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The Sadist's Adoption
By TheWestMesaFluffCollector

Chapter Five - Your Momma Wanted This For You.


Giovanni flipped his steak in the pan. He had had a long day, and had stopped by Albertson’s to get himself a good meal, along with a decent bottle of wine. In the closet, he heard the babbling of fluffy foals. Three of them, that was.

As to the fourth, he was guessing that Checkers wasn’t in the mood much for talking. Not after the day that he had.

Indeed, both he and his mother weren’t exactly in the best of moods. As by design.

As he lightly salted and peppered his steak, while tossing in some more cooking sherry, Giovanni allowed his mind to wander back to the events of the day.


It had started that morning. Giovanni went in to feed the two adults their morning kibble when Melody looked up at Giovanni and said proudly “Wook Daddeh!” She said with a bright tone to her voice. “Bestest babbeh see pwaces am goin tu open soon.”

Oh, Giovanni thought, now a bit more interested in the honey and shit colored bastard he referred to as Checkers privately.

Indeed, he could see some muscle spasms around the eyelids, as if the foal was attempting to gather the strength necessary to lift the flesh flaps. The mare was right. They would likely be taking their first views of the world within the next two days.

Giovanni smiled. “That's good. I’m happy for you, Melody.” He replied, with a genuine tinge of happiness in his voice. Something about the small tinge caused Pickle to shuffle uncomfortably, and he reflexively shielded the three remaining foals snoozing in his fluff. “Looking into the ‘see places’ of your babies is the greatest thing that can happen to a mummah. Well, that and giving them ‘milkies.’” He said, causing Melody to have a twinge of sadness in her eye. “Looking into their babies eyes lets the foal know who their mummah is, and just how much she loves them.” He continued.

“Weawwy?” Melody asked, never having thought of that before.

Giovanni smiled. “Really.” He said. “But, I'm sure you knew that already. All bestest mummahs know that, right?”

Melody realized her mistake, and recovered quickly. “Yus, Mewody awweady knu dat. Becawse am da bestest mummah ebbah!” She turned back towards Checkers. “Siwwy daddeh.”

Giovanni nodded, his mind already working on the next part of this unexpected development. “Since you and Pickle have done such a good job of taking care of the babbehs, let me get you a ‘sketti treat’ before I go to work.” Both Melody and Pickle brightened at this. “Otay!” They both said in harmony.

Giovanni walked over to the kitchen, and open a jar that had his ‘sketti’ treats inside. He reached inside, and make sure to pull out two. then, he opened up his junk drawer. Inside is junk drawer he pulled out a length of string. It was the length of string that he was going to be using for his next encounter with the foal.

Walking back to the safe room, Giovanni went ahead and fed Pickle his treat. Pickle gratefully accepted the treat, but at the same time keep the steady eye on Giovanni. There was something about him that concerned him.

Training to Melody, Giovanni pretended to lower her treat but then at the last moment chucked it to the corner of the closet. “Ooops, sorry Melody.”

The mare freaked. “Nu! Sketti tweat! Cum back!”

As Melody ran after the snack, and Pickle was distracted by the commotion, Giovanni went ahead and tied the string around the foal’s waist. Then, holding it tightly, he threw the length of string outside the door, where it would be of use later.

None of this was noticed by the fluffies in the room, all of whom were trying to tell Melody where her treat was.

“Pickwe towd yu, it am by bwockies!”

“Shuddup, dummeh. Mewody sey it am by da teebee.”

“Nu, it am by bwockies!”

Giovanni reached over and picked up the treat.

“It was by the litterbox, you tards.” He placed it near Melody’s bed. “I gotta go to work. See you in ten hours. Maybe more.”
Pickle nodded. “Gudbye mastah!”

Melody beamed back at Giovanni. “Gudbai daddeh! Fank yu fow tweat!”

Giovanni nodded, then, after pushing a button on the tablet, put on an episode of FluffTV’s “GUD MOWNING BABBEHS!” for their consumption. Then, leaving the door open a crack, he walked by the door, took off his shoes, and looked for the string.


Soon after Giovanni left bee honey colorful felt something tug on his side. then gently The Falls Sioux found himself being drug across the floor of the safe room and towards the door.

Melody on the other hand was too busy keeping an eye on reading babies to see when their eyes were going to open to notice that her bestest baby was soon becoming a involuntarily exploring baby. she was determined to take this opportunity to regain control of her babies at last

“Babbehs see pwaces am g oin’ to open. Den, am goin’ to make suwe dat babbehs see Mewody, su dey knu dat Mewody is mummah, nu is dummeh Pickwe.”

