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The mistake

By differential_Sloth


A dull green stallion crept through the underbrush, careful to minimise sound as he went. He was a scout, sent to locate new food sources and potential threats to the herd. An important job no doubt, but the stallion was expendable, and he knew it. Despite the importance of his job, stallion was near the bottom of the herd's hierarchy. He often went hungry, with the last pick of the herd's food, not to mention little in the way of mating opportunities. The herd's mares were monopolised by the Smarty, his inner circle of toughies, and other senior male fluffies.

The young stallions did most of the heavy lifting, motivated by the promise of a mate at some point. In reality, the promise along with their jobs as scouts, food-finders and cannon fodder toughies was to keep the young stallions busy and control their numbers. The green fluffy knew it and hated it. As he navigated past a rocky patch, the stallion wondered, as he often did, why he didn't go deeper into the forest and never come back. Some of his friends, what passed for friends anyway, did a month or so ago.

There was nothing for the fluffy in the herd, why should he stay? The more he thought about striking out on his own, the more it appealed to him. It would be hard, but at least the green fluffy could live on his own terms. He wouldn't have to wait to eat, or do what a bigger meaner stallion said. He could sleep the entire day if he wanted! Yes, it was the best option, mainly since it was the middle of the afternoon and he didn't have anything to bring back or report. Both were grounds to spend time cleaning up the-


Lost in thought, the stallion didn’t notice the strange bushes until he’d walked into them. Now back to reality, he scrutinised them. The plants were like nothing he’d ever seen before; they had flat sides and stretched out to both sides of him. The stallion looked around and noticed the area between the strange bushes and the forest was clear. He didn't have the slightest clue what this bush was, or what could have made it.

For a moment the stallion considered turning around, but something occurred to him. These bushes were obviously special, so there had to be something extraordinary on the other side. What exactly he didn't know, but if he found it… Well, imagine the look on the Smarty's face!

The Stallion grinned; ‘Fwuffy gun find speciaw ting bushies am hidin!’ He put his head down and pushed through. It was hard work, the strange bushes squeezed him on every side; but not long after he entered, he popped out the other side into a strange new world. There were only a couple of trees in sight, the grass was short, and there were spots of flowers in different places.

What really grabbed the stallion’s attention, however, was the large structure in the middle. He stared at it for a while, and mulled over what it could have been; it definitely wasn’t a rock. Then, he recalled a conversation he’d had with a friend some time ago, who mentioned something called a “housie.” The stallion couldn’t remember the fine details, but the shape and colour matched up pretty well. So, it was probably a house, and… What lived in them again? Humans!

The stallion got excited; it was well known among ferals that humans were dangerous, often outright hostile to fluffies. But, they also had the best stuff; the best places to live, best things to make beds and nests from, and of course, the best food! The Stallion’s eyes narrowed, and a grin formed on his face; he would find a way into the house, and bring back all kinds of great things for the herd!

No, it would be his herd after they saw the-


The stallion turned his head; a few feet away stood a small purple unicorn. The fluffy wasn't in an aggressive stance, but the look on its face made it clear it was not happy with the stallion's presence.

‘Wat yu doin hewe? Oda fwuffies nu am sposed tu be hewe!'

The stallion looked at the small fluffy, who by her voice had to be a filly; he wasn’t too impressed. Either it showed, or the fluffy was annoyed by the stallion’s silence.

‘Amahfes say yu nu awoud hewe dummeh! Dis am Big Daddeh’s yawd!’

A smile toyed at the Stallion’s lips; he’d been called far worse, just that morning in fact. Hearing the basic insult come from such a small fluffy amused him; ‘Who yu cawwin dummeh, dummeh?’

‘Y-yu!’ The little fluffy said, ‘Yu... Yu am dummeh! Go way!'

The stallion smiled; ‘Nu; Fwuffy go whewe wan! Gun find way intu housie an take aww dah gud tings, so can take hewd fwom Smawty!.’

‘Nu!!’ The filly called Amethyst yelled. ‘Dis am Big Daddeh’s housie! Gu way dummeh!!’

‘Hehehehe!’ The Stallion giggled. ‘Wat wittwe dummeh gun du?’

Amethyst, pride wounded, puffed her cheeks out at the intruder and stamped her hooves at the stallion; in doing so, she revealed her wings. A chill ran up his spine; wings and a horn!? It... It couldn't be, could it?

‘Amahfes say go way!!’ The indignant filly stamped her hooves twice more; twice more the stallion saw the wings and realised his first impression was correct. The filly was a monster fluffy!! Chills and shivers ran through his body, but then a thought occurred to him; Amethyst was a monster, but she was small. Surely he was more than a match for her, and any other monster fluffies her size he found. There was probably a whole family of them around here; monster fluffies had to come from somewhere. If he killed them and got the stuff back to the herd…

‘G-go way! Jus go w-way!!’ Amethyst grew more unnerved as the seconds ticked by; her attempts at intimidation had no effect on the strange fluffy.

A dangerous smile formed on the Stallion's face, and Amethyst's resolve collapsed. Without meaning to, she flattened her ears and took a step back. Now, the stallion knew he had the edge. ‘Dummeh poopie munstah fwuffy,' he stared daggers at the terrified filly, ‘Fwuffy gun giv yu fowewa sweepies!'

‘SCREEEE!!’ Amethyst turned and bolted. The stallion gave chase and was upon her in no time. He swatted at the filly with his foreleg; the blow caught Amethyst on the flank and knocked her to the ground. ‘SCREEEE!!’ Amethyst tumbled and rolled over the fine cut grass. She tried to get up but found herself pinned by the stallion. ‘SCREE! HEWP! HEWP!!’

The stallion straddled the helpless filly, ready to deliver the final blow when he noticed something; the monster was still a filly, and close enough to a mare. And, since he had her pinned...


The stallion felt his dick swell; a rush of arousal flooded his body, and a wide grin spread over his face. The other monsters and the stuff in the house could wait. The stallion adjusted his position; ‘Dummeh munstah, yu am enfie fwuffy nao!!’

‘SKREEEEE!!!’ Amethyst shrieked in pain as the stallion introduced her to special huggies far too early. ‘REEEEEEEE!!! EEEEEE!!!’

