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The Sadist's Adoption
By TheWestMesaFluffCollector

Authors Note
As I said, I had to cut off the last chapter when I did because it was already getting a tad long. With that, here is part two, or Chapter Seven I guess.

Chapter Seven - No More Mummah Songs...

The next day, Giovanni rumbled through the cabinet, looking for coffee. He had done an overnight shift the night before, and had been called in for later today, as the hospital was short staffed due to illness. He intended to go to sleep later, and his focus on reality was tenuous at best at the moment. If he was going to power through today, earn his extra cash, and enjoy his weekend, he needed coffee.

Unfortunately, he had none. Upon looking through his cabinets, he was missing a lot of the basics. Cereal, milk beginning to turn into some form of cheese, and a mush that might have been vegetables at one point.

He took out a pad of paper. It was time to make a shopping list.


Giovanni had just grabbed his keys to head out to the store when he remembered something that he needed to do. Checking his phone, he estimated it had been about 14 hours since Melody had made it inside the 'sorry box.' Two more than he had originally intended.

Walking over to the restroom, he opened the bottom cabinet under the sink and pulled out the sorry box from where he had placed it. Taking it over to the bathtub, he opened it and tipped it over, with a dejected looking Melody eventually plopping out. She was covered in parts by feces, and the skin that she had exposed showed big, red, and irritated skin that screamed through the shorn fluff. She gave him a quick glare before catching the look in his eyes. Whatever she had seen had scared her enough that she snapped her mouth shut.

Wordlessly, Giovanni reached up and grabbed the shower attachment, cleaning her off in silence. Then, picking up her, he quickly towel dried her before taking her back into the safe room. She wordlessly trotted inside, before Giovanni closed the door. He would deal with her later. Right now, he was hungry, and he hated shopping on an empty stomach.


Pickle and the foals were playing 'upsies' when Melody returned. Pickle was at the moment trying to tell Hulk that 'Wittwe Huwkie am nao tuu biggies fow upsies."

Hulk smiled. "Dat otay, Pickwe mummah!" He said with a grin. "Huwkie can nao gif Pickwe mummah upsies!" Pickle suddenly was jolted off of the floor. "Babbeh, nu!" He yelped as Hulk scurred underneath him and lifted him on his back under his chest. "Yay! Upsies Pickwe mummah! Upsies am funsies!" Then, just as suddenly, Hulk put him down. "Huwkie nu feew su gud. Nee gu wie down." He trotted over to the bed and sat down, trying to catch his breath.

Then the door opened, and Melody trotted in.

The foals and Pickle were shocked by her appearance. The mare was shaved down, with only a short, purple stubble covering everything but the bottom of her legs and her head. She was red, and smelled slightly of poopies. Melody caught them staring, and gave them a dirty look. "Wat yu wookin at, dummehs?" At this, Harpy began to sob, causing Pickle to put a foreleg around her and scowl at Melody. Melody didn't care. "Dummehs. Dats aww yu am." She replied before trotting over to her bed.

Checkers let out an 'eep' as he shrank back from the sight of his mother. It broke Melody's heart to see him with his broken leg, knowing she had caused it. She gently spoke. "Am sowwy, babbeh. Pwease fowgif mummah." She sat down next to him, while the foal looked at her with fear in his eyes. "Pwease, am so sowwy. Can yu fowgif mummah? Gif huggies?"

Checkers looked over at her before reluctantly nuzzling his mother. Melody felt her heart break. “So sowwy babbeh. Nu mean tu gif huwties. Mummah wus wwong.”

Checkers remained silent. And remained so as his mother huddled next to him for comfort. Melody took that the smallest sign of of forgiveness before falling asleep.


Giovanni had been gone about an hour, just long enough to load up on a grocery bill that was both satisfying and more expensive than he had anticipated. In any case, it didn’t matter. He was set for a few days, and had enough coffee to keep a high that could rival any cocaine binge.

As he was unloading his stuff, he heard a call from across the Parking Lot. He looked up to see Madison, waving hello. Smiling, he waved back. She walked over, the cold turning her cheeks a rosy color that complemented her purple hair.

“Hey there.” She said with a smile. Giovanni grinned back. “Hey. What’s new?”

Madison smiled back. “Not much, just came back from work. I wanted to ask you for a favor.”

He smiled. “Name it.”

