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The odyssey chapter 2

It was morning of the nineteenth day of Romie’s life and the sun was shining all the same. The order of him and his siblings birth was unknown,all but for one. That one being “Bwonie” the obvious runt of the litter. The poor thing had be two-thirds the size of his brothers and sisters at birth and the effects of which had showed. His size often resulted in bullying and ostracization from the four. It was no secret that “Romie” was the favorite of Orange. Not only was he the pretty baby, but his colors matched hers exactly. The other three understood they'd never be the best but they can at least come second or third...or anything other than last.

The two puke greens “Wime” and “Sour” were near indistinguishable from one another at birth;both being puke green and lacking wings or horns,though time soon helped their mom with that problem. At thirteen days young “Sour” developed a white mane which bumped him up to second place in Orange’s shallow hierarchy of looks. “Wime” though was not as lucky, instead developing a rainced shit brown mane matching her runt brothers coat exactly. “Chocy” a brown unicorn resembling her runt brother in everything except size, learned her place quickly. Never fighting for anything better then second worst. Always waiting her turn for milk, she’d often receive little to nothing only leaving enough after her turn to help “Bwonie” survive on the rare occasions he got to suck. As time went on and the days got shorter they soon became sadly aware of this rigid hierarchy of unearned favoritism.

Romie new where he sat on the totem pole. Being the favorite was something he'd never relinquish willingly, not that he had much choice in the matter to begin with. Though some sympathy for his siblings did reside within him and continued to even after the hundred and eight speeches his mother would give him about how he deserved more than them, and was the best of them all. When “Bwonie” was made to lick him clean, shit and all, he only sat and waited hoping his brother would finish quick and get milk after. It was to his dismay that neither happened, and instead his brother was sent to his corner with a full belly of filth and tears in his eyes.


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Researcher_7201: Enjoyable. Im looking forward to the next installment