‘Enf enf enf enf enf enf enf!’ After the first few thrusts the stallion forgot all about plans; how could he remember when he felt for the first time what the other stallions had denied him for so long? ‘Enf enf enf enf enf enf enf enf enf!!!’ The stallion hammered away, lost in a world of new sensations!

‘MUMMMAHHH!!!!! SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!’ Amethyst screamed at the top of her lungs; ripping hot pain consumed her lower body, and she desperately scrapped at the ground with her legs. ‘REEEEEE!!!! HEWP!!! HEWP BIG DADDEH!!!!’

‘ENF ENF ENF ENF ENF ENF ENF ENF!!’ The stallion thrust as fast and fat as his body would go. He felt something build inside him, something that felt good! It spurred him onward, to go even harder and-


Something slammed into the stallion and knocked him off his prize; soon after, he felt a torrent of blows on his side and head.


The frenzied screams made his ears ring! He scrabbled at the ground and furiously tried to right himself. He got an opening, scrambled away turned to face his attacker. The stallion caught a quick glimpse of a red fluffy-


The enraged fluffy launched at him again; this time the stallion was ready for the fight. He met the fluffy’s charge, and the two reared up and dulled.


The red fluffy shrieked, and the stallion only just managed not to flinch or move back. He had to seconds later though when the enraged fluffy snapped at him; its teeth snapped shut less than an inch from his nose. Then it tried again and again!

‘Sissie! Sissie!!!’


‘Dummeh meanie!! Abahdawn giv yu wowstest huwties!!’

The stallion was vaguely aware of the other voices, but was too preoccupied to focus-

‘Gaahh!!’ A hard impact sent his rear legs out from under him. The stallion landed awkwardly on his side, but managed to right himself and get clear of the red fluffy. He galloped away a few paces and turned around. The red fluffy, another monster, stood next to a black and red monster the same size as the purple one; both were ready to attack. The stallion’s mind ran in overdrive, adrenaline had flushed the arousal out.

He was in a bad position; outnumbered, and facing a far more angry opponent. Survival instinct took over, and he decided to make an opening; he’d charge the small monster, head butt it out of the way and make a run for the-

‘Screee!’ Something grabbed the stallion by the scruff, hard. Next thing he knew, he was lifted off the ground and found himself face to face with a human. He started into the stallion’s eyes, and the fluffy felt the most primal kind of fear. The human didn’t look angry, but there was something in his look more terrifying than any monster.



‘Peaw giv huggies fow Amahfes sissie an make owwies go way! Pwease, be otay sissie!!'

‘Giv dat dummeh tu Abahdawn!!!’

Pandemonium raged bellow, but all the Stallion could focus on was the human.

‘That,’ Nigel said with a voice that could cut steel, ‘was a mistake.’ He closed a hand around the stallion’s throat.

‘Hwrrk!! Gwerahrk!!’ The stallion struggled and thrashed, but Nigel’s grip was firm. He held his grip until the stallion passed out and went limp.


A young man has a little too much to drink at his prom after party, and on the drive home puts his car through a guard rail; the crash gives his girlfriend a brain bleed. A hole has to be drilled in her skull in ten minutes, or she’ll die.

A father of three comes in with chronic migraines; testes come back for a brain tumour. Aggressive, but surgery is viable. One cut in the wrong place and the man will be vegetable for the rest of his life. Or, dead.

A young girl reports with weak and numb legs; pathology reveals it to be a spinal cord tumour. It has to be carefully removed, or she’ll be paralysed.

Nigel had performed hundreds of surgeries like those over his career, and rarely felt stressed in the theatre. Even during his residency, Nigel was known for his uncanny ability to stay calm and collected in times of extreme pressure. So he was surprised to feel a knot tighten in his gut as he worked on Amethyst. After choking out her rapist, Nigel took the wounded filly straight to his workshop over the protests of Lilith and Amethyst’s sibblings. When they were shut out of the room and the stallion secure for the moment, Nigel went to work.

He sedated Amethyst and examined her hindquarters; it was a bloody mess, and given the size of the stallion compared to Amethyst the damaged would extend deep inside. There was no other choice, Nigel had to open her. His hands were a blur of motion; in minutes, Amethyst's abdomen was bare and swabbed. Nigel picked up his scalpel, and carefully opened her belly.

‘*BANG BANG* DADDEH *BANG* DADDEH PWEASE WET WIWIF IN!!’ Nigel’s fluffy battered the workshop door. ‘NEE HEWP BABBEH!! NEE HEWP BABBEH!!!’

Nigel shut out the noise and focused on Amethyst. In moments he'd uncovered Amethyst's vagina, or what was left of it. It was hard to tell for sure, but it looked like the stallion had shredded it completely. Nigel took a few seconds to weight his options. A repair was out of the question, there wasn't enough viable tissue for the wound sealant to stitch back together. And even if there was, Amethyst didn't have that long; she was losing blood, quickly. Whatever Nigel planned to do, it needed to be fast.

‘Removal. Only way.' With deft hands, Nigel set about removing the filly's destroyed vagina, piece by piece. After each bit came out, Nigel dabbed wound sealant in the area to stem bleeding. Every so often he had to pause and suction away excess blood; such was the hassles of solo work. Nigel worked as fast as he dared; it didn't take long for him to remove all the damaged tissue, and close the opening to Amethyst's uterus. It was a temporary solution, the rest of her reproductive organs would probably need to be removed in future. Not now though.

Nigel stopped any spots of bleeding he found, triple checked for ones he’d missed, packed the cavity with surgical gauze, and closed Amethyst up. Then, he sealed the vaginal opening from the outside and checked her pulse; it was there, but fast and thready. Thinking fast, Nigel grabbed some gear and the passed out stallion. All fluffies had the same blood type, and it was never too early for the feral to start paying for what he’d done.

Nigel inserted a butterfly needle into one of the Stallion’s major vessels and drew some blood into a large syringe. The needle prick made the stallion flinch, but he didn’t wake up. Nigel primed a fresh butterfly needle and carefully inserted it into Amethyst. It was well beyond what either doctors or veterinarians would consider best practise, but there just wasn't time for best practice.

