fight. Would the Smarty let you find out?

‘Dah fowest wook gud gain Daddeh,’ your friend says.

‘Mmm.’ The Bestest toughie says back. ‘Bud if dewe nu cowd fwuff, bad fwuffies an munstah can move gain.’

They’re both right; you like how the forest looks without the cold fluff; the bushies and grassies are back, and there’s some flowers too! No more cold hoofies and leggies, or paths through the cold fluff is good too. Still, if you can move easily, monsters and bad fluffies can too. Which is why you’re out here.

You walk past some smaller trees and rocks; on the other side you see some bushies which look familiar. ‘Dat am bewwy bushie,’ the Bestest toughie says. ‘Soon, id gun make bewwy nummies gain,’

‘An Hewd can hav babbehs.’ His baby says.

‘Mmm. Babbeh nee find soon special friend.’

Not this again.

‘Tuffy nu knu who tu ask Daddeh,’

‘Weww,’ The Bestest toughie says, ‘if Big Wed nu wan ask dah Smawty's-’

‘Hey!’ You yell before you can stop yourself.

They giggle; ‘Wai Big Wed so maddies?’ Your friend says. ‘Big Wed nu ask hew tu be soon speciaw fwend yet. Dat mean Big Wed nu wike hew dat-’

‘Shud up!’ The Bestest toughie hisses; his wordies send chills up your back. You stop and dig your hoofies in, ready for anything. The three of you stand still, and scan the forest around you; what did the Bestest toughie see, or hear? ‘Dewe,’ he whispers. You look forward; not far up ahead, you see some bushies move, but not in a way you've ever seen before. It looks too slow and quiet; it looks wrong!

‘Nu move,’ the Bestest toughie says.

You tummy feels tight, and hot prickles run up your leggies and through your body. Pretty normal, but there’s something about the way those bushies move that scares you, even though you don’t want to admit it. Things seem to get longer than they are; you lock your see places the bushies, and wait. A few moments later, something comes out.

You’ve never seen anything like it before; it looks like a fluffy, but only a little bit. The leggies are much longer, and the body isn’t as round or fluffy. The tail is too long, and the face, the face! The moment you see it, something inside your thinkie place screams! Somehow it knows this, thing, is something to be scared of. But you’re better than that; you hide your scardies and puff out your cheeks. Your friend and the Bestest toughie do the same.

Out in front, the thing opens it’s nummie place; when you see its teethies and hear the sound it makes, you almost let your cheeks go down!


It’s like a breezie monster, but much worse! What is this thing?!!

‘Gu way dummeh munstah!!’ The Bestest toughie stomps his hoofies and puffs his cheeks back out. The monster makes the scary sound again and doesn’t move; but, it does hide it’s hear places. ‘Bestest tuffy say go way!!!’ he yells and stomps his hoofies harder.

‘Dat am wight dummeh!!’ His baby yells. ‘Go way!! Dis am Hewd’s wand!!’

‘Wun way dummeh!!’ You stomp your hoofies hard, so hard it gives you hurties. ‘Stay way fwom hewd!!’ You puff your cheeks out, again so hard it gives you hurties! The monster makes its scary nose, but it takes a step back! It’s what the Bestest toughie’s waited for!

‘Waahh!!’ He yells and jumps forward. You follow, and so does your friend. The monster takes another step back, and the three of you take another step forward. You yell, stomp your hoofies and puff out your cheeks until the monster makes it’s scary sound one last time and runs for it! The way it turns and runs shocks you; it’s so fast and, smooth!! For a few moments, you all stand still, in case the monster comes back.

After a while, The Bestest toughie relaxes; you and his baby follow. With the danger over, you let yourself feel the scardies; what was that thing!?

‘Dat was kitteh munstah,’ The Bestest toughie says, like he heard your thinkie place.


‘Kitteh munstah,’ he says again. ‘Day am weawy scawy munstah; one of wowstest munstahs ewa, sept fow hoomins.’

‘Wai?’ Your friend asks. ‘He nu wook dat scawy!’ Did he even see the same thing you did?

‘Day scawy, cause day nu make wotsa noise. Dat mean day can come intu safe pwaces, an take wittwe babbehs way.’

Cold tingles go through your body; you think back to when you were in your first nestie with Mummah, but stop your thinkie place before it can go any further.

‘Bud id nu wook big as tuffies,’ your friend says. ‘Tuffies can fight dem!’

The Bestest toughie looks at him; ‘Yu knu wai Daddeh onwy hav one see pwace?’

Your friend doesn’t say anything for a bit, but then he nods.

‘How Daddeh wose id?’

‘Kitteh munstah...’

‘How big was Daddeh when dat happen?’

‘When was big Fwuffy...’

The Bestest toughie looks at his baby for a bit longer. ‘Nu tink any munstah am easy tu fight,’ he says. ‘Dat am how tuffies go fowewa sweepies.’

‘Yes Daddeh,’

The Bestest toughie nods; ‘Babbeh an Big Wed du gud.’

‘Tank yu Bestest toughie,’ You say.

