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Windrunner: I just realized "munsta" is without an h

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Disintegral: @Windrunner: I see "munstah" used way more than "munsta".
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Nuuu: The green one is a well-mannered fluffy.

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Waaaghlord: quick, block his poopie place!
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ChojinPatriarch: Only two things wrong with this:
1) No sorry hoofings first.
2) all that wasted space! Please, crop the image if you can. Surely whatever drawing software you're using has that ability?

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HerdKing: Crop that pic. Otherwise great work
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9402553482: Haha. The purple one looks familiar.

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Windrunner: @ChojinPatriarch: I just started using this app so I didn't know how to do it. I'll crop it out next time so thank you!
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Carolina_Reaper: @Waaaghlord: With your horn!
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