Carefully, Nigel pumped the “donated” blood into Amethyst and gauged progress by the state of her pulse. Over the next few minutes, it grew stronger and more distinct. Nigel stopped short of normal to leave a margin for safety. He withdrew the needle and put the equipment to one side; the next step was to administer some antibiotics. Once Amethyst was comfortable in a makeshift bed, Nigel stepped back to assess the situation, and finally breath properly.

He’d done everything he could, far more than any vet could or even would do. The biggest threats Amethyst faced now were internal bleeding, and infection. Nigel’s blood transfusion was crude, but it did the job for now. With some appropriate iv bags, he could certainly do a proper transfusion if Amethyst needed one. His infection countermeasures lacked in a few places (he hadn't washed hands for god sake!), but the dose of broad-spectrum antibiotics would likely deal with anything.

Nigel took a deep breath and looked at the clock; ‘30 minutes? That was all?’ He didn't often lose track of time during operations. Come to think of it, his gut didn’t tighten up either. Nigel shook his head; watching Lilith raise her foals, the ones she’d kept anyway, must have softened him. Speaking of which-


Nigel went to the door; the instant there was an opening Lilith pushed her way past and dashed into the room, followed swiftly by Abaddon and Pear.

‘AMAHFES!! AMAHFES!!!’ The hysterical mare shrieked as she tore around the room. ‘BABBEH!! BABBEH WHEWE-’

‘Lilith!' Lilith turned and ran to Nigel; she yelled incoherently and hammered his shins. Nigel crouched down, gripped Lilith by the ear and flicked her nose. ‘Lilith, bad Fluffy!' The physical punishment and Nigel's tone shut Lilith up. ‘You need to calm down right now! You're being a bad fluffy and a terrible mother!' He understood Lilith's fear, but the last thing Amethyst or her other children needed was a hysterical mother. ‘Are you going to calm down?'

Lilith was too choked up to speak, but she nodded, and Nigel released his grip. ‘Alright, I’ve done everything I can for Amethyst.’ His voice was steady as a rock. ‘I did my best to fix what happened, and-’

‘Pw-we-ease daddeh,’ Lilith choked out. ‘A-am ba-abbeh otay? *sob*’

Nigel took a deep breath. ‘Amethyst is sleeping right now, but I don’t know if she’ll be okay.’ Lilith started to shake, and Nigel put a hand on her side. ‘I think...’ He struggled to find the right words. ‘Amethyst is very strong Lilith, you know she won’t give up easily.’

Lilith stayed were she was for a few moments, then launched herself at Nigel and sobbed heavily. Nigel took the fluffy into his arms and sat with her and Amethyst’s sibblings. After crying her eyes out for a while, Lilith was able to speak again; ‘*Sob* Daddeh, pwease wet Wiwif see babbeh! Pwease!’

‘Okay.’ Nigel stood and put Lilith on the operating table. ‘She’s very tired Lilith; be careful with her.’

Lilith walked over to Amethyst and stood over her. ‘Babbeh? Babbeh?’ She gently nudged her filly as Nigel went to pick up Abaddon and Pear. ‘Babbeh, Mummah am hewe,' Lilith leaned down and hugged Amethyst, ‘Pwease, pwease be otay babbeh huhuuu *sob* pwease!' She was joined by Abaddon and Pearl; the pair hugged their wounded sister tight.

‘Huuhuhu Sissie!! Sissie pwease nu go fowewa sweepies!!’

‘Sissie! Sissie!!’

Nigel let Lilith and her family be for a while, then carefully took them back to the saferoom. The two youngsters made a beeline for the bed and enveloped each other in a tight hug. Nigel turned to leave, when-

‘Daddeh, whewe am bad fwuffy?’

Nigel looked back at Lilith; her face was tear-stained but determined, and from her stance looked ready to fight.

‘Whewe am bad fwuffy?’ She asked again. ‘Nee giv bad fwuffy huwties fow givin Amahfes babbeh huwties!!’ Nee giv huwties NAO!!’

‘Lilith, don’t yell at me.’ Nigel warned. His fluffy stood down, but her face remained set. Nigel sympathised of course; he had half a mind to go disembowel the stallion right now! But, it wouldn't be any fun, and he wanted Amethyst to be there for the moment if she woke up. Nigel crouched in front of Lilith. ‘Lilith, I know you want to hurt the bad fluffy; so do I.’ He scratched her on the head. ‘But, we don’t want to play any games without Amethyst, do we?’

‘Nu, Daddeh.’

‘Good. Now, I want you to be patient and wait until I think of something extra special. Can you do that?’

Lilith looked at Nigel for a while; he could tell she wanted to murder the stallion, probably rip it apart with her bare teeth. ‘*Sigh* Otay Daddeh, Wiwif wait.'

‘Good girl.’ He scratched her on the neck. ‘Alright, I’ll go check up on Amethyst andkeep her with me for a while. I’ll tell you when she wakes up.’

Some fresh tears appeared in Lilith’s eyes, but the mare nodded; ‘Otay Daddeh, *Sob*'

Nigel gave her one last scratch and left the saferoom. Back in his workshop, the first thing he did was check on Amethyst. Thankfully the filly still had a pulse, a strong one at that. It seemed the transfusion had done the trick. Nigel checked for any signs of internal bleeding, but it looked like the sealant and sutures were holding.


Nigel looked to the source of the groan; after taking his blood, he'd left the stallion in a spare cardboard box. He opened the flap and looked inside. The Stallion lay on his side and fidgeted as he came too. He opened his eyes and looked up at Nigel; fear washed over his face. ‘P-pwease nice hoomin, nu giv eeeee!!' Nigel grabbed the stallion by the scruff and hauled him out of the box. He pressed the fluffy onto the table, turned on the anaesthetic gas and shoved the mask into his face.

‘Screee! Pwease nu huwww…’

The gas worked fast and knocked the stallion out cold. Nigel carried the limp fluffy to one side of the room and dumped him in a cage. Stallion secured, Nigel gathered some supplies, and carefully picked up Amethyst. He carried the filly and the supplies from the workshop to his office, and set her down on the bed Lilith used when Nigel let her stay in there with him. It might help to be close to her mother’s scent, and if Amethyst didn't recover, she'd at least pass away in comfort.