He nods again, then smiles. ‘Big Wed was weawy bwave when nu see kitteh munstah befowe. Su,’ his face changes, and not in a way you like, ‘dat mean Big Wed am bwave nuff tu ask Smawty’s oda babbeh tu be soon speciaw fwend.’

Your face gets hot prickles and your hear places hide; ‘Yes bestest tuffy.’ You’d tell him to shut up, if you could.

He smiles a bit, then turns around; ‘Cum on, nee keep wookin at fowest.’


‘Wunnie can du dis, Wunnie can du dis,’ you whisper under the bushie. You’ve been here for a little while, to make as many scardies go away as possible before you talk to the lookie fluffies. They'll all be back for dark time nummies, which isn’t far away.

‘Wunnie can du dis.’

It’s not hard; all you’ve got to do is ask them to teach you how to be a lookie fluffy. One of them has to say yes; they can’t all be too busy, and it’s not dangerous anymore since the cold times are over. You probably won’t have to ask many at all!

‘Wunnie can du dis.’

A little bit later, a fluffy calls out; ‘Am dawk time nummies nao!’ You feel some scardies crawl up from your tummy, but you force them back down; it’s time! You get out from the bushie and… Should you go get nummies too? Hmm, it’ll probably help if you don’t have to worry about tummy hurties. Yes, you’ll go get nummies first; then you’ll talk to the lookie fluffies.

You go to a nummie den; the nummies you get old, and you’re pretty sure they were found before the cold times started. They smell alright, so they’re still good. It’ll be nice when you have new nummies again though. You take the nummies back to the bushie; tummy hurties gone, you force down the scardies again and go to find the lookie fluffies.

With the cold fluff gone, most of the herd has their nummies outside again; with so many fluffies around, it’s hard to find the lookie fluffies. After a while though, you find one of them by some rocks with a few of his friends; or are they his family? Never mind. You walk over.

‘Hewwo,’ you say when you get close.

‘Hewwo,’ the lookie fluffy says back. ‘Wat Fwuffy wan?’

You swallow hard; ‘Uh, Wunnie wan knu if Wookie fwuffy can show Wunnie how be wookie fwuffy; Wunnie wan be one tuu!’ You do your best to keep a happy look on your face.

‘Am sowwies Wunnie, Wookie fwuffy am tuu busy wookin fow oda hewds dat get tuu cwose tu safe pwace.’

The wordies give you heart hurties. ‘O-oh. Otay,’ you do your very best to not sound too sad. ‘T-tank yu nice Wookie fwuffy.’ You turn and walk away; you’ve got bad saddies, but you beat them down the same as your scardies. Ok, one lookie fluffy said no; there are plenty more in the herd, and one of them will say yes! Once the saddies are gone, mostly, you go find another one.


You walk over to the bushie, slowly; you’re sleepy, can’t hold your head up properly, and have more saddies than you’ve had in a long time.

‘Wunnie!’ You hear your Soon special friend walk over; ‘Wunnie? Wunnie wat am wong?’

You get to your spot under the bushie, and lie down. Your Soon special friend lies down next to you.

‘Wat am wong Wunnie? Wai hav big saddies?’

It’s hard to speak; ‘Huuu...’

‘Pwease Wunnie, teww Fwuffy wat am wong! Nu wan see Wunnie hav saddies nu mowe!’

You swallow hard; ‘Wunnie... Wunnie nu cud *sniff* nu cud find...’

‘Find wat?’

‘Nu cud find wookie fwuffy tu show Wunnie h-how be wookie fwuffy huhuu...’

‘Huh? Wai day nu wan show yu?’ Your Soon special friend asks.

‘*Sniff* day say day tuu busy, an nu can du id.’ Sad water comes out of your see places; you feel so sad, but also angry! How can all the lookie fluffies be too busy?! All of them!!

‘Fwuffy am sowwies Wunnie,’ she gives you more huggies. It helps, but it’s not enough to make your saddies go away. For a while, you’re not sure how long, you and your Soon special friend lie under the bushie. Neither of you talk; you’re too sad and your Soon special friend probably doesn’t know what to say. A little while though, she asks ‘Wat Wunnie du nao?’

‘Huh? W-wat mean?’

‘If nu can be wookie fwuffy,’ even if she doesn’t mean it, those wordies hurt, ’wat Wunnie wan du in hewd?’

‘*Sigh* Nu knu! Wan be wookie fwuffy!’

‘Bud Wunnie hav du sumtin, ow dah smawty find sumtin fow yu! Day stiww nee nyu poopie pwace diggah!’ She warns.

You shiver; being the herd’s new poopie place digger is the last thing you want! Sure, someone needs to do it, but you don’t want it to be you!

‘Wai yu nu wan be nummie findah?’ The question surprises you.


‘Fwuffy say wai Wunnie nu wan be nummie findah.’ Your Soon special friend says again. ‘Yuw daddeh am nummie findah, he can show yu how be one, den yu hav ting tu du in hewd!’

For a moment you don’t answer, which makes your Soon special friend more upset.

