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The Sadist's Adoption
By TheWestMesaFluffCollector

Chapter Six - Dawk Time Scawdies

Life for the foals after their big day had settled into a life of relatively easy going monotony.

Pickle continued to raise the three foals that had now dubbed him “Pickwe mummah” as best he could. It was made more difficult as time passed due to the different effects of the modified milk continuing to take hold. Each foal, developing much more differently from the other.

The most normal of the three, and that was in the most loosely used version of the word, was the blue filly, whom Giovanni had named “Gaia”. The breeder mare formula had done it’s job, resulting in the filly continuing to develop on a somewhat accelerated path.

The filly was beginning to develop her teats a lot earlier than normal. Her back half also was starting to develop, as the body prepared itself for what could soon be a very early motherhood. However, mentally, Giovanni was questioning what the effects were. She was rather lazy, wanting to lie on top of Pickle, and occasionally regressed to ‘chirping’ status. She also groomed her other siblings, much like a mother. Though she hadn’t asked yet, Giovanni anticipated getting the ‘babies’ conversation sooner, rather than later.

The red Pegasus, whom Giovanni had named Harpy, was also developing according to her own unique plan. Harpy now developed a set of small, and growing, tusks. They currently extended about an inch away from her body. Despite her appearance, Harvey was a rather happy little filly, even though both her tusks and her delicate condition due to the brittleness of her bones limited how much she could interact with her other siblings. Both made sure to play gently, as Pickle constantly reminded them.

“Be cawefuww wif Hawpie babbeh! She get huwties mowe easy!” Pickle would fret whenever he saw them becoming more and more rough with each other.

Harpy’s side effects with the cheap milk substitute made Giovanni recall something from the species’ earliest introduction. He seem to recall that the ponies were a lot more delicate and more death prone when they first came out. It's possible that this was the reason for it. Once the ponies had been introduced into the wild, the introduction of better food, and natural selection, had resulted in a hardier fluff that evolved to particular environments. Quite by accident, Giovanni may have discovered be reason for why the early trope of fluffies being ‘broken by all’ existed.

Then there was the green foal, whom Giovanni had dubbed Hulk. He was something else entirely, as he was now half the size of a Pickle, but also twice as strong. The foal was beginning to develop heavily muscled limbs, and having more muscle tissue that was beginning to ripple through its back and chest. Hulk's voice was even deeper than the rest of the foals, giving his voice a bit of a unsettling tone to it.

Regardless, all of the falls seem to live quite a happy existence, spending their day playing, napping with Pickle, and, as Giovanni had already wean them off of their milk substitute, they were now all trying solid foods, with the exception of Harpy, who had to have her kibble watered down in order for her to be able to eat it.

In contrast to that happy scene was the pairing of Melody and Checkers. Checkers found himself to be sequestered from the rest of the foals, much to his chagrin. Though he had never really taken to Pickle as a surrogate parent, Checkers did feel some loneliness. There was a desire to play with his siblings, as well as a desire to occasionally play with the toys that the foals did have.

However, Melody refused to let him out of her sight. After nearly losing him once, she never wanted to let him go again. This led to the second thing that was stirring inside of Checkers: resentment.

In spite of the three strips of fluff that Giovanni had managed to “customize” on him, Checkers was still the ‘bestest babbeh’. Melody thought that he was the most beautiful thing in the world.

If they had been adopted by a different family, or had Melody been kept by the original pet stop that had originally owned her, it's likely that Checkers is beautiful golden colored fluff would have attracted a suitable buyer.

However, Checkers resented every bit of his ‘favored’ status.

Melody constantly fussed over Checkers, cuddling him, and even attempting to feed him by mashing up her own kibble at and trying to feed it to him through his mouth. This was her attempt at making up for the fact that she wasn't able to really breastfeed him when he was younger.

The thing that Checkers couldn't stand the most however was the 'mummah songs'. Along with every song revolving around him, he found Melody's voice irritating and the songs nonsensical. As such, he didn't feel any sort of love or affection coming from the songs. In fact he felt that they were torturous. More than anything, he just wanted her to be silent

And despite how much Melody tried to tell herself otherwise, something was off inside the tiny colt. Because part of his life had been spent in isolation and the near constant cycle of torture that he had been put through, there was something dark that festered inside the colt...


Melody had her own ulterior motives as to why she was fussing over her baby. She was keeping an eye out at the door from her little corner. And waiting for an opportunity.

