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´╗┐Survival in the Jungle
By Exco
Part 1

A blue earthie stallion walked through the bushes and trees, on the verge of tears from being scraped by brambles and bark.

This stallion referred to himself as "Blueberry" since he thought it fit him. His mane was green, which blended in decently well with the leaves.

Being near the equator, Blueberry never had to worry about "Cowd-times" as at that latitude, there was no winter. Due to the average temperature being about 90 degrees, the jungle fluffies have evolved to have thinner pelts, to limit heat.

Blueberry stopped by a bush, which was growing raspberries. He closed his eyes, and stuck his face in to bite off a few raspberries. After he finished, he continued moving on, licking his snout to try to soothe a cut.

He walked into an open field, and stopped.

"Dis am pewfect pwace fow nyu housie." Blueberry muttered to himself, taking in the scene.

After dousing himself with the beautiful view, he scavenged the ground for a stick, and quickly found one.

Holding the stick in his mouth, Blueberry began to hack at the ground. After it was nearly two feet in, he jumped down, and walked to a nearby wall in this rectangle
he dug out.

Blueberry dragged the stick across the wall to show where to dig, and dug out a staircase. He stomped the remaining dirt into the ground to compress it. Then Blueberry tried lying on the ground.

"Dis couwd use a beddie and shade." Blueberry said, imagining where he would put his "beddie."


Blueberry returned to the site with some sticks and leaves on his back. He dropped the items in and walked in with the staircase.

He arranged around half of the leaves in a corner near the staircase. He took two of the sticks and jammed them I'm the wall, over the beddie. Then he but more sticks on top, and finished it off by putting leaves on top. By this point, dusk was beginning to settle, so Blueberry laid down for the night.


Blueberry awoke the next morning hungry. He decided he would need a place to keep his mummies, every time he goes to collect them.

He went out into The trees, and picked up a few sticks. Returning to his home with sticks in his back, he walked next to his beddie, and dropped the sticks. Then he picked up one stick and jammed it in the wall near his bed, slightly lower than his chest fluff. Then he picks up another and jams it in the wall farther away, at the same level. Then he lays the rest of the sticks on top.

"Nao Bwubewwy nee mud fo make shelf bettew."

Blueberry scavenges around near his house, looking for mud. After many "forevers," he finds a mud bank, which happens to have a half submerged bucket in it. Blueberry wades into the mud and shovels mod into the bucket. Then he picks up the bucket by his mouth and returns home.

He pours the contents of the bucket out on the shelf, nearly knocking of a few sticks. Blueberry spreads the mud around on the shelf, and then steps back, as his stomach grumbles.

"Nee fin nummies nao." Blueberry says as he walks to a nearby berry bush. He picks all of the berries and walks back home with his new food.

Blueberry settles on his bed with his nummies and begins to eat his "firs bwight time nummies."

Blueberry savors the taste of the berries, suckling on each berry before he swallows. After he eats his fill, he puts the rest of the berries on his food shelf and leaves his home yet again to find more food.

This time, on his food hunt, he finds a cherry tomato plant, which tomatoes are nearly ripe. Blueberry uproots the plant and brings it home.

Once he arrives home, Blueberry digs out the ground and plants the tomatoes. He covers the tomatoes back up, and splits the plant itself into several pieces. He stashes those pieces away in his food stash.

After the work for that day, blueberry is awfully tired, and decides to take a nap to regain his energy.

First story :D I hope I did it right.
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Exco: I would love some critique so I can improve :D

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AnonymousFluffery: He's pretty damn clever... story needs more conflict, but even if he's weirdly smart, your fluffspeak seems fine. Also, you shift between past and present tense, that is tricky but reading over once helps.

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Gmonty: Pretty story. And welcome in the booru!
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Exco: Thanks :D
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