‘Wai Wunnie nu tawkies? Wai-

‘Wunnie nu knu!’

She cocks her head at you; ‘Nu knu wat?’

‘Jus nu knu! Nu wan tawkies nu mowe!!’ You say a little louder than you should have. Your Soon special friend’s hear places hide a little. ‘Sowwies, nu mean id...’

‘Dat am otay,’ she gives you more huggies. ‘Nu mean make Wunnie mowe saddies, jus wan hewp.’

‘Tank yu.’ You cuddle closer to her; after a bright time full of saddies, it’s nice to be close to your Soon special friend. She’s so… It makes you happy to be with her; the way her fluff feels and smells, it makes things better.


You look at your Soon special friend; ‘Wat?’

‘Jus tinkin.’

‘Wat boud?’

‘Bein speciaw fwends,’ you’re about to agree, when she says ‘an havin babbehs. Fwuffy nu wan wait wong time.’

Something cold and sharp wriggles up your back; what does she mean? Is she saddies like you are, or is she telling you something? Woud she… If you don’t find something to do in the herd, would… Would your Soon special friend-

‘Am Wunnie otay?’ She asks.

‘Y-yes Soon speciaw fwend, Wunnie am otay.’ You’re anything but.


Work on the safe baby place is going well, but there’s still so much to do before it’s ready. This bright time, you have to fix the nesties in one of the little baby dens. Flower would be here to help, but she’s with her soon special friend to find a spot for their den; it’s still hard to believe how fast she’s grown up. So instead, you’re working with another of the Smarty’s babbies, one you haven’t seen much before.

He’s an earthie stallion, but he’s quiet a bit smaller than other fluffies. In fact, he’s about the same size as your babbies were when the cold times started. It doesn’t seem to bother him though; he’s actually one of the happiest fluffies you’ve met. He works really hard too, as hard as the big fluffies.

‘Wittwe hav mowe tings fow babbeh nestie,’ he walks into the den with some long grassies and tree fluff on his back, and brings it over to the nestie. You and the Smarty’s little baby, who calls himself Little, put the grassies around the edge of the nestie, and put the tree fluff in the middle. The two of you step back and look at it for a while.

‘Dis am gud nestie,’ Little says. ‘Wittwe babbehs gun wub id!’

‘Uh-huh,’ you nod. ‘Nu can wait fow nyu babbehs to see id, an wook aftah dem.’

‘Wittwe nu can wait tuu!’

‘Wat fow?’

‘Wittwe am gun wook aftah wittwe babbehs tuu,’ he explains. ‘An dah soon mummahs!’

‘Wai?’ You haven’t met a stallion who works or wants to woek in the safe baby place. They love their own babbies a lot, but they don’t seem to like working with all the others.

‘Cause Wittwe nu can du oda tings,’ he says. ‘Nu am big an stwong wike tuffies, an nu am gud at findin nummies. So, Wittwe gun wook aftah babbehs an soon mummahs.’

‘Oh, otay.’ It’s good he has something to do in the herd, especially something which makes him happy. Runny’s very upset the lookie fluffies won’t or can’t teach him how to be one. He could be a nummie finder and do a lot of the same stuff the lookie fluffies do, but when you tell him he gets angry.

‘Uh-huh! Wittwe gun be bestest wook aftah babbeh an soon mummah fwuffy!’ He says proudly.

‘Dat am gud,’ you say. Then, ‘Am wittwe gun hav babbehs tuu?’

His face scrunches, and you can tell his thinkie place is working hard; ‘Wittwe nu knu.’

‘Huh? Wai nu knu?’

‘Jus nu knu. Wittwe nu wan speciaw fwend, an knu nu wai.’ He looks down for a bit, then back up at you. ‘Kewwy nu tink dat am wong?’

You think for a bit; it’s strange, but you can’t see anything bad about it. Besides, it’s not like the herd won’t have enough babies without him. ‘Nu, Kewwy nu tink dat am wong.’ You say.

Little smiles; ‘Tank yu.’ He looks at the nestie; ‘Wittwe tink nestie nee mowe twee fwuff. Du Kewwy wan cum wif Wittwe?’

‘Otay.’ You follow Little out of the safe baby place and away from the safe place, to a spot a little bit into the forest. On the way you ask him about something, you've wondered about; ‘How Wittwe get name?’

‘Huh? Wat Kewwy mean?’

‘Did yuw Mummah ow Daddeh giv yu name?’ You ask. ‘Yuw bwudda an sissie nu hav names.’ None you’ve heard anyway.

‘Oh. Nu, Mummah an Daddeh nu name Wittwe, Wittwe du dat!’ He says. ‘Wittwe am Mummah an Daddeh’s wittwest babbeh, an day awways say dat. Wittwe awso nu waned jus be fwuffy, so teww Mummah an Daddeh Wittwe wan name be Wittwe.’