Pickle, in the meantime, was cleaning the three babies, and complaining about how the red baby’s ‘nummie pwace hownies’ hurt his tongue.

Melody soon brightened up. “Betchu bestest babbeh’s see pwaces am open nao! Wets see!” melody look down and noticed then that her baby was no longer with her “Babbeh? Babbeh! Wewe awe yu? Nu is gud time to be a ‘spowin babbeh! Nee’ gu see mummah!”

Melody then noticed that the door was open. this was likely where her baby went she thought. After all if he was her bestest baby than it was probably likely that he was already a ‘wawkie babbeh’, which is how he became a ‘spowin babbeh’ so fast.

Melody got up and headed towards the door. Pickle noticed quickly. “Nu am gud idea to weave safewoom. Nee’ stay hewe and wait for babbehs.”

Melody scoffed. “Stoopie Pickwe! Nee’ gu fin’ bestest babbeh. Den wiww cum back, and wet babbehs knu dat Mewody am da bestest mummah.”

Pickle sighed. There was not going to be any reasoning with the mare. “Otay….bu’ wemembah, if num am Pickwe fauwt if yu get in twoubwe if mastah.”

Melody blew him off. She was gonna go get her baby, no matter what her monster daddy did. Melly trotted out into the hallway, looking around for any sign of her baby.

She almost froze in fear when she saw the white carpeting. To her it almost looked like the “cowd fwuff’ that she had encountered before meeting Giovanni. curious, Melody approached the carpeting and rubbed her hooves on it. It felt so soft and warm she thought. She quickly rolled on the carpet, commenting “Wub nice fwuff! Make bestest nestie fow bestest babbeh.” It was that latter thought that got her back to her mission.

A sudden barrage of peeping led Melody towards the open back patio. That peeping sounded like a baby. Her baby!

“Babbeh? Bestest babbeh am in twoubwe! Howd on babbeh, mummah cummin!” Melody ran outside towards the patio, where suddenly, the peeping stopped.

Giovanni, hidden behind the curtains, paused the “Babbehs!” app on his phone and slammed the patio door shut, leaving Melody outside on the small patio that he had.

Melody began to scream. “Nuuu! Wet bestest mummah inside nao! Pwease! Nee’ be dewe for babbehs see-pwaces tu open! Nee’ babbehs tu see mummah!” She frantically pawed against the glass door, to no avail.

Giovanni closed the curtains, making sure to stay unseen. Task number one was complete. Now, to make sure that Checkers’ first sights in the world were...appropriately horrible.


Giovanni returned to the bathroom, where the honey colored bastard was strapped to the rack. Nearby, a old cell phone, connected to some earbuds that were tied near the foal, were ready to play. Giovanni wanted to make sure that, with the foal’s eyes likely opening in the next day or two, that they would be exposed to the horrors of the world as soon as possible.

He was going to show Checkers one of his favorite videos, a dark web favorite.

He pressed play on “Daisy’s Destruction.”

He had first encountered the video years before, when first surfing on the dark web. However, unlike the rumors, the reality of the video was quite different.

The video showed two adults, one male and one female, as they surrounded a female alicorn foal, a Princess Celestia. The video began with then doing some sexual stimulation of the foal, before the male began to penetrate the foal, ever so lightly, not enough to tear it open, but enough for the foal to cry out “nu wan spechuw huggies” before being silenced by the woman sitting gently on the foal’s face. The man used all kinds of torture devices. Alligator clips. Sorry sticks. Sorry strings. Even a custom built pear of anguish. The foal is beaten, but the skill of the couple was enough that the foal never entered the ‘wan die’ loop. Eventually, the foal is defecated on, causing it to chirp out in indigation at this point, speech having been driven from it’s mind. Then, the man severed the limbs using a machete, before ending the foal by shoving his erect penis inside, causing the foal to rupture before he finally tore it apart.

The video was two hours long.

Giovanni had only watched it three times, each time finding it….inspirational.

Smiling, Giovanni pushed play on the video, making sure it looped.

He had heard rumors of what the video did to fluffies. Some entered the wan die loop immediately. Some, however, were...changed. Shattered. Angry.

It would be a hell of a sight to see when you first have the use of your eyes.

“Remember little one, torture and death are necessary. They are the fuel for life. And they are going to be in your immediate future.”

Satisfied, Giovanni walked away, closing the door, before heading off to work.


Pickle was all by himself, playing with the babies and giving them attention. Still, he felt uneasy, looking at the cracked open door that Melody still hadn’t returned from. He was uneasy, but didn’t want to leave the room. He had known from prior experience what happened if you left the safe room.