Knowing he’d done everything he could, Nigel went to his computer; Lilith and her other children wouldn’t want to do anything except hug one another, and Nigel wouldn’t leave the house until Amethyst recovered, or didn’t. Nigel needed a distraction to keep him away from the workshop, so he decided to get some work done.


It was a little past six in the evening; Nigel had caught up on all his emails, read nearly a dozen articles from various medical journals, and got started on an assessment for an upcoming procedure.


The noise was soft, but Nigel had waited to hear it for hours. He spun the chair around and went to the fluffy bed. Amethyst was nearly awake.

‘Huuuu, owwies… Mummah.’

‘Amethyst,' Nigel said softly. ‘Sweetie, it's Big Daddy. Can you hear me?'

The filly opened her eyes and craned her head up. ‘Big Daddeh?’ She blinked, then more of the pain hit. ‘Owwies! Owwies!!’ She curled up and wrapped her tail around her abdomen. ‘Owwies!! Peeep! Mummah! Wan Mummah!!’

Nigel stood and went to the case of supplies; he pulled out a fresh syringe and needle, drew up some painkiller and took it back to the fluffy bed.

‘Owwies!! Peep peeep!! Huuhuhuhu Mummah!!’ Carefully, Nigel positioned the needle and slipped it under the filly’s skin. ‘Squeeee!!’ Amethyst squealed and curled even tighter. ‘Mummah!! Sabe Amahfes!! Peeeep!!’ She carried on for a few seconds until the pain killer took effect.

‘It’s okay Amethyst,’ Nigel stroked her back. ‘Big Daddy’s here, you’re safe now.’

‘Huuuhuuuu, *sniff* peep.’

‘It’s okay sweetie, everything’s ok now.’

‘*Sob* Wan huggies!’

Nigel carefully picked Amethyst off the bed and cradled her. He didn’t hug her too hard, not wanting to put undue strain on the stitches; It was enough for her though. The filly calmed down and nestled into his arms. ‘Come on,' Nigel Stood. ‘Let's get you back to your mother.' Nigel carried Amethyst from his office to the saferoom. There he found Lilith, Abaddon and Pearl huddled together on their bed; it looked like they’d been crying for some time. At the sound of the door, Lilith looked up, her face a mix of dread and hope.

‘She's okay Lilith,' Nigel said. ‘She made it.' The mare's face lit up and got up to run over to him. ‘Wait, Lilith,' Nigel warned. ‘She's not all better yet. You all have to be very careful with her.'

Lilith nodded furiously; ‘Yes Daddeh, Wiwif and babbehs undewstan!! Wiww be cawefuw wif Amahfes babbeh!’

‘Good. Now all of you move so I can put Amethyst down.' Lilith, Abaddon and Pearl got off the bed, and Nigel put Amethyst down in the middle; at once Lilith went over to her.

‘Babbeh! Mummah am hewe!’

‘Huuhuhu Mummah! Bad fwuffy giv Amahfes huwties!’ The filly cried

‘Nu be scawdies Babbeh,’ Lilith curled around her filly. ‘Bad fwuffy nu can giv yu huwties nao, Babbeh am safe. Mummah an Big Daddeh nu wet bad fwuffy huwt yu gain!’ Lilith enveloped Amethyst in a protective hug, and her sibblings dragged over some of their huggie toys. With them, they made a fluff pile centred on their sibling.

‘Remember,’ Nigel warned, ‘Be careful with her.’

‘Wiwif wiww be cawefuw Daddeh,' she said without looking; most of her attention was directed at Amethyst. Nigel decided to leave them to it; Lilith was quite a sensible mother, and she'd let him know if there were problems. Before he left the room, he checked up on Lilith's huggie friend. The fluffy was still alive and in good physical health, but its eyes were unfocused and looked in different directions; they'd been that way for some time in fact.

The fluffy was probably brain dead, or something similar by now. Nigel wondered if it was time to get rid of him; Lilith and her children hardly showed much interest in it anymore, as they had one another for company. It could for now wait though; Nigel had other business to attend to. He returned to the workshop, where the Stallion was awake.

‘Wet fwuffy oud! *Bang bang* Wet oud!! Nu wan meanie housie nu mowe!!! Wan Oud!!’

‘You’re not going anywhere.’

The stallion stopped and looked at him; ‘Pwease, pwease wet Fwuffy go nice Mistah!!' He begged. ‘Fwuffy am sowwies!! Nu mean id!! Pwease wet Fwuffy go!! Fwuffy pwomise newa ewa cum back!!'

Nigel stared at him for a moment; ‘You expect me to believe what you did was an accident? That you didn’t mean to rape one of my pets? You think a few sorries and tears can make up for what you've done?’

The stallion shook; he must have known he was in deep shit. ‘P-pwease… Fwuffy am-’

‘Save your breath,’ Nigel said. ‘I’m still deciding what to do with you. But rest assured, you will pay for what you've done.’

The stallion fell silent and cowered at the back of his cage. Nigel stared at him for a few moments more, then retrieved a water bottle from a shelf, filed it and put it in the cage. Without another word, he left the room and the stallion in the dark.


The next day, Nigel checked Amethyst for signs of internal bleeding or infection. The area of the cut was red but not inflamed, nor was her abdomen discoloured or swollen beyond expectation. Amethyst was still in pain though; Nigel had enough pain killer to see her through the next week if he halved the dose and gave it to her only once a day. Getting a hold of more without a veterinarian licence was difficult. Nigel supposed he could get something from the vet, though it would raise a few eyebrows if he admitted he'd performed the surgery himself.

In the grand scheme of things though it was a minor concern, as was getting the time off to care for the filly; he had the days saved up. The biggest problem Nigel had was what to do with the stallion.

‘I say skin him Alive and roll him in salt,' Gregory said while patting Abaddon. ‘That should be enough shouldn't it?'

‘No,’ Nigel looked over at Lilith; she was in one of her beds curled around Amethyst, who still couldn’t walk far. ‘No it’s not.’

‘Well, the only other thing I could suggest is the good old paedophile special.’