‘Otay, Kewwy undewstan.’ At the spot you pull some fluffy off the tree, then put it on your back and help Little put some on his. ‘Wai oda fwuffies nu hav names?’ You ask him on the way back; it’s something you’ve thought about a few times. It wasn’t too hard to think of names for your babbies, so you’re not sure why so many fluffies don’t have them. It’s not a problem when you talk to one or two other fluffies. When you have to ask fluffies about other fluffies though, it gets confusing.

‘Hmm,’ little scrunches his face up again. ‘Wittwe tink it am cause hewd hav oda tings tu wowwie boud, wike munstahs an bad fwuffies an findin nummies an… An wotsa oda tings.’

It makes sense, a lot of sense actually. When you wondered about this before, other big things came along you had to deal with instead; especially when the cold times were coming, and when they were here.

‘How Kewwy giv yuw babbehs names?’ Little’s question snaps you out of it.

‘Oh, id nu was hawd,’ you tell him, ‘Kewwy jus tink boud dem, an den tinkie pwace make name fow dem.’


‘Weww, Big Wed am big an he hav wed fwuff,’ you explain. ‘Fwowah am pweety wike fwowahs, and Wunnie wub wunnin!’

‘Huh. Dat soun easy! Weawy easy!’ He looks at you. ‘Can Kewwy make names fow oda fwuffies?’

‘Mmm, maybe...’ You think for a bit. ‘Who fow?’

‘Wat boud...’ Little thinks for a bit. ‘Wat boud, fow Sissie?’

You think about his sissie, the white mare with the orange mane. The first thing your thinkie places says is her fluff is the same colour as cold fluff. But cold fluff would be a terrible name for a fluffy. Wait, what about... Oh what’s the other name for cold fluff? Oh right, Snow! ‘Kewwy tink wud caww yuw sissie Snu.’

‘Snu? What am snu?’

‘Id am wat hoomins caww cowd fwuff.’

‘Oh, Wittwe undewstan nao; dat am gud name!’ You follow him inside the safe baby place and take the tree fluff to the little baby den. ‘Wat boud bwudda?’

‘Hmmm,’ He’s a bit harder; he’s green all over, and the only green things you can think of are grassies and leafies. Neither of those seem very good, especially not for a fluffy who’ll be the next Smarty. He seems really brave though. Hmm; Brave Green? It doesn’t really work.

‘Weww? Wat wud Kewwy caww Wittwe’s bwudda?’

You tell him the names you came up with.

‘Hmm, day nu am bad,’ Little puts his tree fluff in the nestie and spreads it about. ‘Bud nu tink Bwudda wud wike dem. An he gun be cawwed Smawty one bwight time.’ You nod, but before you can say anything else Little asks ‘Wat boud Wittwe’s yewwo fwend?’


For the rest of the time you’re in the safe baby place, you and Little try to think of names for different fluffies in the herd. Both of you takes turns to pick a fluffy and think up a name for them. You don’t come up with good names for every fluffy to talk about, but you come up with some good ones. When little asks what you’d call the Bestest toughie's baby, who’s also Big Red’s best friend, you come up with “Tree.” After all, he’s pretty much the same colour as trees, and strong like them too!

Little thinks of a name for Runny’s soon special friend, “Sky,” because her fluff is the same blue as the sky is. He gives the name “Cloudie” to one of his friends who sort of looks like one. For a moment you’re about to tell him about the Cloudie from Fluff-TV but stop yourself; think of all the other stuff you’d need to explain!

One of the last names Little comes up with is for your friend who ran the safe baby place before the cold times, and who’ll probably run it again; All Mummah. ‘Cause when dah wittwe babbehs am in hewe, she am wike Mummah tu aww dem.’ When she comes in to check on your work, little tells her about it.

‘Aww, Mummah?’ She scrunches up her face; ‘Aww Mummah. Aww Mummah...’ After a while, she looks up; ‘Fwuffy, uh, Aww Mummah tink wike dat name.’ She tells little.

‘Weawy? Am Fwu- Aww Mummah gun use id?’

‘Aww Mummah twy id fow wittwe time,’ All Mummah says. ‘Tank yu!’

Little gets a really big smile on his face, and you feel some happies too! It’s so nice to do something to make other fluffies happy!

You and little finish your work on the little baby den in time for dark time nummies; you’re both sleepy and have bad tummy hurties, but you’re happy. It’s been a really good bright time.

‘Bai Kewwy!’ Little says. ‘Wittwe gun go get nummies nao, an den teww fwuffies dewe names!’

‘Otay, bai Wittwe!’

You hug each other goodbye and go your separate ways. Not far from the safe baby place, you meet up with your Special friend and go to the nummie den together. He’s one of the fluffies you didn’t think of a name for; he’s your Special friend, and you can’t think of a better name for him.


You feel terrible, like you want to make sickie waters; but, your tummy feels empty at the same time. No, it feels like it isn’t even there anymore. Your thinkie place always has some kind of hurties, and the saddies and scardies are so big you’re worried you’ll make sad water at any time! All this, because the lookie fluffies won’t teach you how to be one too. Mummah and Daddeh can see you feel bad; they give you huggies and try to talk to you about it; but the huggies don’t help, and you don’t want to talk about it. Mummah will tell you it’ll all be okay, and Daddeh will try and get you to be a nummie finder like he is. There’s no point talking.