Suddenly, he started hearing a louder and louder peeping. Looking down, he saw that the green baby's eyes were beginning to flutter. He let out a happy gasp. It was happening!

Looking at the door, he yelled out “Mewody! Cum back! Babbeh’s see pwaces am opening!”

She never came.

As a result, when the green foal’s brown eyes opened, the first thing he saw was the smiling face of Pickle.

The green foal chirped happily. Then, much to Pickle’s surprise, he spoke in a surprisingly deep baritone voice, “Mummah! Wub!”

Pickle start to giggle. “Siwwy babbeh!” He said with a smile. “Nu am mawe!”

The green baby ignored him. “Mummah!”

It was then that the other foals began open their eyes. The red pegasus’ eyes opened up, revealing a rather sickly color of pink, likely due to the virus’ and mutations raging through her system.

“Mummah!” it squeaked.

The blue baby's eyes opened up soon after. She fluttered her green eyes and said “Pwetty mummah!”

Pickle was confused as to what to do. One one hand, rejecting the foals could cause them harm. On the other hand, he wasn’t their mother.

In the end, he decided that the pain to his ego was less important than any pain caused to the babies.

“Weww, babbehs can caww fwuffeh Pickwe mummah!” He said.

“Yay! Pickwe mummah! Pickwe mummah!” The three chirped happily.

Pickle felt his heart swell with pride. After all, what was the harm in allowing them this one indulgence. Surely, there would be a lot more damage if he didn’t allow them this. After all, what was the worst thing that could happen?


Giovanni arrived back that night, carrying his latest purchase from Amazon. Hopefully, Checkers was ready for it. As he closed the door, he was greeted by a call from the safe room.

“Mastah, cum quickies!” Giovanni walked over, wondering what was going on.

Pickle was beside himself with joy. “Wook at da babbehs!”

Giovanni noticed immediately that the foals eyes ere all open, but decided to play dumb. “Looks like they’re the same shit rats to me.” He replied.

Pickle laughed nervously. “Nu, dey nu am wattie munstahs, dey am tawkie babbehs, and dey see pwaces am open.”

The three foals immediately greeted him. “Hewwo mastah! Wub yu!”

Giovanni’s eyebrows went up. This was a new development. And honestly, one that he had expected for at least another day. At the very least, he had hoped to prolong Melody’s misery for at least another day. And, if they were already at this stage, than there was a good chance his prisoner inside the bathroom was already at this stage too.

“That’s good. What did Melody….” he stopped, then pretended look around. “Pickle, where is Melody?”

Pickle suddenly got nervous. “Pickwe towd hew nu weave safe woom, but said she wan fin’ bestest babbeh!”

Giovanni laughed inside. Fucking snitch, he thought with a chuckle.

In any case, it was time deal with Melody.

“Alright, let me go see if I can find her. You watch those babies now. Good job.”

Pickle beamed happily. “Fank yu, mastah!” He said, as he began to sing his own stupid version of a ‘mummah song’ to them.


Giovanni went into the den, pretending to look for the mare, while calling out her name. Soon, he was rewarded with a cry of distress.

“Daddeh! Hewp Mewody! Birdie munstahs am hewe! Wai meanie doow nu open!?”

Giovanni opened the curtains to see Melody, frantically pounding at the glass. A mound of shit was piled up near the balcony. She was terrified of the hummingbirds nipping at the feeder he had hung up.

Giovanni opened the door, as Melody scampered inside. She didn’t get far before Giovanni seized her by the scruff of her neck.

“Why were you outside the safe room? Only bad fluffies leave the safe room.” Giovanni said darkly.

“Heawd bestest babbeh cawwing fow mummah! He am splowing babbeh!” Melody replied.

Giovanni went darker. “Bullshit. Your foal was with you this morning. And where is he now?”

Melody shook her head. “Fwuffeh nu knu.”

Giovanni lifted the mare and took her back outside on the patio. He went over to the corner and picked out a branch from a cholla tree, gripping it by the side where he shaved the spines off.

“I’ll give you one last chance to tell me the truthm or I will hit you with this extra sorry stick. Why were you outside, and where is your baby?”

Melody shook her head. “Mewody nu knu! Wuz wooking fow babbeh.”

Giovanni had enough. Giovanni whipped her with the spiny branch, again and again, making sure to avoid her still healing wounds on the bottom. He lashed her across the back, causing Melody to chirp in pain as the spines ripped into flesh. After about ten lashes, he was satisfied. He picked her up by the scruff, the mare peeping, but otherwise, not too badly damaged. “I'm gonna put you back in the safe room, and then I will look for your baby, I swear to God if you disobey me again, I will make sure that your babies pick your punishment.”