‘Excuse me?’

‘You know, when some kiddie fiddler gets thrown in prison they take a pipe and some barbed wire, and they-’

Nigel held up a hand; ‘I can imagine, thanks.’ Nigel idly ruffled Pearl’s mane. ‘No, not quite enough.’ The two friends sat in silence for a while.

‘There is something else you could try.’ Grey said.


‘Well, there was this restaurant out in Kentucky that served fluffies on the menu.’

‘I’ve cooked plenty of fluffies.’

‘Yeah, but I’m pretty sure you haven’t prepped them like they did.’

‘Ok,’ Nigel said. ‘Go on.’


The stallion lay in his cramped cage, cold and hungry. He had no idea how long he’d been a captive, or what Nigel intended to do with him. While he was awake, the fluffy cried and berated himself for the decisions that brought him there; most of all, his reckless ambition to take control of the herd by killing the monsters and taking the human’s things. Why didn’t he walk into the forest and forget all about the herd? Why?!

The stallion heard the door open and tensed. Fearfully he looked up and watched Nigel enter the room with a couple of boxes. He placed the boxes on the workbench and unpacked them; what came out of the boxes the stallion couldn't tell, but they were likely to do with him. ‘W-wat Mistah duin?' he asked. Nigel ignored him and continued to unpack and set up equipment. The fluffy watched with a mix of fear and curiosity as something took shape on the bench.

After a while the strange contraption was finished, and ready for its victim. Nigel walked to the cage and lifted the stallion out by the scruff. ‘Screee! Wat gun du tu fwuffy?!’ Nigel took the squirming fluffy over to the workbench. With some effort, he secured the stallion in the contraption, which looked like a hollow cubic rectangle. Shackles secured the stallion by the legs and torso. ‘Wat am dis?! Nu wike, nu wike!!!' He struggled fiercely against the restraints, but it was no use.

‘It's a fattening rig, and I don't care if you don't like it.' Nigel filled a stainless steel bowl with four large scoops of fattening mix and pushed it in front of the stallion's muzzle. ‘Eat.'

The stallion looked at the rich food in front of him; it smelled good, and he was famished from nearly two days in the cage without eating. But, given the situation, he was in…

‘Nu wan.’


‘Nu wan meanie nummies. Nu wan meanie housie!’ The stallion jerked against the restraints. ‘Jus wan gu back tu fowest!!!'

Nigel picked a small black key fob off the table.

*zap* ‘Screeee!!’


‘Nu! Nu wa-’ *zap* ‘SCREEEE!!’


‘HEWP!! HEWP!!!’ *zap* ‘SCREEE!! REEEE!!!’

‘I said eat.’

‘MUMMAH!! MUMMAH!!!’ *zap zap* ‘SQUEEEEEEEE!!!’

‘Eat, and the pain stops.'


Nigel held the fob in front of the stallion’s face, finger above the button. ‘Eat.’

Face full of tears the Stallion put his head down and ate. Despite his predicament, he couldn’t ignore his hunger, or how good the food was. Nigel watched the fluffy like as hawk until the bowl was spotless. ‘There, that wasn't so hard, was it?’ The stallion put his head down and refused to talk. ‘I’ll be back in a couple of hours.’ Nigel left the workshop.


‘Huu, owwies...' Amethyst walked from the bed to the saferoom's water bottle; still sore from the assault and surgery, her progress was slow. She walked with her rear legs stiff and slightly bowed out. Lilith watched Amethyst like a hawk, ready to dash over and help. Not far away, Abaddon and Pearl played with their blocks but cast glances at their sibling from time to time. After some effort, Amethyst made it to the water bottle and quenched her thirst. The filly started the return trip, but part way there the pain got too much.

‘Owwies, owwies!’ Amethyst collapsed on her side and curled up. ‘Huuhuhu, hewp Mummah!’

Lilith was by her side before Amethyst finished her cry for help; she and her other children ran over as soon as the filly stumbled. ‘Id am otay Amahfes,’ Lilith said, ‘Mummah am hewe. Mummah Hewp Amahfes get back tu beddie.’ Lilith crouched next to Amethyst for the filly to crawl onto her back. Amethyst tried, but couldn't make it all the way, and it was too painful to use her hind legs to push.

‘Huhuhu nu can!’ The filly cried. ‘Weggies hav tuu many owwies!’

‘Nu wowwie sissie! Bwudda hewp!’ Abadon ran over to help his sister. In his excitement though, he got right behind to push.

‘Nu!! NU!!’ Amethyst screamed, curled into a ball and tumbled back to the floor. ‘NU!! NU MOWE HUWTIES!! SCREEEEE!!’

‘Amahfes!!’ Lilith curled around the filly and pulled her into the soft, warm nook of her body. ‘Id am otay babbeh, dewe nu am meanie fwuffies hewe! Yu am otay!’

Amethyst's screams stopped quite fast, but the filly sobbed deeply. Not far away Abadon sat with ears hidden and eyes wet. All he tried to do was help; he hadn't meant to make his sister upset again. Lilith looked up and met his gaze. ‘Huuu Abahdawn am su sowwies Mummah!' he cried. ‘Nu mean make sissie saddies gain!'

‘Id am otay babbeh,’ Lilith tried to assure him, ‘Mummah nu am-’

‘Uuuhuhu Abahdawn am bad fwuffy!!!' The distressed colt ran off to hide in their playhouse, and Pearl followed close behind. Lilith teared up; her heart ached for her children. All of them in their own way had been hurt by the stallion. Lilith was mad at herself for letting Amethyst wander off when they were in the yard; she'd been a terrible mother, and let one of her babbies get hurt. Hurt, by one of the dummy fluffies Daddeh hated so much. Her own anger flared again; she wanted to rip the stallion apart with her teeth!

Lilith knew her owner wanted to hurt the stallion as well, and she could hardly wait for him to put whatever he planned into action. She also hopped Amethyst would get to join in.


Nigel opened the door and entered the workshop. On a smaller table off to the side, the fattening rack and the stallion were right where Nigel left them. The fluffy looked up at him, who after only a week had put on a couple of pounds. ‘Pwease, pwease wet Fwuffy go.' He begged like he did every time he saw Nigel. ‘Pwease, nu wan huwties ow meanie nummies nu mowe!'

