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dynocation: Before sad boxers come at me with knives, yes, there will be sadbox occurring in the comic. I'll try to add to the comic once or more a day.

I'm open to suggestions for the the horrors of the factory, but I already got some interesting things in mind. I do enjoy reading comments and suggestions.

Thankies for being welcoming Fluffybooru community. c:
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CwinicawDepwession: Fuckin rad art style, my dood.
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The_Neutralist: Actually, this may be the start of a new paradigm: Hugbox on Acid ( Not to be confused with Fluffies drinking acid )
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Poopiesketti: Neat

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EvoS: I always had the idea that the factories had areas with mares without bones and cased on both sides while they produce foals in mass

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GhostFluff: fish heads?

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Waaaghlord: Rise my nation!

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Disintegral: Your art style is hard to look at, but not in a bad way. "Hugbox on acid" (or just fluffies on acid) is a good way of describing it.

@GhostFluff: I think this turned out to be one of those duck or rabbit situtations.

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guodzilla: @GhostFluff:
Fish heads, fish heads, roly-poly fish-heads!
Fish heads, fish heads, eat 'em up, yum!!!
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