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Hatty and the Dream

>be Hasbio™ Official Fluffy Pony earth fluffy named Hatty
>dark purple fluff, pink mane, golden eyes
>Cappy is the big-eared, minty blue pointy fluffy riding around on your head
>Cappy is tiny and often mistaken for a chirpy friend at first glance, but he's actually just a very small regular fluffy with no mane
>be horribly lost in the forest, in the middle of nowhere, after being dumped on the side of the road by your Nini's Daddy
>after a long day of getting sky-wawa'd on and fruitlessly screaming for your Nini, you have found some weird, sour blackberry-nummies hidden in a bush and some half-decent shelter in the form of an abandoned fox den by pure coincidence
>now, the only problem is getting out when the rain stops, as the entrance is pretty steep
>you decide to think about that later, instead joining your tiny friend in sleepie-time

>wake up
>it's still kind of dark, like when you wake up early and the big sky-ball isn't all the way up yet
>casually walk out of the den and munch on some plump, sweet blackberries
>toss one up to Cappy, who gratefully digs in
>finish eating
>hear something and turn around
>a thicc earth fluffy emerges from the bushes
>brown fluff, yellow mane, amber eyes
>"Hi, Honey," you both say in unison
>Honey looks around
>"Huh. Nice place you got here," he says
>he looks sad
>"Honey wan' huggies fow make ebwyfing bettah?" you ask, holding out your hooves
>"...Man, I guess some things do carry over," he says, walking over to you and allowing himself to be hugged
>he's quiet for a few seconds after you pull away, but it doesn't seem like the hug helped
>in fact, he's getting mad now
>"Why am I always the opposite of everyone else when we do this?" he suddenly yells
>both of you shit yourselves in fear, hardened rabbit pellets falling down the back of your neck
>"God, you guys don't even have your dignity. I'm always either too stupid to know what's going on or having to watch all my friends pull this shit every time we try this!"
>his language of dreams doesn't exist in your world, so he doesn't trigger your "bad word" protocol
>because it is a dream
>"I Hatty? wish we could Hatty. all just get formatted Hatty... or something so we wouldn't have to-"

>you jerk awake, looking up at the bright morning light that shines through the entrance of the den
>you're cold and wet
>Cappy calls your name as a small, sour blackberry rolls into the den and hits you in the face
>"Cappy got out!"
>"Yaaay!" you yell in response
>it feels kind of weird to not have him riding around on your head
>"Cappy put nummies fwom big bushie fing down dewe!"
>stand up
>look down
>you're ankle-deep in rainwater and there are ten blackberries floating around in it
>num the blackberries
>look up at Cappy, who is stained with blackberry juice and rolling another one into the hole
>catch it in your mouth
>both start giggling at how incredible that catch was
>maybe being stuck in a hole forever isn't so bad after all
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CasualDev: trippy dream bullshit that's probably never going to get elaborated on because all the fluffies start speaking perfect english and the traits that make them fluffies as the booru knows them go down the shitter.
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Researcher_7201: The most disturbing thing on the booru would be a fluffy who spoke perfectly unaccented English
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