Ever since she was whipped by the cholla branch, Melody realized that her savior was anything but. She already had her doubts earlier when it came to the surgery as well as the feeding of her children. However Giovanni's usage of force against her was enough that it encouraged her to begin to think of a way to escape.

She made sure to eat and she make sure to keep an eye on Giovanni. However Giovanni had always made sure to try and keep the door closed. As such there was going to be no way for her to make it out just yet.

In a way, she was also slightly grateful for this delay. Melody was determined not to leave by herself. Aside from Checkers, she also kept an eye on her babies to see which ones were, in her opinion, salvageable. She wanted to take as many of her stolen children as possible.

However, she was disgusted by both Harpy and Hulk. Harpy needed to explanation, while Hulk’s overly muscular appearance frightened her. If the foal went bad, which she knew he would, she knew there was nothing she could to do stop him.

However, Gaia, by all appearances, looked okay, in spite of her rapidly maturing status. She was becoming quite the attractive little filly, and one that looked normal. If there was any one of her children she could take, it would be her.

All Melody had to do was wait and keep an eye out. She just needed to make sure that the moment was right for her to escape when it came. And if she was lucky, she might have more than just her bestest baby to keep her company.


That night, Giovanni brought over the evening kibble for the fluffies. He made sure each foal and adult got the appropriate portion. Pickle looked happily at the meal. “Cum on babbehs, it am time fow nummies.” The three foals got up from watching that night’s episode of “Flufffies Pway!” to head on over to eat. Checkers looked over at the meal, and began to get up, only to find that he couldn’t move.

He turned around. Melody had placed her hoof on his tail.

“Sowwy babbeh.” A smiling Melody said. “Bu’ yu knu yu can’ haf nummies wifouw’ Mummah!”

Checkers looked back with sad eyes. “Bu...bu...haf wowstest tummy huwties….”

“Doesn’ mattew.” Melody replied, pulling him back to snuggle. “Haf tu wai’ fow mummah. Cum haf snugglies.”

Checkers sniffled, but complied.

This attracted Giovanni’s attention. So, looks like she doesn’t want to let the little guy go. He understood this, to a certain extent. After his last disappearance, Melody was determined to hold onto her last foal, no matter what. He smiled. Giovanni suddenly had an idea on how to increase Checkers’ displeasure over the moment. Besides, it had been a few days since he had last fucked with him.

Heading over to the bathroom, Giovanni opened up the drawer where he kept some toiletries. Looking towards the back, he found a mint scented pomade that he used to style into his hair. The key word was ‘used to’, as he had stopped using it because it was extremely strong smelling.

And if it made his eyes water, imagine what it would do to a colt.

Walking back to the closet, Giovanni had saw that Melody had finally consented to allowing the pair to eat, and was wolfing down her kibble. In between bites, she was telling Checkers to hurry, so they could go back to snuggling. The foal appeared to be taking as long a time as possible to chew. It was likely intentional.

“Melody,” Giovanni said. “Let me check your coat for something.”

Melody looked over at him, distrustingly. “Wai, mastah?” She replied.

“I want to make sure that the ‘hurties’ I gave you didn’t hurt your pretty fluff.” Giovanni replied.

Melody began to back away from him. “Fwuff am fine.”

Pickle looked over at her. “It otay.” He said. “Jus wan to check fwuff tu make suwe it am pwetty.” The other foals babbled in agreement. “Mastah make suwe dat aww da gud fwuffies hab pwetty fwuff.” Gaia replied.

Melody paused, then reluctantly allowed Giovanni to check her. “Turn around.” He replied. “I need to go with the direction the fluff grows.” Melody narrowed her eyes but complied.

Giovanni took out the pomade and, after rubbing a good portion, more than normal, he rubbed his hands together and began to run them up and down her fluff, in an almost pleasant manner. Almost, because Melody wouldn’t allow herself to feel any sort of pleasure from his company.

“Your fluff is a lot nicer than before,” Giovanni replied, massaging in the pomade. “Looks like the ‘good nummies’ I’ve been giving you have been doing some great things for your fluff. Aren’t you glad you decided to come and live with me?”

“Yus mastah. Haf many heawt happies.” Melody replied emotionlessly.

Giovanni arched an eyebrow. He had caught that. Cunty bitch. That made what was about to happen so right.

He smacked her on the rump. “Whatever, head back to Checkers. Gif him huggies or whatever.”

Melody threw her head in the air and trotted over to him. “Cum nao babbehs, it am time fow snuggies.”

Checkers looked down at his dish. “Bu...bu...stiww haf nummies!”