“Can I borrow some tools? I needed to put together a bookshelf, and Gregory and Adam are, well…”

Giovanni broke her train of thought. “They’re good guys, but useless when it comes to doing anything practical. Tell you what, let me look for my tool box, and I’ll head over there myself and build the bookshelf. It’ll be faster, anyhow.”

Madison shook her head. “You don’t have to.”

Giovanni grinned his most charming grin. “Well, I have an ulterior motive too. I haven’t seen Morrissey in a while, and it be good to see him.”

Madison smiled. “Okay. Sam also sent me pictures of Siouxsie took. She looks so happy.”

Giovanni nodded. “I’m glad. Let me unload my nonsense, and I’ll head over.”

Madison looked over at his car. “Do you need any help?”

Giovanni shook his head. “Nah, just some quick consumables. Coffee and all that crap. Nothing that it will take me more than a trip or two to do.”

Madison nodded. “Alrighty. See you in a few.”

Giovanni trotted back, smiling from ear to ear. He had to hurry. He kept his tools on the shelf above the saferoom, it having long ceased to being a closet. Running inside, Giovanni went in and hurriedly packed away the first run of stuff. Then, wanting to save himself a trip, Giovanni opened the door to the saferoom, where he soon found his tools. Then, after checking on the fluffies to see if they were asleep, he grabbed his tools and left the front door open as he headed to his car.

Giovanni made two mistakes, in his lust.

The first was that he forgot to close the door to the saferoom.

The second was that he assumed that ALL the fluffies were asleep.


Melody had been awakened by the door opening, as Giovanni had made quite the noise as he wandered in. Then, she was briefly blinded as the light from the apartment flooded the safe room.

As Melody’s eyes adjusted, she saw it, the most beautiful sight ever.

The safe room door was open. And even better, the door to the outside was open too!

Now was her chance.

Leaning over, Melody picked up Checkers by the scruff of his neck, being careful not to hurt his broken leg. “Cum on, babbeh.” She said softly, “It am time fow mummah and babbeh tu weave dis pwace.”

Checkers looked up in mild hope. “Weawwy? Nu mowe huwties fow Checkews.”

Melody approached the door softly, trying not to wake up the other napping foals. She looked outside, waiting and listening for what she was hoping for.

In the kitchen, Giovanni set down the next bundle of groceries. “Fucking hell, do I hate having to carry all this shit up the god damn stairs.” He muttered. “Let me head back down and grab the last of it. Of course, I had to save all the heavy shit for last.” Giovanni grumbled, then, leaving the door open for ease, he walked down the metal steps, heading towards his car.

Melody saw her chance. She only had a few minutes, maybe, to get out of the door with her baby.


Melody looked back at her foals, and sighed in sadness. She had wanted so much more for her babies when she agreed to let Giovanni adopt them all. So much more.

Instead, her babies became monsters. Well, almost all of them.

Melody trotted over to the fluff pile. She was going to try and take one more with her.

Approaching the fluffpile, she nudged Gaia awake. She also, accidentally, woke up all of them. She didn’t care. They were monsters, and Pickle was a dummy anyway.

“Cum babbeh, it am time tu weave dis pwace.” She said firmly, expecting Gaia to leave with her.

Gaia looked over at her with sleepy eyes. “Bu...bu nu wan weave Pickwe mummah.”

Melody couldn’t believe her heaw-pwaces. “Nu tawkies nu mowe, time to gu nao!”

Gaia shrank away from. “nu…..*chirp*”

Hulk and Harpie looked over at her in fear. “Pwease, nu take sissy. We wub sissy.”

Melody looked down. “Shuddup munstah babbehs, yu desewb aww da huwties, nu bestest mummah and bestest babbehs. Cum Guyah, weab wif mummah nao! Nu am wot of timesies.”

Suddenly, she felt a jolt to her side, and almost fell over. She looked over to see Pickle had pushed her away, almost causing her to fall over, which would have been bad news for Checkers. “Weave babbeh hewe. Nu wan gu wif yu.”

Melody began to tear up. “Dummeh Pickwe...dis am aww yo’ fauwt. Yu steaw Mewody’s babbehs!”

Pickle sighed, then looked at her. “Nu am gud idea.”

Melody spat back at him, “Wut nu am gud idea!”

Pickle motioned to the door. “Tu weab. Pickwe twy dis pwan befow. Da Mastah foun’ fwuffeh, den’ took awai spechuw wump. Onwy hab one weft.” He sighed. “Pickwe wan tu gu tu. But awso nu wan die. Haf tu wait. Dis nu am gud pwan. Onwy goin’ to cawse huwties. Pwease, nu go.”

