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>be large Hasbio™ Official Fluffy Pony pegasus named Lavender
>lavender fluff, golden mane and eyes
>Daddy named you Lavender when he first picked you up, but you never hear him say your name unless you're coming back from longest-sleepie-time
>you have a lot of longest-sleepie-times
>"get over here, it's time to play the special huggie game," Daddy says
>you don't know what the special huggie game is, but huggies are involved, so it must be fun
>run over to Daddy
>Daddy picks you up and squeezes dry pellets of poopies out of you
>"huggies tuu big-" you try to say, but then he sticks his dick in your poopie-place
>Quiet Mode is enabled on all fluffies by default and prevents you from raising your voice past a certain level, so you couldn't scream even if he managed to avoid killing you
>fluffies don't have reproductive systems, so this is what sick fucks like him have to settle for
>if you ever survived this, the memory would be destroyed after you passed out from shock so you could keep playing the carefree, innocent role of a living toy for snowflake children, but you never do
>your microchip detecting your fear and ceasing to update your Fluffy Central memory backup achieves the same effect
>the destruction of all your internal organs triggers your instant kill function and paralyzes all your muscles, including your heart, lungs, and all the stuff that's supposed to be keeping you alive
>your precious Daddy brutally and horrifically rapes your limp, floppy corpse, a substance lethal to fluffies and only fluffies flowing through your body
>fluffy pony's organ systems get rearranged
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CasualDev: who knew buttrape was so good for showing off notable aspects of officialverse fluffy biology? i whipped this up in response to a comment implying that officials are capable of breeding.

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IGotIdeas: oh god have i already corrupted you?!
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CasualDev: @IGotIdeas: nah, i'm just running out of ideas for this series already. i might move on to a bigger fluffy story.
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