Melody shrugged it off. “Nu mattew. Snuggies am ebben bettah den nummies.” She grabbed the foal by the scruff and carried him back to the bed, where she gripped him tightly.

The smell of the pomade hit Checkers almost immediately. He began to squirm, as the smell of mint flooded his nostrils.

“Wai am babbeh movin? Howd stiww!” Melody cried out.

“Mummah, yu a giffing Checkews smewwy pwace huwties!”

“Nu be siwwy. Mummah smeww beautifuww.”

“REEEE….wet gu!”

Finally, Melody had to resort to putting most of her body weight on him, keeping the foal immobilized, but trying not to crush him. Checkews squirmed, but couldn’t escape.

“Dewe!” Melody replied. “Now can gif Checkews’ huggies and wub ebben mowe.”

Checkews began to sob. “Huuhuuuhuuu….”

From the other side, the other three foals looked at Pickle.

“Wai am mummah giffing bwuddah huwties?” Harpy asked.

Pickle shrugged. “Nu knu. Tu figuwe dat ou gif Pickwe finkie pwace wots of huwties.” He said, simply.


Nighttime soon came. The foals were all asleep, as were the adults, with dreams of sketti dancing in their heads.

Well, maybe not all of the foals.

Checkers opened his eyes and looked over at the toys. Giovanni had provided a few toys, mostly a couple of cheap rubber balls and some rubber blocks he had bought at a Dollar Tree. Checkers had never been allowed to play with the blocks, mostly because of his mother refusing to let him associate with any of the others, Gaia being the lone exception. Gaia never left Pickle’s side, however, preferring to stay with the Stallion.

However, Harpy did attempt to play with him on numerous occassions, pushing over a block with her tusks and asking “Wan pway bwockies, bwuddah?” only to be chased away by Melody, who would remark, “Gu awai, bad munstah babbeh! Weave bestest babbeh awone!”

Checkers didn't want to play with her. But the blocks interested him. Now, with everyone asleep, maybe he could get his chance.

Scampering down Melody’s side, Checkers began to make his way over to the blocks. He carefully moved over her limbs, and began to walk down the bed towards the area where the blocks were stacked neatly.

He hadn’t moved quietly enough.

“Wat am yu doin, bestest babbeh?” Melody suddenly bellowed, waking up the others. Checkers turned around only to catch Melody’s snout roll him over to his side. He was so scared he even did ‘sowwy peepees.’

“Checkews wus...wus...goin’ tu da wittah box.” He lied. Melody wasn’t fooled. “Nu. Yu am goin’ to gu wif dummeh Pickle! Yu am Mewody babbeh and onwy Mewody babbeh.”

Then, picking up her right foreleg, she smashed it into Checkers’ left hind leg, breaking it. Checkers let out a “SCREEE! WEGGIE HUWTIES!”

“Babbeh nu nee weggies if am wif mummah. Mewody am goin’ tu take away babbeh’s weggies su he am wif mummah FOWEBAH!” She said.

The door suddenly flew open, and Giovanni was in full rage mode. He didn’t ask questions, he just reached in and grabbed Melody by the scruff. “What the fuck?” He yelled. Melody shrank back. “Nu wike meanie wowds, daddeh!”

Then he saw Checkers’ leg and knew immediately what had happened.

“Oh you little bitch.” He whispered darkly. “You’re getting the sorry box for that. But not after I do something with you first.”

“Nu! Wet Mewody gu! Am bestest mummah! Nu can put in sowwy boxie!” Giovanni ignored her, and instead, took her to the restroom where he held her over the toliet. Then, grabbing his electric razor that he used for ‘manscaping’, he began to roughly shave her fluff off.

Melody looked down in horror as her purple fluff began to float down in the toliet. “Nu! Cum back fwuff! Nee’ yu fow wawmsies and tu wook pwetty!”

“You’re a fucking ugly bitch, that’s why you got thrown onto the streets.” Giovanni replied. “No one was going to want you, except for the one fucker that you actually let knock you up. And he’s long gone.” He tossed her into the tub, then went to his bedroom closet to bring out his custom sorry box, a sensory deprivation model that plunged the subject into total darkness. Even the ventilation slats were covered to only let in air, and nothing else.

Carrying it back into the bathroom, he threw open the door before reaching into the medicine cabinet and pulling out one final addition: Icy-Hot.

“You’ll be spending the rest of the night in here, you fucking bitch.” Giovanni dumped the contents of the jar onto Melody’s freshly exposed skin, rubbing it over her quickly before tossing her inside. Melody began to scream as the Icy-Hot began to work, before Giovanni closed the door, muffling her screams.