In the bright time, you wander about the safe place and help out where you can; enough so the toughies don’t yell at you, and to keep the saddies and scardies at bay. What gives you the biggest scardies of all, is your Soon special friend will get bored waiting for you to do a good thing for the herd so you can have babbies. Then, she’ll… She’ll…


It’s such a terrible thinkie place picture you can’t even think about it without a bit of sad water coming out, but you don’t know what to do! Even if you give in and become a nummie finder, then what? The herd has so many it would be a really long time until you found enough nummies to be allowed to have babbies! By then, the next cold times could be here, or your Soon special friend might…


Right now, you wish you could dig a hole, a really really deep one, and make sad water in it for a long time.


‘Big Wed tink dis am gud pwace. Wat du Bwudda tink?’

You look at the spot he’s picked, near a bushie and some rocks not far from a nummie den and the water place. The ground looks like it has some small rocks in it though; maybe there’s a lot. No one else has tried to build a den here yet, it could be why. But, only part of your thinkie place talks about it.

‘Bwudda? Wai yu tawkies? Hewwo?’

Some of your scardies have gone away, because more saddies have come in. You feel like, like… You don’t have the wordies for it; you’re full of saddies but, you feel empty at the same-

‘Hey!’ Big Red bumps you with his hoofie.


He gets a mad look on his face; ‘Wunnie waned Big Wed tu hewp find pwace fow nyu den, an dat wat Big Wed doin!’ You asked him quiet a few bright times ago, before you felt like this. ‘Du Wunnie wike id?’

‘Yes!’ You say, ‘Id am fine.’ Both of you are quiet for a while.

‘Otay den,’ Big Red turns to go.


He turns back; ‘Wat?’

‘Whewe Bwudda goin?’

‘Back tu Bestest Tuffy,’ he says.

‘Big Wed say dat-’

‘-wud hewp Wunnie find den’ he finishes. ‘Big Wed was gun hewp dig id, bud nu wan tu nu mowe,’ he closes his see places a little. ‘Bwudda am bein dummeh fwuffy. Big Wed hewp yu oda time.’ Big Red turns and walks to the forest. You watch him go for a while, then turn back to the spot; part of you knows it’s good, but when you think about building a den here all you feel is maddies.

In your thinkie place you see the den fully built, with your Soon special friend, or Special friend rather, and babbies running about. It makes you so mad and upset, like the thinkie place picture is teasing you! Teasing you because you don’t know how to make it real!! You smack the ground with your hoofie, then again and again, a little harder and faster each time! Your maddies get bigger, and you feel sad water come out; somehow you manage not to scream and yell and cry out loud; you’re sure other fluffies are already looking at you funny.

After while, your hoofie and leggie has bad hurties which force you to stop. Once you do, a bunch of maddies go away and are replaced by saddies; really big and strong saddies. ‘*Sob*’ You know you can’t get back to the den in time, so you crawl under the bushie and curl into a ball. ‘*Sob* huuhuhuuhuuuu, *Sob*’ All the saddies you’ve felt the past few bright times join together and hit at once; ‘Huuuuhuhuhuuuu.’ Everything around seems to get blurry and dark, like there’s nothing but saddies in the world; well, for your there really is. It’s like that for a while, or maybe only a little bit of time. Either way, it ends when you hear another fluffy call your name.

‘Wunnie? Wunnie wat am wong!?’ Your Soon special friend pushes through the bushie and gives you big huggies. ‘Wat happen Soon speciaw fwend? Wai hav bad saddies?’ She asks again, but you can’t speak. Part of it’s your saddies, but the other is you don’t know how to tell about what’s made you so upset, since she’s part of it.

When you don’t answer, your Soon special friend stops trying to talk and instead lies down and hugs you. The huggies feel nice and make some of your saddies go away, like huggies always do. But some of your saddies don’t go away. They stay exactly because it’s your Soon special friend who’s giving you the huggies, and you’re sure you’ll lose her soon. After a while, you manage to stop the sad water at least.

‘Wunnie?’ Your Soon special friend asks. ‘Am yu otay nao?’

‘Nu...’ You manage.

‘Wai? Du Wunnie stiww hav saddies dat wookie fwuffies nu wan show yu how be one?’

You nod, and she hugs you again.

‘Id am otay Soon speciaw fwend,’ she says. ‘Yu nu nee be wookie fwuffy, can stiww be nummie findah.’

You know she doesn't mean to. You know she said it to make you feel better. But you don’t feel better; the wordies make you mad! ‘Nu wan be nummie findah,’ you say.

‘Bud wai?’

‘Cause if nummie findah, nu can du gud ting fow hewd!’ you say. ‘Take tuu wong tu du gud ting fow hewd! Tuu many nummie findahs tu du dat, an take tuu wong tu find nuff nummies fow dat!! Daddeh nu cud du dat!!!’ You can’t stop yourself; all your scardies, saddies and thinkie place wordies to go with them come out, all of it! Even the stuff you know will make your Soon special friend sad or mad. But you can’t stop, you’re sick and tired of holding it all in!