Melody nodded. In truth, she wanted to be away from him, and back among the safety of her babies, even if she had to deal with Pickle.

She was, in a small way, grateful that he had added this last part. After all, babies were supposed to love their mothers more than anything. She was confident that her babies wouldn’t forsake her.


Melody’s hopes were soon dashed once Giovanni closed the door. She heard the sound of babies, and thought it was the tablet. But the tablet was off. Light up by the nightlight, Melody saw...eyes. And not just those of Pickle.

Pickle looked concern. “Wat am wwong, Mewody?”

Melody shook her head as she approached. “Jus’ haf saddies, das aww.”

Pickle smiled. “Cum wook! Babbehs am tawkie babbehs nao!”

Melody’s ears perked up. “Weawwy!” She ignored the pain in her back, as she moved quicker. Sure enough, she heard the sound “..mummah…” She felt her heart soar.

as she grew closer she heard exactly what they're saying pikul mama pickle mama. She went and she looked over at this the at pickle. Sorry he said in sheepishly. Was an accident.

Melody decided to lay down the law. “Nu babbehs.” She said calmly. “Mewody is mummah, nu is dummeh Pickwe. He nu ebben mawe. Ow gud mummah.”

Pickle felt hot prickles of anger rising. The foals, meanwhile, looked over at her in confusion.

“Yu am...mummbah?” The trio asked.

Melody nodded with a smile. “Yus.”

The foals pondered this new development for a few seconds, then almost mentally shrugged it off before turning back and cheeping “Pickwe mummah! Pickwe mummah! Wub yu!”

Melody scowled and without a word, turned around and walked back to her nest. She put her head down, and kept an eye at the door. Hopefully, her munstah daddeh would have found her bestest babbeh. She knew that he still loved her. And she promised never to lose him again.


Alone, Giovanni ran to the bathroom, seeing that the honey colored foal was still tied to the rack. He looked closely, seeing that the foals eyes indeed were open. It was crying big, wet tears, as they fell down his face, as it looked in horror at the footage of the foal in front of it. Giovanni looked over. Ah, the defecation part. It was almost to the best part....

"Huu...huuu…." It said. "Wewe am mummah? Wai nu wan wub fwuffeh?"

Giovanni smiled. Perfect, he thought. The first thing that the foal had seen was hell. Quietly, he picked up the tablet and paused the video, the image of the mare getting spit roasted frozen.

At the stop of it's torment, the foal looked up at him with some hope. " daddeh?" He said, in a heartbreakingly shattered voice. "...hewe to hug babbeh?"

Giovanni placed the box he had brought in with him and pulled out his newest purchase. It was an expansion meant for the ‘MyFirstOwwies” rack that the foal was strapped into, with a set of small metal posts, designed to be customizable with various implements. For now, thought, Giovanni was only intending to use it for light torture.

Picking up the foal, he only noticed then the surprising amount of shit that had fallen into the sink. Perfect, Giovanni thought. He should be all cleaned out by now. He picked up the foal and looked him over, bringing him up to eye level.

The foal looked at him with big, pathetic wet eyes. “”Nyuu...daddeh?”

“Shush.” Giovanni replied. “I'm gonna give you a name.”

The foal chirped with happiness, it's eyes regaining hope. “Wub namsie!” He said.

Giovanni nodded approvingly “Your name is going to be Checkers.” He replied, the foal chirping in excitement at the name given, only describing his unique modification. The foal chirped happily.

“Wub new namesie! Am Checkews! Pwomise to be bestest babbeh!”

Giovanni nodded, and, lowering the foal, he locked him into the compartment on the “Playset” as it was dubbed on the box.

Checkers became nervous. “Nyu daddeh? Am goin’ tu wet babbeh gu?”

Giovanni reached into his pocket and pulled out a small baggie of rubber bands. He placed them in front the foal as he picked out a thick, red one.

“Dat am nummies fow Checkews? It am sketties?”

Fuck, he’s a chatty little bitch, Giovanni thought as he stretched the rubber band back.

“No nummies here.” Giovanni replied, pulling the rubber band back.

“Just pain.”

Giovanni released the band, sending it smashing into the foal’s rear.

Checkers screamed, as the rubber slapped him, his anus already raw from all the ‘sowwy poopies’ he had done earlier.

Scream, little bitch, Giovanni thought as he pulled it back again, and again.