Returning to the safe room, Giovanni was met with a screaming Checkers, who was ‘huuhuu’ing with sadness over his leg. Giovanni picked him up by the scruff of his neck. The bone was broken, and had just missed breaking the skin. It should be fixable.

Giovanni carried the squirming critter over to the restroom, where he immobilized the foal in the rack and after taking out his kit, began to prepare for the repairs to the foal.

“Hold still.” Giovanni replied. “This is probably going to hurt like a son of a bitch.”

Giovanni carefully cut open the leg with a scalpel where he saw the broken bone. Pushing it back into place, Giovanni applied a healthy dosage of “Fix-A-Fluff”, where it held the bone into place, almost like a glue. Then, Giovanni and closed the wound, applied a second healthy dosage of “Fix-A-Fluff” before stitching it. Then, he carefully wrapped up the leg before using a pair of popsicle sticks as a makeshift brace to stiffen it. It probably wasn't the best way to fix the wound, and more than likely Checkers would be walking with a limp for the rest of his life, but it's the best he could do on short notice.

“Still with me?” Giovanni went over to check on Checkers, who was gasping in pain, but otherwise still alive. Giovanni nodded. “Good. Remember, I wasn’t joking when I said your mother wanted this for you. Remember this, shitlet. You might not get such a easy lesson again.”

Giovanni returned Checkers to the safe room, where he was immediately met by Harpy, Hulk, and Gaia. “Is bwuddah otay?” Harpy asked, concern etched over her face.

Checkers turned and shouted at them. “Gu awai! Nu wan see dummeh sissies ow bwuddahs! ‘Ou am munstahs! Am bad fwuffehs! Wai nu hewp Checkews?” He spat at Harpy. “Ou weave Checkews awone nao!”

Harpy began to tear up. “Onwy...onwy wan…”

Pickle gave her a nudge.

“Cum on nao, babbeh.” He said. “Dewe am nuffin fwuffehs can du fow Checkews nao. Wets weave him awone.”

Checkers turned away from the scene, and instead sobbed, cursing his siblings, Giovanni, his mother, and most importantly, stupid Pickle.


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WestMesaFluffCollector: Had to cut this one, as it was already beginning to push 13 pages. Next part should be posted this weekend. Thanks again to Hugboxing_Faggot for helping me get through a creative block.

- Reply
Hugboxing_Faggot: @WestMesaFluffCollector: Don't mention it, glad that you like my input. And seeing melody lose her shit is delicious.

If you don't mind further suggestions: Hulk is on growth formula and it's hinted he's gonna be a problem, right? The guard formula I used in my stories was ripe with testosterone, which leads to a higher than normal sex drive that has to be relieved with sterilized mares on a regular basis.

Hulk obviously doesn't have that luxury, so he'll become sexually frustrated and aggressive, especially with his rapidly blossoming sister around.

There's the obvious way this can (and likely will) go, but how about giving him a shred of decency so he doesn't rape his beloved sisters? He considers Pickle his "mummah", which means Melody can't be his mummah and therefore isn't family, which means she's nothing but a sexually mature mare (because fluffy logic).

One night Hulk brutally rapes and impregnates her, which deals another severe blow to her psyche. Depending on how your story plays out, she might live long enough to give birth to a litter of deformed incest babbehs that she loves despite being "wowstest bad babbehs" and gets emotionally destroyed by being forced to watch them chirp in agony while they're slowly starving since she can't feed them.

I consider continuing the Reasonable Hugboxer story, btw. Came up with a new arc that changes the tone of the story considerably and might not be to everyones liking, but I guess it's worth a shot. All it takes now is a good day with nothing else to do.
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Anonymous1: This story keeps getting better and better
I hope the mother dosent outright die but loses the love and trust of her children before being thrown on the streets or some other form of psychological trama.
- Reply
Sirulean: ^If you ask me she has the first part down pat.Three of them don't even recognize her as their mother and the fourth one is psychologically damaged both from the owner and the mother's own damaged psyche.
- Reply
Anonymous2: This is the good shit. I also like the idea of Hulk raping melody.
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Sorrowkandy: Checkers needs to suffer more and Pickle should as well.
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WestMesaFluffCollector: @Hugboxing_Faggot: That's awesome. I'm glad that the Reasonable Hugboxer series is continuing. It's one of the stories that got me to contribute to the Booru. Plus, the characters rock.

As for the Melody suggestion, hehehe, stay turned. You may already be guessing part of the endgame.