A while later you’re done, and feel tired and empty; so empty. You drop your head on the ground and close your see places. You wonder what your Soon special friend will do now she knows how you feel. She’s still close by, but she’ll walk away any moment now, you know it. Then, you fell her give you a hug, a really really big one.

‘Pwease nu be scawdies Soon speciaw fwend,’ she says, ‘Sky nu wan find oda soon speciaw fwend; Sky wub Wunnie. Nu wan hav babbehs wif oda fwuffies.’


‘Yes soon speciaw fwend,’ she gives you more huggies. ‘Sky pwomise.’

‘*Sniff* T-tank yu Soon speciaw fwend,’ You her hug back; her wordies put a little warm spot in your chest which spreads out; the further it goes, the more saddies it pushes out. It doesn’t get all of them, not even close. At least you know Sky won’t leave. Sky, you like her new name; it’s pretty, like she is.

After a while, Sky asks ‘Wat am dis pwace Wunnie? Wai yu hewe?’

‘Ah *cough* dis am… Dis cud be pwace fow Wunnie an Soon speciaw fwend’s den.’

She looks at it, then back to you; ‘Sky wub id Soon speciaw fwend, dis pwace make gud den an nestie for famiwy. Did Wunnie find id?’

‘N-nu,’ you tell her. ‘Was Bwudda, Big Wed.’ You’ll have to find him and say sorry for being such a dummy later.

‘Du Wunnie wan make nyu den nao?’ Sky asks. ‘Dat way oda fwuffies nu can hav id.’

‘O-otya, dat soun wike fun. Bud, Wunnie nu knu how.’

‘Dat am otay, Sky knu wots boud diggin!’ She looks around under the bushie, and points at a part with no grassies or rocks. ‘Sky an Wunnie stawt diggin hewe!’ Sky scrapes away the top dirt and starts the hole. After a few moments, you walk over and watch close; you haven’t done much digging before.

Sky digs for a while, then stops and looks at you; ‘Wunnie twy nao.’ She steps to one side

‘Wat Wunnie du?’

‘Jus dig. Nu am hawd.’


You take Sky’s place and copy her; you’re not sure if you’re doing it right, but she hasn’t said anything so far; it can’t be too bad. At first the hole doesn’t change much, but it slowly gets bigger and deeper the longer you dig.

‘How am dis?’

‘Am gud Wunnie!’ Sky says. ‘Keep goin!’

You do as she says and dig. It’s fine for a while, but it’s not long before you get hurties in your hoofies and leggies. Soon after, you get chest hurties too, which makes it hard to keep digging. At the same time though, it makes you happy. Even if it hurts, it feels good to do something; not any old thing, but build a den. Your den! A den that one bright time you’ll live in with your very own family! Even though the digging makes you happy, the hurties get too big for you to go on; still, you’ve made the hole pretty big and deep so far!

‘*Haff haff haff* ‘H-how am dis? *Haff*’

‘Dat am weawy gud Wunnie!’ Sky sayd. ‘Wunnie cud be gud diggah fwuffy fow hewd!’

Yeah, maybe you could.

‘Wunnie can cum oud nao; Sky du sum diggin nao.’

You climb out of the hole, though Sky has to help you a bit. She goes into the hole to take her turn, and you lie down to rest. While you wait for the hurties and sleepies to go away, you realise you don’t feel quite as bad as before; you’re still upset you probably wont get to be a lookie fluffy, but at least you know Sky doesn't want to leave you. Knowing that, and that she loves you enough to build a den together, makes you feel a bit better.

Maybe things will work out for the two of you.


You keep low and sneak through the forest, like Daddeh and the other fluffies taught you. Even though you’re not a nummie finder or a lookie fluffy, you think you’re doing as good a job of staying hidden as they do. Instead of staying at the safe place to learn Smarty stuff with Daddeh, this bright time you’ve gone out searching; for what you’re not quite sure.

If you’re honest though, you want to get away for a bit. You’re excited to be the next Smarty, and you want to be as good as Daddeh. But, spending every bright time with him has gotten annoying. So, you asked to go into the forest by yourself; it took a lot of talking, and Daddeh only agreed when you promised to look for nummies and other stuff while your out.

So far you’ve kept your see places open, but not as hard as if you were a nummie finder or lookie fluffy. Mostly, you’ve enjoyed the forest; it’s so pretty with the cold fluff gone and the flowers back. The birdies who make pretty songs are back too! The big monster birdies will be up there somewhere too, but at least they don’t attack big fluffies; most of the time anyway.

You walk past a berry bushie and look at it really close, but don’t see any berries on it. Not even baby berries. ‘*Sigh*’ You won’t get to have babbies with Flower once they’re back, even if you do a good thing before then. Oh well. You move on, deeper into the forest. A couple of times you hear something move in the distance, or think you do. When it happens you stop and crouch down, then use your hear places to figure out what you heard, and where it is. When you can’t hear it anymore, you move on.