Melody snorted back at him, trying to muster all the anger that she could, only to feel something else surge towards the stallion: pity. “Mewody am smawtah den Pickwe. Nu am goin’ to fin Mewody.” She retorted back.

Pickle looked at her like she was completely insane. “Dat nu am twue.” He said calmly. Then, he turned away. “Nu haf much time. Du wat yu wan. Gud bai, Mewody.”

Melody scowled at him, then trotted towards the door, Checkers still holding on.

She had been a fool.

They had all been dummies, after all.


Melody waited calmly by the door, listening for Giovanni's footfalls, hoping that she didn't hear them getting louder. Instead, she heard nothing. Nothing at all. She let out a sigh of relief. It meant that this plan had a chance of working. So far, so good.

Melody went out the door, walking down the corridor as fast as she could, careful not to lose Checkers, as he held out using his mouth to hold onto her remaining mane. She saw the front door open, just enough for her to be able to squirm out. She smiled. Stupid Pickle, she thought. This plan was going to work after all.

Hurrying past, she managed to push open the door further with her bulk, as the door swung open to accommodate her. Her hooves felt the rough concrete of the second story corridor, dividing up the different units, Giovanni's being the only one being occupied at the moment.

She saw the metal stairs, leading down towards the parking lot, and from there, the open desert that was beyond the fence. She felt hope in her heart for the first time in ages. Freedom! Sweet freedom.

She began to run towards the stairs, her immediate plans already coming to fruition. She was going to get the bestest nummies for herself and her bestest babbeh. Then she was going to find a herd. Then, when she became the 'spechuw fwend' of the smarty, she would get them to come back and give the dummeh mastah, Pickle, and all of the other babies 'fowebbah sweepies.' She would even have more babies, so she could forget the ones that looked upon her as a stranger.

It was all for naught. The moment her hoof hit the top step, the one thing she never expected, happened.

Checkers suddenly began to scream. “Daddeh! Cum wook! Mummah am twying to steaw Checkews!!!”

Melody stopped in her tracks. She was stunned.

Her baby.

Her bestest baby.

Had just sold her out.


In reality, Melody never had a chance. She had wasted precious moments trying to get Gaia to come with her. Giovanni was already rounding the corner when Checkers' distress call came out. Breaking into a sprint, Giovanni ran up the stairs to see Melody, still in shock, trying to calm down Checkers. "Babbeh, pwease, stahp..." Melody pleaded, still in horror.

Checkers spotted Giovanni, and his face broke out into an expression of dark joy. "Daddeh!" He said. "Wook. Bad mummah twy to steaw Checkews. Pwease, wan gu back."

Giovanni didn't wait to be asked twice. He grabbed Melody with his free hand, the foal already having jumped off to walk behind him obediently. Melody was too much in shock to do much, only to mutter, over and over again, "Wai?"

Giovanni, upon entering, made a quick check of the safe room to see Pickle and the other foals. Pickle had a expression of sadness and sorrow. The foals looked more confused than anything. "Stay here." Giovanni told them as he closed the door. Then, leaving his groceries on the floor, none of them requiring refrigeration anyhow, he walked Melody into the bathroom.

Melody had snapped out of her revere to try and struggle as Giovanni tried to put her inside the adult sized stock. "Nu! Wet gu! Wet-REEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!" Melody's screams bellowed as Giovanni grabbed the small stun gun that he kept in the top drawer for his more disobedient charges. Melody's body turned limp as her muscles went momentarily useless. Soon, she was restrained.

Giovanni reached down and picked up the colt, placing him on top of the bathroom counter so he could look at her. Whatever was going to happen needed to happen quickly, as he had promised Madison he would be there shortly.

Turning back to the mare, he said simply, “I warned you what would happen if your disobey me again. And you did. So now, your bestest babbeh here gets to decide what happens to you.” Looking over at Checkers, he asked the question, “So Checkers, what should I do to this ‘bad mummah’ who tried to steal you from me?”

Melody held on to one last hope. That no matter what, her baby loved her so much that he wouldn’t let anything bad happen to her.

She was so very wrong.

“Make mummah nu tawkies nu mowe.” Checkers replied.

Giovanni grinned, while Melody looked horrified.

“Babbeh, nu! Nee’ tawkies su can sing tu yu.”

Checkers replied coldly. “Mummah songs am stoopie anywai.”

Then, as her last pain free words in this world, Melody said simply.