Wordlessly, Nigel emptied washed and replaced the waste containers. Then, he went to the feed bin and filled the rack’s bowl; they were up to five scoops per feeding. He took the bowl to the frame and put it in front of the stallion. ‘You know what happens now,' Nigel said. ‘Eat.'

The stallion looked at the food. It was ironic; in the herd, he often had to go without food, so the Smarty's inner circle and all the dams had enough. Now he'd eaten more in one week than he usually did in a month and food which tasted far better than anything the forest provided. And, he hated it! ‘Pwease,' the stallion moaned. ‘Tuu many nummies! Nu can num aww dese nummies nu mowe huhuhuhuuu...'

Nigel picked up the key fob and held it in front of the stallion; the fluffy started to shake and tear up. ‘You can eat, or I’ll shock you until you do.’ After a few more sobs, the stallion put his head down and ate. While he did, Nigel checked his body; the fluffy flinched at Nigel's touch but didn't dare stop eating. Nigel took his time and nodded approvingly. He'd fattened the stallion for a little over a week, and already there was good progress. The fluffy was noticeably rounder and felt more tender and marbled by the day.

‘You're doing very well indeed.' Nigel said. The stallion shivered but kept his head down. Nigel did some tidying up and reorganising; he glanced over every so often to make sure the stallion hadn't stopped and was a little disappointed that he hadn't.

When he returned to the rack, Nigel saw the bowl was empty. ‘Good work.’ He set it to one side. ‘It’s not so hard is it?’

The stallion kept his head down and eyes closed. Nigel looked at the trapped and helpless fluffy for a moment longer, then went to the door; ‘I'll see you in the morning.' Nigel flipped the lights off and closed the door. Trapped and alone, all the stallion could do was weep.

‘*Sob* huhuhuhuu… Mummah...’


‘Alright, let's take a look at you.' Nigel's friend Matt tried to roll Amethyst on her back, but the filly recoiled from his touch.

‘Peep! Nu huhuhu!’ She whimpered and tried to curl up.

‘It’s okay Amethyst,’ Nigel stroked her back, ‘Matt won’t hurt you, he just wants to make sure you’ve gotten better.’

After a few moments, Amethyst calmed down and let Matt roll her over. She kept her eyes screwed shut and continued to whimper.

‘Okay, still no signs of infection. Sutures are holding up,’ Matt shifted Amethyst around to check her vaginal area. The filly peeped a few times but didn't try to run. Lilith looked up at Nigel, who nodded reassuringly. ‘Nothing to worry about down here either. All good.’ Matt rolled Amethyst back upright and stroked her back. ‘There we go, sweetie, all done. We were such a brave little fluffy.’

‘*Sniff* T-tank yu...’

Matt moved out of the way, and Lilith rushed over to comfort her filly. ‘Like I said, no problems,' Matt told Nigel. ‘You did a top-notch job. Hell, you could do part-time work as a fluffy surgeon.'

‘Not worth my time.’ Nigel said.

‘Fair enough.’ Matt put his gear away and walked with Nigel to the front door, pocketing the cash for the visit on the way. ‘You dealt with the feral who did this yet?’

‘Working on it,’ Nigel said.

Matt nodded. ‘Well, I’m sure you’ll make him pay. See you later Nigel.’

‘Bye Matt.’ The men waved goodbye to one another and Nigel closed the door. Job done, he went to check on the stallion. The green fluffy had expanded nicely over the past couple of weeks, very nicely indeed. Nigel probed the stallion's body; ‘Excellent progress,' he mused.

‘Huuuuu *sob* huhuuu...’

Nigel looked at the stallion; his face was permanently tear-stained, and he hardly ever raised its head. Held captive with barely any stimulation or interaction, and forced to eat to the point of pain, it was almost enough to atone for what he’d done. Almost. As usual, Nigel filled the stallion’s bowl, now six scoops per feeding, and put it in front of him; the fluffy ate without protest. He seemed to have accepted his situation. Nigel cleaned the rig while the stallion finished his food, took the bowl away and left the room. When he opened the door, he found Lilith waiting for him.

‘What’s wrong Lilith? Why aren’t you with Amethyst?’

‘Abahdawn am wookin aftah hew.' Nigel should have guessed; the colt had a lot of guilt for not protecting Amethyst well enough and stuck to her like glue to make up for it. ‘When am gun giv bad fwuffy huwties?'

‘Soon honey,’ Nigel said. ‘He’s not ready yet.’

‘Wat Daddeh mean bad fwuffy nu am weady?’ The mare asked, incredulous. ‘Wai hav wait so wong!?’

‘Lilith, don't talk to me like that.' Nigel warned. ‘I know you want to hurt the bad fluffy. So do I.' He crouched down and tussled her mane. ‘But it will be better if we're patient. Trust me, Lilith.'

Lilith was unsure, but hung her head in agreement; ‘*Sigh* otay Daddeh.’

‘Good girl.' Nigel stood. ‘Come on, let's go find Amethyst.' The two walked to the living room, where they found Abaddon and Pearl stacking blocks in front of Amethyst's bed; when the tower got to it's highest point, one of the two knocked it over, much to Amethyst's delight. Nigel watched the game for a while; it was an endearing sight.


Nigel looked down; Lilith started at her children intently.

‘Gud babbehs,’ she said quietly. It seemed she didn’t want to disturb the scene. The young fluffies played for a while longer until they noticed their mother and Nigel watching them. Abadon and Pearl went to Amethyst and helped the Filly stumble over to their mother. Lilith and her children embraced in a large hug, with Amethyst at the middle. Nigel crouched down to pet them for a while, then went to review some paperwork. His break was nearly over, and he needed to be read up on what waited for him.


‘*Wheeze, wheeze, wheeze...’

Every breath was a struggle; the stallion’s lungs and diaphragm fought against layers of fat, and the stiff metal and leather restraints. Every part of his body was unnaturally large, and he felt like a stranger in his own skin. The stallion knew hunger well, the herd’s inner circle had priority over the food supply after all. He’d never considered one could have too much food, and yet here he was, forced to eat to the point of torture.


