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By Gardel


"Hey you the new guy right? come right in"

You step into the warehouse of Franco Biopets Inc, a new player in the fluffy industrial mill business.

"Yeah we're kinda new, when I started here the company used to be a small operation running from a storage space. You come from Sunny Farms right? good, we need people who knows how to work with shitrats"- he tells you as he swipes a card through a reader to unlock the magnetic lock of the steel security door

Immediately you hear the cries of hundreds of fluffy dams.

*haf* *haf* REEEEEEE!
Nu can breathies.....hewp
Huuuu.......wowest tummie huwties!

"-we do things our own way here"

You see the mares

They are all pillowed, nothing new here, but the weird thing is that they are so fat they look they are about to burst any second.

Also unlike at your previous job there's only the worst colors imaginable, what kind of company uses these as breeders? 

"You noticed the colors eh? yeah they are all shit factories, shelter rejects nobody wanted, poopie babbehs taken off the production line, discount bin foals sold by weight, live pet food candidates and potential kibble fodder. We buy them for next to nothing, shit! some we got for FREE from other mills since it was cheaper for them than paying the industrial biobin fees, recycling shitrats ain't cheap you know?"

You walk past one of the mares and when you look at the distended belly you notice something squirming below the skin...

"Thing is the coloration of the mares doesn't matters because we're using in vitro here you know? these are just surrogates"

He pulls a vape pen and turns it on.

"Let me give you a bit of a background before we move to actual training: you know how there are two types of breeders right? big mills that go for quantity and smaller ones that go for quality"

He inhales from the pen and starts walking.

"Here we got for a bit of both. It all started 3 years ago: back then we were just another small mill supplying local fluffy stores. One of the mares we had in the cages got really preggo, like you know how most mares give you 2 or 4 foals right? maybe 6 in some occasions"

He turns around

"Well this bitch had 20 little shitrats inside, fucking 20! can you believe it? I mean its not unheard of but its still super-rare. I wasn't around when fluffy breeding really began else I would be a millionaire but from what some veterans tell me back then fluffy breeding was a lottery, fluffplosion was a real thing because nobody knew how to handle these fragile broken-by-all toy-things. The only ones that had any knowledge were ex-Hasbio employees and they weren't sharing, not for free. So needless to say a mare with 20 foals inside was a disaster waiting to happen which is why we decided to try to salvage it by performing a backyard C-section since nobody there was a surgeon nor a veterinarian."

He then stops next to one of the breeding tables, this one with a puke green mare with a belly the size of a basketball.


"Yeah nah you dipshit, not yet, anyway where was I? right so we opened the bitch. It had good colors, magenta red with a pink mane which is always on demand even if its not a designer model. We tried to staple it back together but it died shortly after, a damn waste. The foals well, half were runts, around 5 were dead and the remaining 5 had okay colors, nothing great but at least not a complete write-off like this bitch here. However this is when one of the founders got an idea: what if we used a bunch of cheap mares as disposable breeders instead?"

He walks into another section and you follow him.

"Of course the main problem was the colors: cheap mares don't come in good colors and we're not using premium colored ones as single-use foal ovens. We actually tried hiring an actual fluffy technician to close another mare properly after giving birth. It survived but it wasn't able to get preggo again, these things are again very fragile. So we checked around and some company in Russia was already selling kits for fluffy artificial insemination..."

He goes through another door and as you enter you see walls with fluffy stallions stuck to them with zip ties. They are all blinded, muted and pillowed with tubes going in and out their bodies to feed them and remove any waste. Unlike the mares from before all of these fluffies have great colors.

"So of course we need a source for the genetic material, and we got it here. Twice a week these guys get 'milked', we used to stab a catheter in their balls and let the nutterbutter drip into a vial but there was a problem with infections and some shitrats died. Don't worry you don't have to jackoff these fags" -he says while cracking a condecending smile- "just use that FluffCo pump over there. It hurts like a motherfucker which is why we muted them."

He keeps walking while puffing on that pen, then enters another section.

This one is full of standard fluffy cages. Inside there are mares, all in great colors and relatively happy.

Hewwo mistah!
Nyu daddeh?
Fwuffy wan pway!
Tee hee!

"These here -he says as he points at the cages with the vape pen- are our egg producers. We buy them young from the best breeders we can find and when they reach puberty we pump them full of hormones and harvest the eggs. That process takes a few weeks and after that they are basically sterile and we sell them as such to fluffy stores to get some money back. Some people buy adults, some don't, frankly I don't care what happens after they leave this place, point is the reason why they are so happy is because they only stay here for a little while, they don't get the whole fluffy mill experience so they aren't broken and shit".

"Anyway- *puff* -follow me..."

Gubai mistah!

"Over there is the lab, they combine the eggs and sperm using a computer to get the best colors. As you know fluffy genetics are a crapshot but most colors are recessive so if you combine a blue stallion with a blue mare you get foals in the same or similar shades or blue, though afaik nobody can figure manes yet so that's a lottery."

