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toran: Sorry about the first attempt, it really was a poor choice of colors. I wanted something to match the tone of the story but that made it too hard on the eyes. This should be easier

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Aichi: theres a guide on it somewhere if you can find it,it really helps.
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toran: The previous posts:

Anonymous1: Superb. Absolutely superb.

Ted_Mosby: well characterized and horrifying.

takenoko: Oh my god, this is one of my favourite stories. Well, part 2 is my favourite (dat hat/glove set). But this sets it up perfectly.

Anonymous2: This is absolutely the coldest, most horrible thing posted here yet. I hope Part 2 is posted soon.

pyskoj3t: Colder than a coffin nail in a freezer. Keep em coming.

RevMe: Aye -- I love these ones!

MistersS: My eyes hurt because of so much red used in the image above, someone care to tell me what i am missing?

Anonymous3: @RevMe: Fluffies getting what they deserve. It really is a story you'd like.

Anonymous4: Damn, as I read the first paragraph my reading voice (inside my head) went from mine to one that was really gruff, with a slight New Yorker accent. Good shit.

Ryunnosuke: Good stuff. Keep it up.

toran: @MistersS: If the red bothers you, try here http://pastebin.com/WV95Qt3b

Thunder_Sword: Fucking masterpiece.

Anonymous5: Good stuff. I really enjoy stories that treat fluffies like industrial commodities to be processed en-mass.

twofacetoo: Impossible to read. I cannot look at it so I couldn't even see the title. It hurt my eyes way too much.

Krashkangaroo: @MistersS: @twofacetoo:
Agreed, the red is a really poor choice. What is worse, is that when you force yourself to read it, after you're done, your eyes have adjusted to the low light levels of red, and now white is much brighter. Even grey seems really bright.

Ferrotter: Heh heh heh... Excellente!
Bacner: Impressive abuse!
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toran: I've tagged the old one as delete_me and delete, I think that's all I need to get it removed right?

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takenoko: @toran: Yeah, that should do it. The colour's much better this time!

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megs: So disturbing, good story. Are there any pictures of this story?.

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Daffy: A quick question. How do i make the texts look pretty like this with lots of color? I want to try and upload a first attempt of a story and would like to have a nice font.
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Anonymous1: Yes, it is better color. Next time try cyan (instead of blue). In the meantime, when would Part 2 be posted?
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toran: @megs: http://www.fluffybooru.org/post/view/1475#search=artist%3Ameh This is the image that inspired me to write the original version of this story months ago. This one can be considered an update/remake. Perhaps a retelling from a different perspective.

@Anonymous: Speaking of which, part 2 will be a while but I have a story about the fluffy the foreman named arnold almost finished and ready to go.

@Daffy: I use gimp, its a free image editing software like photoshop. Just write the story in plain text, make a colored background in gimp and import the text. Or you could just type it all out in ms paint if you're patient.
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Meh: Great horror story
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Krashkangaroo: Thanks for the colour change, much easier to read now :)

If you wanted to skip fiddling in gimp (and gimp's loading times), you can use the div tag in a txt file upload to achieve the same effect of a 1 colour background for the entire text.

Just enclose the entire text in [div=RRGGBB]<text goes here>[/div] and save it as a txt file (notepad can do this).

where RRGGBB is a 6 digit hex code colour, RR=red GG=green BB=blue. There's a colour picker available here that will give you the 6 digit code for a colour:

The main advantage of this is that text becomes selectable (makes links to your DA/Pastebin easier) and mobile devices will be able to reflow it.

Also it gets rid of 3MB image files.

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takenoko: @Krashkangaroo: Most of the authors that post by image do it these days specifically to avoid people copy/editing their work and to make it easy to post the story into fluffy threads.
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Krashkangaroo: @takenoko: lol donut steel. Forgive me if I think it rather silly to be concerned about someone stealing a fluffy pony story. This is probably the least serious business place on the internet.

I'd upload as anon if the booru allowed anon uploads.
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Krashkangaroo: @Krashkangaroo: Also this author posts his/her stories on pastebin, where it can easily be copied. And links to his/her pastebin in his/her stories.
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toran: @takenoko: I just do it because it's familiar to me and I think it makes the stories stand out a bit from the plain text ones.

A couple of my stories have been altered and posted elsewhere to make them super hugbox, I didn't bat an eyelash. So long as I'm given original credit people can do whatever they like with my stuff; if you manage to improve it I may even thank you.
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Eraqus: A very excellent story but what a giant asshole.
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Anonymous2: bueno.
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