He wished he’d turned around and ignored the human’s land, instead of trying to raid it. He wished he'd walked further into the forest, away from all of it. Whatever he came across, it had to be better than this. Anything was better than this.

‘*Wheeze, wheeze…* ‘Huuuu…’ *Wheeze...*’

Time lost all meaning for him; though Nigel’s visits were regular, they weren’t enough to tell where one day started and another ended. His dreams, or rather nightmares, were short and choppy; sleep made him feel a little worse each time.

‘*Wheeze...* Nu wan… Nu wan nu mowe...’

All he wanted was the nightmare to end.

The workshop door opened. In stepped Nigel, but this time an enchanting smell came with him. With some effort the stallion raised his head; muscles strained against the extra weight. He watched Nigel walk over with a different bowl to the one the stallion was used to. Wisps of steam rose from it, as did the intoxicating smell. The Stallion’s mouth started to water, despite everything.

‘I’ve got a surprise for you.’ Nigel put the bowl in front of the stallion. He stared wide-eyed at the pile of pasta, coated in heavily seasoned sauced. He salivated like mad; it leaked out the side of his mouth and dripped on the floor. ‘Go on,' Nigel pushed the bowl closer, ‘eat.' The stallion looked at the bowl full of spaghetti a moment longer, then dropped his muzzle and ate. An astonishing taste filled his mouth. The stallion chewed, swallowed and went back for more. The pasta was like nothing he imagined, even in his wildest dreams!

He ate furiously, wolfing down the pasta as fast as he could. A flood of endorphins sent tingles through him and made him feel joy for the first time in a very long. Not far into the endorphin rush though, it started to have the opposite effect. The brief moment of joy served only to highlight what a living hell his existence had become, and all the combined misery hit him at once. The stallion began to sob deeply and hopelessly, but he never stopped eating until the bowl was licked clean.

Nigel took it away; ‘Did you like it?’

‘Waaahhhuhuhuhu!! *Sob* Huuhuhuhu!!!’

‘Don’t worry,’ Nigel smiled, ‘It’ll be over soon.’

The stallion cried and screamed until he was completely and utterly exhausted. He passed out but woke a few hours later when Nigel unstrapped him from the fattening rig.

‘Well, that feed mix was worth the money,’ Nigel said as he lifted the stallion. ‘It feels like you’ve gain 10 or 14 pounds.’ Nigel carried the stallion from the workshop to the kitchen.

‘Whewe Mistah *haff haff* ta-takin fwuffy?' The stallion wheezed out.

‘You'll see.' Nigel arrived in the kitchen, where Lilith waited patiently; her children were in the saferoom. While Amethyst, Abaddon and Pearl understood bad fluffies deserved the worst hurties, they were still a bit too young to be introduced to the bloodier aspects of Nigel’s games. Even though Lilith hated to be away from Amethyst since the attack, she wouldn’t miss what was about to happen for the world.

The red alicorn smiled viciously when she saw the stallion; ‘Dummeh munstah bad fwuffy!’ she said. ‘Nao yu get sowwies fow huwtin babbeh!’

‘Pw-pwease *gasp*’ the stallion tried as Nigel strapped him into an adult size immobiliser. ‘Nu mean giv wittwe muns-’


‘Lilith! Inside voice please.' Nigel lifted the immobiliser into the sink and turned on the tap. A stream of warm water flowed from the hand nozzle, and he set about wetting the stallion's fluff.

‘Nu!!’ The obese fluffy struggled against his bonds. ‘Nu wawa *haff haff* wawa am bad fow fwuffies!!’

‘Su am bad speciaw huggies dummeh!!’ Lilith yelled. ‘Yu awmost giv babbeh fowewa sweepies!’

‘Huhuhuu am sowwies! Fwuffy sowwies!’

‘Sorry simply isn't good enough.’ Nigel reached for a bottle of fluff removal shampoo and rubbed a generous amount into the stallion’s coat. It quickly formed a thick lather.

‘Nu wike! Nu wike meanie stuff!’ The stallion strained at the restraints as hard as his excess fat would allow. The shampoo tingled and itched as it went to work, and already strands of fluff came out and stuck to Nigel’s hands. Soon larger tufts came out. ‘Nuuu! Nu gu way fwuff!’ The stallion moaned. ‘Nu weave fwuffy!’

‘Relax, you don't need it anymore.' Nigel picked up the hand nozzle and used it to help remove the rest of the stallion's fluff. It came off quickly with a combination of hand and water; only a few patches remained, which were easily removed with a swift tug.

‘Screee!!' The stallion screamed. ‘Owwies!!! *Haff-haff* Pwease nu moweeee!!' The Stallion squalled in pain and surprise as a different nozzle was shoved up his ass. ‘Nu!! Weave poopie pwace awone!!'

‘Not so nice when you're on the receiving end, is it?' Nigel pulled the nozzle out; a stream of liquid shit flowed into the sink and down the drain. After all these years though, the smell wasn't too hard to deal with. Nigel repeated the process until the water came out clear. After one last wash, Nigel lifted the hairless stallion out of the sink. He patted the fluffy dry and unstrapped him from the immobiliser.

‘Pwease giv fwuff back,’ the naked stallion begged as Nigel carried him to the main island. ‘Tuu cowdies! Nee fwuff tu be wawm an keep cowdies way!’

Nigel strapped the fluffy into the main rig; it had seen many dozens of victims in the time Nigel owned it. He secured the stallion so he was facing upright and his legs splayed as far as they’d go.

‘*Haff haff* Pw-pwease! Nu wike!’ The stallion wheezed. ‘Pwease wet fwuffy go *haff-haff*.’

Nigel looked at him for a moment; ‘No.’ He crouched down, picked Lilith off the ground and put her on the counter. The trapped stallion started to hyperventilate.

‘Pwease *haff-haff* nu huwt fwuffy!!’

‘Lilith,’ Nigel said, ‘you know what to do.’

‘Yes Daddeh,' The mare slowly approached the rack and kept her eyes locked on the stallion’s at all times. Soon, Lilith was directly in front of the Stallion’s groin; she smiled wickedly, then put her head down.


