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**Need A Little Help**

I am at an impasse on which story I should work on next I have 4 in the works but would like to know which one the booru thinks I should finish first.

1. FWA Litter Pal part 4 the yellow foals slow gradual modification in to a litter pal.

1. A rich man who is soon to die wants to use up his money so his ungrateful spawn can't inherit it. He spends it on the dumbest shit he can think of including a new fluffy business venture.

1. FWA is contracted to assist a shelter in clearing out a hoarder's home but this horder hords fluffies truly horrifying sights awake a new hire

1. Lastly a man has fun with a young weanling and a large pvc pipe

Let me know which idea you think I should work on and thanks for your help!
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Researcher_7201: Seems I lost my numbering in the format convention. Something to keep in mind for next time. Anyway I have the stories all pretty much mapped out and I've got 2 of them started but I'm bouncing back and forth and want to just focus on one for a bit but can't decide so any assistance is appreciated :)

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differential_Sloth: I think you just need to chose one, finish it, and put it on the booru. Then, you move on to the next story, wash rinse repeat.

Take my word for this, spreading your time and focus over a lot of writing projects is a very good way to get almost nothing done. Your time, focus, and energy are finite.

As for which story to focus on first, I dunno. Flip a coin. Use an RNG. Just pick one and write.
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ElCuCuyfeo: If I could make a suggestion. Picture a girl whose who life she and her family have loved and cared for fluffies. Till she decided to leave to college to be a fluffy veterinarian. Today’s colleges are just now started courses in caring and medical aid for fluffies. But she and her friend are urged to pledge to a sorority and in one of the initiations they have to torture and kill a foal with thier bare hands. Her friend can’t do it it the girl is so desperate to do well in college she reasons that it will be just this one time. But that act starts her ina downward spiral into becoming an abuser and a very efficient abuser....

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Zengage: @differential_Sloth: thats solid advice, and I do mean that.
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LORD: @Researcher_7201: I really want you to finish FWM R&D Litter Pal Report 4, i’m really interested to see where it goes.

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FluffyPuncher: @LORD: ditto