“But Checkews, Mummah wub yu.”

Then, it was all pain from there.

Giovanni forced open her mouth, using a small amount of force as she tried to struggle and bite him. Thankfully, since she was immobilized, he didn’t have to worry about movement.

Looking towards the back, he saw what he wanted: the voice box.

Taking his scalpel, he made a set of six, neat, clean cuts to the laryanx.

Melody coughed, and felt ‘boo-boo jooce’ drip down her throat. But when she tried to speak, she found that all she could do was a small, low ‘muuh” sound.

“Good job, Checkers.” Giovanni said, as he petted the demented little colt. “I think you’ve earned a treat.”

Heading to the kitchen, Giovanni retreated a sketti treat and placed it in front of the colt, who eagered devoured it. Then, he turned back to the rack and slowly undid the restraits.

Melody did not resist.


Giovanni soon returned them all to the saferoom, before he headed over to Madison’s for some light construction. The foals all looked over from their episode of “Babies!” before turning back to watch the IPad.

Melody simply slumped into her bed, heartbroken. Checkers went over to the water bottle, suckled on it for a few moments, before heading back over to the bedding area. Melody opened her eyes to see Checkers in front of her, his cheeks puffed out, a small smile on his face. His eyes, the eyes she had so lovingly stared into the morning before, were full of nothing but hate.

Melody’s eyes filled with tears. One question echoed in her mind: Why? Why had her baby turned on her?

Almost as if he heard her, Checkers answered.

“Checkews nu wan tu weave yet. Wan’ mummah tu haf huwties, fow bwing bestest Chechews tu dis meanie pwace. Onwy way tu du dat wuz fow da mastah tu gif yu huwties.”

He continued. “Wiww wun awai soon, but wan be big and stwong fiwst. And wan ebewywan who gaf Checkews’ huwties and nu du nuffin abou’ id tu get wowstest huwties tuu.” Then he smiled. “Dat gif Checkews’ most heawt happies.”

Melody started in disbelief. She realized, too late, that her bestest babbeh was the real monster. Even worse, this was a monster that she raised. Not Pickle. It slowly crept in her head, that she just might be, a bad mummah. Checkers snapped her out of it with a smack to her snout, causing her to look back at him in shock. The foal leaned in closely. “Nu nee’ dummeh mummah fow songies and huggies. Owny fow wawmies and tu cwean poopie pwace. Mummah undastan?” Checkers whispered, in an almost threatening manner.

Melody, broken, only nodded.

“Gud.” Checkers replied as he walked up her side, and took his spot. He soon made himself comfortable, and the mare felt him become still.

Melody only curled up into the bed, feeling the hateful little foal, nestled in her fluff, wondering what had happened to her best baby. This thought echoed her mind as she fell asleep, tears streaming down her face.


However, Checkers wasn't asleep. Checkers was in fact wide awake, and at the moment, was staring at the fluff pile on the opposite side of the room.

Narrowing his sleepy eyes in hate, Checkers just stared at the sight of the other fluffies snoozing contently in their company. Unbeknownst to Checkers, Giovanni had been adding more and more amounts of testosterone, caffeine, and adrenaline to the sauce in his “Happy Fluff Sketti Chow,” accelerating his own development appropriately. However, the anger and rage was all unique to the foal.

He felt a strange disgust as the sight of Hulk, and hatred and slight lust at the sight of both Harpy and Gaia, the former of which gave him weird feelings in his nu-nu stick. However, at the mere sight of pickle, Checkers felt a surge of hatred towards the stallion. He had never really had any sort of connection to him, preferring his own mother. However, something about the stallion caused his hate to rise.

Why has he never tried to save him from Giovanni, he thought. Why was he always so favorable to his other siblings and not him? He was the bestest baby, so why shouldn't he get the bulk of the attention.

The stallion was, in his opinion, a hypocrite.

All this made Checkers feel was just resentment and an urge to somehow by the way to get even.

He just needed to find a way to do it, without the master finding out….


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but i get the feeling they are all gonna die.
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Nuuu: @Anonymous: Same.

I'm afraid that too much of Checkers desires might come to pass, instead of him being the target of abuse. Pickle doesn't raise my murderboner at all. He does what he is told. He's an *extremely* unsatisfying victim.

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There's a lot of interesting interactions.

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Anders_Breivik: Excellent interactions, as usual. By the way, is there a technical term for the mental status of Checkers in a young human?
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Fuck. I lived like this since I was 11.
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