You both go inside the lab, he moves towards a cylindrical thing and grabs the handle on top and pulls upwards. Another cylinder full of vials comes out with vapors from the liquid nitrogen inside.

"Pretty cool huh? bet you guys didn't have tech like this, this is by far the most expensive part of our operation. Each of these vials have 40 fluffy embryos, we take them and inject them inside the surrogates. Most of the time we don't get all 40 foals but sometimes we do. The average litter is around 30-35, still a ton of foals per mare. Most mares only need to birth around 12 foals to cover the cost of buying them so needless to say with over 30 foals we don't even bother to keep them alive after this."

He takes a vial and closes the cylinder then opens another door into a clean room.

"And here's where the magic happens!" -he says as he punches a green button on the wall.


A small door opens and inside theres a plastic cage on a tiny motorized trolley that rides a small track inside the wall, and there in the cage is a piss yellow unicorn mare standing inside.

Weee! su fun! agen!-oh, nyu daddeh? fo' fwuffy? -it says as it looks at you

"Open the cage and grab her"

You do as told, after that he closes the cage and then the door on the wall. He presses the red button and you hear the trolley rolling away.

"That the transport system, it brings the mares from the depot next door. Nothing unusual over there BTW, just your regular bunch of cages full of fluffies. Anyway, get her to the QuickhornTM auto-stumper"- he says pointing at the device on the opposite wall.


You put the mare down making sure every leg goes into the holes.

Why fwuffy nu can move? -it says as it struggles, its chin almost touching the base of the stumper.

"Punch it"

You press the orange button below.

*Bip! wirrrrr!* -the noise the machine does as it begins, raising a plexiglas divider between you and the fluffy, followed by a computer voice [CAUTION: PLEASE STAND BACK / PRECAUCION: MANTENGA LA DISTANCIA]

"Shit, now even machines speak Mexican"

Whu am dat? why noisie? why-gasp!


As the barrier slides down you grab the mare by the sides, fresh burned stumps and smoke coming out of the holes.

Huuuu! wowest huwties! pwase huggies! neeee make owies gu 'way, nee......WEWE WEGGIES?! NUUUUUUUUU! AM DUMMEH NAO!

"Heh, never gets old! BTW there's a leg bucket on the cabinet below, remember to empty it every now and then else the stumper might jam in the middle of a job and cook the shitrat alive. One even caught fire, fucker almost broke the machine"

You put the mare on the table next to the stumper.

"We used to let them keep their legs but some would bump inside the cages and that would harm the foals so we amputate them now. Alright now see that gun-thing? thats for the insemination, grab it".

Its made of surgical steel, got a bunch of Russian letters on it.

"Its easy really, you place the embryo vial inside this hole here on the top, pull this lever here, add on of the disposable applicators inside that box to the business end of the gun and then shove it up the thing's snatch"

You get the applicator ready.

"Good, now grab her tail and yank it upwards then shove the thing"

Huuuhuuuu-EEEE! HUWTIES!

"...and press the trigger"

*Click! fshhhhhh!*

"....done, now over here we go back to breeding. Careful now, we can't afford any mistakes after this point"

You carry the crying mare with both arms, not too tight nor too loose, almost as if it was made of glass.

"Now- he says as you both arrive to an empty breeding table. He opens a drawer and pulls a fresh plastic mat -place the thing here, very nice and softly. The mat is memory foam to avoid any bed sores since it wont be able to move for weeks. Now grab one of the shit trays"

You lift an aluminum tray from under the table.

"As you can tell from looking at the other mares the foals take A LOT of space inside so to make room we put laxatives on the food that way no turds will compress and deform the valuable little shitrats inside them. We would take organs out too if we could!. Anyway, they shit all day on the trays, is your job to change them for fresh ones so they don't overflow. Before you ask, no, we can't put one of the spiky shit tubes up its ass, it would stress the mare too much and risk premature labor which would give us nothing but stillbirths, so get used to it."

You already kind of regret taking this job but with the shit economy and your shittier qualifications you don't have much choice, not since McDonald's went full automatized.

"And in this drawer there's the nasal cannula, ALWAYS use a new one you hear me? we don't need mares catching diseases and killing the foals inside. These fuckers can't breathe enough to keep 40 foals alive, in fact their crap lungs can barely absorb enough air to keep 20 alive without suffocating the mare. So you have to put this cannula in its nose and then plug it to the oxygen port over there-"

You place the plastic string on the port and then the ends on the fluffy's nostrils.


"-now turn the valve 3/4 of a turn to the right to pump the oxygen to it"

"As for feeding- He bends down a bit and grabs a plastic bucket labeled 'feed' and a small measuring cup - here's the custom nutripaste we use, nothing but pure protein, fat and vitamins to make sure the tiny fuckers grow nice and big. Take this cup and fill it with 400ml of the thing, then feed it to the mare, 6 times a day. And no we cannot use feeding tubes, stress remember? Go on"

You open the bucket, the smell of rancid butter and cheap protein power hits you like the slap on the face. You fill the cup to the exact amount you were told then close the bucket and put it back where it was. You then approach the mare and grab its muzzle.