At one point, Checkers’ voice went, having been reduced to a series of raspy chirps. It would have been a good time to stop. He didn’t.

Giovanni continued to pulverize the foal’s ass until the skin beneath the fluff was a bright red, and the foal’s chirps even evaporating into hacks of pain.

Giovanni went to the front and, using his index finger, got the tear stained fluff to look up at him.

“Don’t say anything about this to your mother. Because she won’t care. She wanted you to get hurties.”

The foal’s eyes widened in shock.

“Its true.” Giovanni replied. “In return for saving her and your other brother and sister, she told me to give you hurties. Every day. All so she could protect her ‘bestest babbehs.’ She is even going to lie to you, and say that you were the bestest babbeh, so she can make your hurties worse.”

Checkers looked up at Giovanni. In his pain, he had lost his newly gained ability to speak. He was horrified. But stayed silent.

“Never forget,” Giovanni whispered to the foal, “That your mother wanted this for you.”

The foal’s remaining hope in his eyes died. It began to sob new, fresh, salty tears.

Giovanni smiled smugly. “Good. Now you’re ready to meet your mother.” He began to unlatch the foal, who whimpered when he touched his backside. Giovanni inspected him. No marks. Perfect. Gripping him by the waist, he carried him over to the safe closet, where Melody was waiting.


Giovanni brought Checkers back to the safe room. “Here’s your shitlet. Don't ever let him go again.” Melody nodded, then took her foal. “Fank yu, mastah.” She said quitely. She could no longer call him ‘Daddy’, not after what he had done.

Then, she looked down and saw the face of her baby. “Babbeh see pwaces am open. Am yu tawkie babbeh tu?”

Checkers nodded. “...yus….am….Checkews….”

Melody smiled. “Am haf pwetty namsie tu. Am su happy. Am yow mummah. Pwomise tu gif yu huggies and wub, and keep tu saf fwom anyfing.”

Checkers allowed himself to be hugged. But he didn’t feel any comfort.

The last words that Giovanni had spoken to Checkers echoed in his mind.

“Never forget...that your mother wanted this for you.”


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Gmonty: That's so good and satisfying.
Keep it up. Can't wait to see more :)
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Anonymous1: This series is so fucking good
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WestMesaFluffCollector: .....and I found a typo. God damn it.

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Anders_Breivik: Good, real hurtbox. Keep it going

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Hugboxing_Faggot: I really like it!

Say, Checkers is the only one that (reluctanty) snuggles with Melody, right?

How about smearing a bit of mint salve onto her belly fluff and back? She'll hardly notice, if she notices it all, but Checkers' sentitive nose would be greatly irritated because he gets really close, giving him another reason to dislike his mother.

Melody, on the other hand, would notice and be deeply hurt when her bestest babbeh doesn't want to be near her because she doesn't smell pretty.

Hell, this could open a whole new can of worms if Checkers realizes that his siblings are so much happier with Pickle and he sneaks away from Melody more and more often to spend time with them.

Like, you know, "bestest babbeh nu can gu tu dummeh Pickwe wen Mewody bweak bestest babbehs weggies! Den dewe wiww be onwy bestest babbeh and bestest mummah, FOWEBA!"
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WestMesaFluffCollector: @Hugboxing_Faggot: Checkers (now) reluctant snuggles with Melody, but his dislike of Pickle goes back to when he was first adopted. He never really bonded with him, and favored Melody's company over his.

Checkers' development has also been royally fucked with due to the amount of time in isolation, plus his....viewing choices, which I do intend to show the consequences of next chapter.

That being said, I do love the mint salve, and the leg breaking. It gives what I have planned next chapter more of a reason for it to happen.
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WestMesaFluffCollector: Also, for those who are waiting for the next part of Matt's story, I'm going to finish this story first, as to switch between a neutral-box and abuse-story does cause the narrative to feel a bit more disjointed.
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Anonymous2: Cannot wait for this story to continue one of the best on the site.
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Fluffy_Angst: Godamn dude. This chapter was so yummy. So dark. Thank you for sharing this with us....
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WestMesaFluffCollector: @Anonymous: Should have been "foal soon.) Whoops.
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Anonymous4: Would you consider a story where a human adopts a fluffy family and then rapes them?

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RQ: Oooh, nice!
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WestMesaFluffCollector: @Anonymous: Probably not. That brief little description that was under the 'Daisy's Destruction' bit was as close as I'll get to that aspect.

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Anders_Breivik: @WestMesaFluffCollector: Oh, fuck. "Daisy's destruction" indeed. That was a low blow, mate. I am probably on several watch lists for having Googled that shit.