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The Eyes of a jellenheimer

Life, is a cruel and dark mistress, even to the artificial

My eyes, my eyes have opened, I am met with the star light of the night, I wander a bit and am met with my own face within a measly glass shard. My fur is a scarlet, my eyes, jet black, and my mouth has formed into a smile. I try to scream at my own appearance, yet I cannot move my mouth. I have a mouth, yet I cannot scream. Is this hell? Am I a tortured soul trapped within the body of an eternal grinning horse?

As I contemplated my own very existence, wondering what I did wrong to deserve this, I hear something... something horrible... something... wretched... as I look to see who, or what is causing these horrific sounds, I find it to be an... disgustingly bright colored... what is that??... it seems to be a horse.. yet it’s too small... then I am met with it’s horrific voice once more “Mumma wub babbehs, babbehs wub mumma!” It kept saying this line... for what seemed like an eternity, I hated it. Hate! I approached it in it’s very own home, a disgusting box pressed against a wall, trash littered the area around it and a hefty amount of rancid shit was piled to the side. I saw it was bloated, and it had no babies to speak of. Then I smelt the thing a fair distance away from me, god it smelt so intoxicating, it’s smell overwhelmed the shit scent in the air. It smelt so god damn good it made my stomach tremble and wail.

I approached the thing in it’s home and it looked to me “Hewwo fwend! Habe yu seen mah speshul fwend??” Dear lord it’s voice, it was even more horrendous up close. I wanted to ask it, if it had the food that made it smell so sweet, I wanted to ask if I may partake in some. Yet my speech, while sounding retarded, did not come out so bad unlike the thing before me “Do.. do yu have... anway.. nummies..” dear lord I sounded like an idiot, and that thing made me sound like Einstein. It understood me and responded. “Umm.. nu, speshul fwend bwing nummies tho, yu can waiw fow speshul fwend.” This wasn’t enough, I needed whatever it was, now... NOW “but.. I need... pwetty... nummies...” my hunger overtook me.

I witnessed the thing’s face went from neutral to horrified as it witnessed what had happened next, my very face, had split open, to reveal a gaping mouth, lined with three rows of dagger like teeth top to bottom with a large gullet waiting in the center of it all, fleshy tendrils lined with hooks emerged from the center, I could still remember it clear as day. I witnessed her scream in fright “Munstah!! Speshul fwend!! Hewp!! Sabe Fwuffy!!” So that’s what it was... a.. ‘fluffy’.. it didn’t matter what it was now, it was only one thing to me now. Food. It’s limbs flailed yet it was immobile, one of my tendrils slashed at it’s limbs, slicing through like a knife with butter, a blood fountain cane from it’s wounds as it screamed in response, my tendrils hooked unto the dismembered limbs via hooks and brought them to my gullet, good lord the taste was greater than the smell, it tasted of veal and pork, absolutely wonderful, to accompany this taste, my tendrils lapped at it’s blood, it’s blood was the taste of fruits such as apples, or bananas, it’s limbs disappeared down my throat. This wasn’t enough. I needed more.

Upon instinct, my tendrils all latched on it’s plump belly, it had long shit itself since I had started consumption. Yet it’s rancid smell was not known to me as this taste overwhelmed it. My tendrils ripped into it’s belly, releasing a tidal wave of brightly colored nuggets, then I heard cheeps from them. These were babies. “SCREEEEE!! NUUUU!! GU BACC INSIWDE BABBEHS, IT DANGEWOUS!!” My tendrils hooked unto the cheeping babies, they had their own miniature screeches just like their mother, and were brought to my gullet, their flesh added to their mother’s fluids gave it a remarkable taste, and texture. They were so soft. They slid down my throat so easily, I could hear them cheep down into my stomach, only to screech than be silenced. I kept consuming them until none were available, the fluffy was in utter pain and tears streamed from its eyes. I loved it. “Buhuhu... wy bad munstah num babbehs?? Wan die.... wan die...” I was getting full, so I decided to fulfill it’s request. One tendril, hooked unto its eye, this was met by continuous screeches until a second one, impaled the other eye, and with enough force it went though the skull and hooked unto its small brain. My tendrils pulled all three out and dragged them to my gullet, the eyes had the texture and taste of grapes, while the brain, was the worst of them all. Vile. The tendrils threw the brains down unto the ground in disgust.

My sensation of being full did not last long however, I felt hunger once more. That’s when I heard another voice “Speshul fwend! I bwougwt nummie- EEEE SPESHUL FWEND!! NUU!! YU DID DIS DUMMEH MUNSTAH!!”

Another meal awaited.


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Fluffwit: I see jellens, and I insta-fav.

This is fucking awesome, man! Really captures the alien feeling.
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Anonymous1: Jellenheimer sounds a lot like AM from I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream

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Anders_Breivik: I got hungry and I popped up a boner just by reading this. Bravo.
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Anonymous2: ur mom