The next think you find is a small long water, a bit like the one at the safe place; maybe this is the same one! They aren’t called long waters for nothing. You take the chance to drink; it tastes a little bit like, dirt but it seems clean enough. Once you’ve had enough, you step over it and move on. As you walk, you look up and try to figure out where the sky ball is, but the trees are in the way so you can’t find it. Still, it looks like the dark time is a while away yet, which is the important thing.

You put your head back down, and smell something;

*Sniff, sniff sniff*

You’ve never smelt it before, but it doesn’t smell like a monster or another fluffy. In fact, if anything it smells like-


What kind of nummies would smell like this? None the nummie finders have brought back, that’s for sure. Whatever they are, you’ve got to find them! You follow the smell through the forest; a couple of times it gets weaker, so you take a few back steps and go another way until it gets stronger. On it goes until you come to a small hill; you follow the smell right up to the side, where it looks like a hole’s been dug. Your thinkie place tells you were a dummy to walk right up like this, but you can’t smell any other fluffies, so you don’t think you’ll find one now.

You look close at the spot on the hill. It’s strange, and you've never seen anything like it; there’s a big flat, something, that’s been put over the dug spot to cover, what? A hole? Well, the nummie smell is really strong here, and you didn’t come this far to leave now. Besides, you are meant to be doing this after all. First you push on it with your hoofie; it moves, but not much else. Next, you grab it with your nummie place; it doesn’t taste pretty, but not so much you can’t stand it.

Thing held tight, you step back and pull; for a while it doesn’t move. You pull harder, and dig you hoofies in, which does the trick. The thing starts to move, slowly at first. You pull a little bit harder, and all of a sudden it comes down. It nearly falls on you, but you jump out of the way in time. With it out of the way, you see there is indeed a hole in the side of the hill. It’s packed full of funny looking things, and the nummie smell is much stronger.

You step closer and smell them; the nummie smells are really strong on some of them, so the nummies must be inside! You don’t know how many, but it has to be a lot! Far more than you can carry on your own anyway. You need to find some nummie finders to help carry this back to the safe place. You turn and run as fast as you can back in the direction of the safe place. With some luck, you can get the nummie finders to the spot before anyone else finds it!


‘Cum quick! Quick!’

‘Wat am does tings?’

‘Whewe fwuffies find does!?’

The herd gathers round you and the other nummie finders as you push and drag the funny things into the safe place. You leave the things in a clear spot, then step back to rest. It was hard work to get this stuff from where you found it back here; you hope it’s worth it.

‘Wat am dese tings?’ Daddeh walks over. ‘Whewe Babbeh find dem?’

‘*Haff Haff* Fwuffy find dese deep in dah fowest Daddeh,’ you tell him. ‘Day smeww wike nummies.’

Daddeh looks at the things; ‘Wat kind of nummies?’

‘Nu knu Daddeh, bud day smeww wike nummies!’

Daddeh doesn’t say anything while he looks at the strange thing. He taps it with his hoofie, then bites it in a few places until something strange happens; a thin bit of the thing starts to come off! You’ve never seen anything like it! Daddeh puts the piece to one side and looks inside; after a few seconds he pulls some stuff out.

‘*Sniff, Sniifff!*’ Daddeh uses his smelly place on the stuff hard. ‘Bestest tuffy!’

‘Yes Smawty!’

‘Wat yu tink of dese?’

The Bestest toughie comes up close and uses his smelly place. After a while, he looks at Daddeh; ‘Dese smeww wike nummies.’

Daddeh looks at the other strange blockies, and walks over to them with the Bestest toughie. Together, they smell and open each one; all kinds of strange nummies come out. When they’ve checked all the blockies, Daddeh looks up; ‘Get dese nummies tu dah nummie den, nao!’ The nummies finders and some other fluffies pick up as many of the nummies as they can and follow the Bestest toughie to one of the nummie dens.

‘Hewd Wisten tu Smawty!’ Daddeh yells. ‘Does nummies am gun be fow soon mummah’s onwy! Undewstan?’

‘Yes Smawty!’ The herd breaks up, and Daddeh walks over to you. Tingles start in your tummy and move all through your body.


‘Yes Daddeh?’

‘Dese nummies gun hewp dah hewd wots; yu du weawy gud ting fow hewd.’

Your heart starts to go fast; ‘Du dat mean-’

‘Babbeh, when dah Bewwy nummies cum back, yu an Fwowah can be speciaw fwends an hav babbehs.’

‘Tank yu Daddeh! Tank yu!!’ You’re so happy you almost jump on Daddeh and give him huggies; ‘Tank yu so much Daddeh!!!’

‘Dat am otay Babbeh, bud wememba; yu wait tiww bewwy nummies cum back!’

‘Yes Daddeh, Fwuffy wait!’ You'll wait for the berry nummies to come back, but you don’t wait for him to say anything else; you turn and run as fast as your leggies will take you; ‘Fwowah! FWOWAH!!’ She’ll be so happy when you tell her the good news!!