"Easy now!"

And you stuff it like a foie gras goose. The mare gulps it down.

Huuhuuu! yicky huwtie nummies!

"Good enough, now that prep work is done we move to the main event: harvesting"

He signals you to follow him. You arrive to another table with a huge dark green pegasus mare, its wings flattened under the weight. The belly is stretched as fuck, the fluff is barely there anymore and you can see the veiny skin below it. The really weird part is the 'bumps', the foals inside the mare which looks as if it was filled with squirming parasites moving and kicking around.

*haf haf!*!

"Its about to pop, bring it to the clean room, can't have it screaming here and scaring the other dams".

You're about to grab the mare when he stops you.

"With a table! don't ever grab a preggo dam like that! it could damage the foals or worse like when one broke apart and spilled chirpies everywhere"

He points you to a trolley with a table. You take it, roll it next to the breeding table.

"Good, now unplug the mare remove the shit tray and sloooooowly slide the mat with the mare on top to transfer it to the other table. Now roll her over to the clean room"

You both enter the room with the mare.

"Close the door, now transfer it to the operating table. Good, grab some latex gloves and get ready."

You put the gloves on as he opens a box with some weird tools.

"This is the laser scalpel, we use it because the skin is so thin a regular metal scalpel would cut the foals inside. Take it, make it sure its charged, if not there are fresh batteries in that box. now..." -he takes a black sharpie and brings it to the mare's stomach

*marker sounds*

"Shit! a little more time and the sharpie would be enough to cut her open, heh. As I was saying, that line? that's where you need to cut, go on"

You bring the laser scalpel just over the mare's skin.

*capacitors charging*


Suddenly the skin gives away


....and a ball of afterbirth and foals pops out from the mare.


"Nice! all purple, different shades but still a great haul. Help me clean them" many....pwetties

"10....20.....37! awesome!........wait, hol up! check this one"

Peep peep! wuv!

"A turd colored interloper, not even worth the miwkies"- he says as he walks towards the garbage bin in the corner of the room and opens the lid

Peep! chirp!

...and drops it

Peep! eeeee!

B-babbeh? WEWE BABBEH? HAV HUWTIES?! -screams the mare with whatever strength it has left given the huge exploded cavity where its tummy used to be

"Don't worry cunt you can join your brown nugget" -he says as he grabs the mare by the scalp

U-upsies? fank u dade-EEEEEEEEEEEE!

And raises it, guts hanging from the mare and nearly touching the floor


Huuuu! miwkies!
B-babbeh? am bebbeh hewe? dawkies, nu can see

"Goodbye shitrat" he says as he puts the lid back on

Nuuuu! nee hewp! fwuffy nu am twashies! pwase!

"End of the line for that thing, and that concludes the training. I'll take the foals to the milkbags, we got some good ones from a contractor, each unit lasts almost a month, no need for powdered miwkies and that shit is full of melamine thanks to the Chinese".

He puts the 36 foals in a small box that has a heat lamp inside powered by a li-ion battery pack taped to the side, he grabs it by the handle and walks away to the foal section where the milkbags are. After the foals open their eyes they will be photographed and classified to be sold to retailers or online through amazon.

Meanwhile you're seriously reconsidering the life choices that brought you to this shitty job.


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Gardel: Guess who's back, back again

Gardel's back, tell a friend
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Nocturn: Excellent story. But a good fluffsplosion is still fun
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THEDARKMANTA: Yeah! Cool story. I read through all your stories so far. Really good content and excellent writing. "José and the cans" is easily one of my favorite series on the booru. Please never stop writing, but take your time. Every time you post I feel like a prospecter finding a gold nugget in a swamp. I swear some of the folk on the booru can write better than 80% of my classmated in a masters level creative writing course. Woooooo Gardel rules!
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Fiberglass: The master of fluffy horror is back...nice.
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Scandal: Reminds me of that Pregafluff pic that's apparently no longer on the booru but gets uploaded to threads every once in a while
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Researcher_7201: Fucking hell your back! This is awesome!
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NottooFluf2: Great story, a little waste throwing te mare and shirpy into the thrash bin, mare could still work as milkbag for a month or so and the shirpie could be sold as a litter pal or live mascot feed
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Fluffus: The master of Disaster! Love it.

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SmawtySpewmatozoon: Dude the mare’s guts were hanging out, its stomach was gone. No milk bagging there.
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Nuuu: Fantastic story. I love your use of colors and soundwords.

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Anders_Breivik: Industrial style torture and butchery, I love it. I was an engineer for food factories, I have seen produce and meat treated exactly like that. You only missed an automincer for the used mares and the runts, but I like your writing style!
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