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IGotIdeas: Silly fluffy! You have no babbehs!
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Researcher_7201: I heard an interesting idea. I'm not sure if anyone has done this before, but I'm guessing probably so but I've not seen it. I've not seen a fluffy try to cannibalize parts of its own body to feed it's babies. Like babbeh wan milkies so mammah num weggie huhuhuuu. Nu taste pwetty.

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GhostFluff: At least we still have HerdKing

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IGotIdeas: @Researcher_7201: Think ive seen it in a story somewhere.

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Waaaghlord: @Researcher_7201: ... would have to look for a moment (unless i type in the right tag) but there are at least pictures of mummahs telling their foals to eat their leg cause she has no milk .... but eating the own foot... at least can't remember now...

ahhh one of this sweet-sad pictures with the extra kick cause you now, after the mother dies, the foals will starve!
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9402553482: Just a little further, fluffy!

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RQ: another tragedy of fluffy existence
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BrotherGrimm: Having just spent 4 days driving through the frozen hell of NW USA..... i feel thispost on a deep level
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