You haven’t seen Flower happier than she is now; at dark time nummies she came back to the den and told you, Mummah, Daddeh and Big Red all about what her soon special friend did, and how she’ll have babbies soon. It was great news! Even if if made you a bit sad, you were still happy for Flower. But, she kept talking. And talking. And talking! She told the same few things over and over, no matter how much you or anyone else tried to stop her.

After a while it got too much, so you left the den and went to see Sky. Instead of staying in her family's’ den, you decided to go to yours. It’s not ready yet, not even close; you’ve worked on it for a couple of bright times, and you need Daddeh’s help with the inside part. It’s on the way though, and you still have the bushie to sit under.

‘Du Wunnie feew otay?’

‘Boud wat?’ You ask.

‘Du Wunnie hav saddies cause yuw Sissie can be mummah nao?’

‘Wittwe bit,’ you tell her. The saddies and scardies you had for the last few bright-times are smaller, but they’re still there. You hoped it would take longer before Flower and her soon special friend to have babbies, but at least you’re still ahead of Big Red; apparently he hasn’t asked the Smawty’s white baby, who’s called Snow now, to be his soon special friend yet. He’ll hate himself so much if another stallion does.

‘Nu wowwie Wunnie, id nu be wong time.’ Sky hugs you.

‘Wunnie hope so.’ You set your head down, and can’t help but wonder how long it will take. What you do know is it will be much longer if you don’t find something to do in the herd. And what the Smarty’s wingie baby did gave you a lot to think about.


Once the bright time started, and all the way through first bright time nummies, Flower talked about how she’d be a mummah really soon. It was hard to sit through and not yell at her to shut up, and you were so happy when Mummah took her off to do more work on the safe baby place. Big Red went off to do his toughie jobs not long after, which left you and Daddeh alone.

‘*Cough* Daddeh am gun be way fow wong time,’ he says. ‘Fwends tink day knu whewe nyu fwutie twees am.’ He comes over and hugs you. ‘Be gud Wunnie. Daddeh twy an hewp yu make den nex bwight time.’ Daddeh lets go and turns to walk away

‘Daddeh, wait!’ He stops and turns back around. You take few breaths to calm your scardies; ‘Daddeh, can Wunnie go tuu?’

He doesn’t say anything at first, but gets a really big smile on his face and nods. You get up and follow Daddeh to his friends; you recognise a couple of them, like the orange stallion and the green pointy one. They recognise you too.

‘Hewwo Wunnie,’ the orange stallion says. ‘Yu cumin tuu?’

‘Uh huh,’ you nod.’

‘Dat mean yu gun be nummie findah?’

Daddehs look over at you.

‘Maybe. Wunnie gun twy.’

The orange stallion goes to say something else, but the green pointy fluffy stops him; ‘Otay, nu mowe tawkies! Fwuffies nee go wong way dis bwight time!’ He leads all of you into the forest. You’re not sure how you feel right now, but it’s good to get out of the safe place again.


Bill Kennedy picked his way through the woods. A keen, though amateur outdoors man and prepper, Bill was out to check on the caches of food, ammo and other supplies he’d left around the woods. All the while, he made sure to check if he was followed; Bill had never see or heard anyone follow him out here before, but one could never be too careful.

After an hour and half of walking, Bill was close to a cache he’d dug into a small rise near a creek. It was mostly food with some ammo and basic tools as well. As he stepped over the rise though, Bill knew something was wrong; the tarp was on the ground. Bill jumped down and his worst fear was confirmed; the cache had been found and raided.

‘Fuck!’ Bill crouched down and looked inside the plywood lined hole; on closer inspection, he saw the food containers were missing. The boxes of ammo and tools were more or less where he’d left them. It was some consolation, but more importantly a clue to who, or rather what, raided the cache. He looked at the ground near the hole and found dozens of telltale hoof prints.

‘God damn shit rats!!’ Bill kicked the side of the hill in anger; thankful the sturdy boot protected him from any injury. In a fit of anger, Bill turned to follow the tracks. He went a dozen or so paces before he tripped on a rock, and was barely able to stop himself face planting. The sudden loss of balance restored some clarity to Bill’s mind. He was pissed and wanted to find the asshole ferals who’d taken his food, but managed to talk some sense to himself.

There was no way to know how far or where the ferals had taken the food. The tracks could take him to a part of the woods he didn’t know, which was never a good thing. Bill knew he wasn’t kitted out for long term survival, and was a couple of weeks into a weekend tracker course; he didn’t have nearly enough skill to track something as small as a fluffy through terrain like this. Besides, his shift at the gun shop started in a few hours.

Bill sighed in defeat and turned around; he replaced the canvas tarp over the hole, tired to improve the camouflage, then left to check his other caches in the area. As he went, Bill realised it was partially his fault, since he hadn't properly fluffy proofed the cache. He made a note to improve the rest of his caches when he had the time.


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How do you mess up quite/quiet and hopped/hoped? These don't even sound alike!

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