Lilith closed her mouth around the stallion’s dick and slowly bit through it.

‘SKREEEEEE!!! REEEEE!!!’ The stallion squealed and bucked against the rack; the pain set every nerve ending on fire. Lilith took her time, and thoroughly enjoyed every second. After a time, her teeth closed and severed the Stallion’s cock. She stepped back, smiled up at the stallion, then chewed and swallowed. He looked on dumbfounded and horrified.

‘Nu-nu stick make gud nummies,' Lilith said to the stallion. ‘Speciaw wumps am eben bettah nummies.' She stepped forward again.

‘Nuu! NUUU!! *haff-haff-haff*’ The stallion struggled madly. ‘Nu take wumps, nu take EEEEEEEE!!! SKREEE!!!’

Lilith slowly castrated the fluffy and did her best to make it last as long as possible. The mare would have made the process last for days if she could, but eventually, the stallion's balls came loose. Lilith chewed and swallowed, savouring the look on the stallion’s face more than how the testicles tasted.

‘Aww done Daddeh,’ Lilith announced.

‘Good girl.' Nigel picked her off the bench and put her back on the floor. He went to a drawer, pulled out a knife set, and carried it over to the counter with the rack. Nigel unwrapped the knives and picked one out; it felt good in his hand, solid and weighty. ‘Nothing like a quality knife.' He said to no one in particular and stepped in front of the rack. ‘I'm sorry, this is going to sting.' Nigel raised the knife and brought it towards the stallion's belly.

‘NU! NUUU!! NU HUWTIES!!' The stallion breathed faster and struggled harder as the sharp silver blade approached. His eyes locked on the knife, and refused to move away for even- ‘SCREEEEEE!!’ The blade made contact and bit into his soft under belly. ‘SCREEEEE!!! NUUUU!! REEEEE!!!’ The stallion’s eyes stayed glued to the knife as Nigel effortlessly opened his belly. Hot stinging pain shot through his body, and blood dripped from the wound to the counter top. The combination of Nigel’s skilled hands and the keen edge of the blade made short work of the job. In less than a minute, Nigel had access to the stallion’s abdominal cavity.

The fluffy started in dumbfounded horror as his intestines slipped from the massive cut in his belly. Nigel collected the shiny coils in a stainless steel dish and went for some twine. He returned and saw the stallion was transfixed on his innards.

‘It’s an odd site, isn’t it?’ Nigel cut a few lengths of twine. ‘When my partner was doing her residency, she attended to a young man who'd been in a gang fight.' Nigel slipped his hands inside the stallion and tied off the lower bowel. ‘Whoever he was fighting had a filleting knife or something similar, and his belly was sliced wide open. When he came in, he couldn't stop looking at his intestines.' Nigel tied off the stomach, an cut the intestine at each end. He disposed of the offal and came back with a bowl of stuffing.

Nigel took the stallion off the rack and laid him on his back. The fluffy breathed so fast and so shallow, he was in danger of passing out, foamy blood formed around his muzzle. Nigel filled the abdominal cavity with as much stuffing as it would take and sewed it shut. Gutted and stuffed, there were only a few steps left. Nigel cut the tendons in the stallion's legs and laid him in a large baking tray. Nigel rubbed the stallion down with a liberal amount of olive oil and a herb rub. Lastly came a sprinkle of salt and pepper, and the baking tray went into the oven.

‘Wahhhhhh!!! Wahhhhuhuhuh eeeeeeee!!’ The stallion wailed in agony as blazing hot air engulfed him and burned his skin on contact. He breathed in, and the air burned his lungs. ‘Huwwww!! Hwuwwwwww!!’ He opened his eyes; before they were scorched and rendered useless, the stallion saw Lilith on the other side of the oven door, a serine smile on her face. The last thing he saw was Lilith wave goodbye.

Lilith stayed put in front of the oven while Nigel tidied up the kitchen. ‘Alright Lilith,’ Nigel said when he was done. ‘I think you should back to the saferoom now. Lilith?’

The alicorn gazed into the oven, fixated on the stallion in his death throws. All the pain and torment he felt, the fear and the knowledge he was about to die, made her happy again. She only wished Amethyst was old enough to watch with her. When the stallion grew still, she looked up at Nigel; ‘Otay Daddeh, Wiwif go back tu babbehs nao.’


‘*Sniff sniff* Dese nummies smeww so gud!!’

‘Bestest nummies ewa!! Tank yu Big Daddeh!!’

Abadon and Pearl happily dug into the mixture of rice and shredded meat. Once the stallion was roasted, Nigel stripped the meat off the body and mixed it and fat which came off him with brown rice.

‘*Gulp* Dummeh munstah fwuffy make bestest nummies!!’ Abadon declared. ‘Bestest!’

‘Tank yu fow gud nummies Daddeh,’ Lilith said.

‘You’re welcome honey,’ Nigel said. He turned and looked at Amethyst. ‘Go on sweetie, don’t be shy.’

The filly stepped forward and sniffed the food in her bowl, but still didn't eat. She looked at Nigel and her mother, ears flat against her head.

‘Nu be scawdies babbeh,’ Lilith said. ‘Bad fwuffy nu can giv yu huwties nu mowe; he am nummies nao!’

Amethyst looked back at the bowl and took a tentative bite. She chewed slowly at first but then with more enthusiasm. After a few mouthfuls looked at her mother; ‘Am gud nummies Mummah!!’ Amethyst put her head back in the bowl and wolfed down the food. Lilith looked at her filly, a big warm smile on her face. Satisfied, Nigel left the living room and returned to the kitchen. He grabbed some leftovers and had them instead of the meat and rice. It was too gamy for Nigel's taste, his fault for not castrating the stallion sooner.

‘Never mind, next time.’ It was more about healing Amethyst anyway. Nigel loaded up his plate and was about to return to the living room when he heard a rustle outside. He put down the plate, and carefully went out on the deck. Nigel closed the door, and listened.

‘Nu wan be hewe Speciaw-fwend, tuu scawies!’

‘Am jus fow dawk time. Famiwy keep goin when bwight time cum back.’

Nigel smiled. He went to the garage, grabbed a throw net and stepped out into the yard.


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